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Secretary of State Wants Voter Photos At Polls

By Nevada News Bureau Staff | 4:16 pm November 27th, 2012

CARSON CITY – Secretary of State Ross Miller announced today he is seeking legislation in the 2013 session aimed at curbing the potential for voter fraud by including photographs of registered voters at polling places on election day.

Miller said today his proposal is not a voter identification measure. Instead it would be an upgrade to the current antiquated paper roster system by implementing electronic voter rosters with the enhanced feature of a photograph of each registered voter.

Secretary of State Ross Miller.

The requirement of a photograph in the new electronic roster would prevent ineligible voters from impersonating other, eligible voters at a polling place, Miller said. The proposed law, which is currently being drafted, will seek to import existing photographs of eligible voters from the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) database of drivers’ licenses and state identification cards.

The photographs would be part of a new “electronic poll book” as an adjunct to the existing poll books that currently use signatures for identifying voters. When photographs of the eligible voters are not available through the database, poll workers would be available to take photos at the polling place at the time of voting and verify their identity by way of an affidavit.

Voter ID laws have been passed in other states, but have frequently led to court challenges. Nevada does not now have such a law.

Sen. Michael Roberson, R-Las Vegas, proposed a voter ID law in the 2011 legislative session, but the measure did not win approval from a Senate Committee and died without action.

Assemblyman Lynn Stewart, R-Henderson, has submitted a bill draft request for a voter identification law for the 2013 session.

“This provides a significant safeguard in our election process while simultaneously ensuring that we don’t disenfranchise any voters,” Miller said. “It’s really just an enhancement of the existing system, by providing an electronic poll book that could include a photo to go with the already recorded signature.”

Washoe County Sees Record Early Voting Turnout

By Nevada News Bureau Staff | 2:06 pm October 22nd, 2012

CARSON CITY – Washoe County experienced record turnout on the first weekend of early voting, surpassing the 2008 presidential election numbers by more than 60 percent, the registrar of voters office reported today.

Ballots cast this weekend totaled 14,475 compared to 9,036 in 2008. In 2008, 56 percent of all voters cast their ballots during early voting, the county reported.

All early voting polling sites are running smoothly with additional machines delivered to areas experiencing higher than normal turnout. Voters can choose from 22 early voting locations, spread geographically throughout the region, through Nov. 2. Weekday voting is generally slower than weekends, with Saturdays and the last day of early voting the busiest. A complete list of locations is available online at

The county registered an all-time high of 241,400 voters prior to the close of registration this past Tuesday, exceeding the record of 231,400 for the General Election in 2008. Washoe County is expected to be one of the most closely watched jurisdictions in the nation for this year’s presidential election.

Washoe County Exceeds Registered Voter Record By 10,000 For Nov. 6 General Election

By Nevada News Bureau Staff | 3:37 pm October 17th, 2012

CARSON CITY – Washoe County registered an all-time high of 241,400 voters prior to the close of registration Tuesday, exceeding the record of 231,400 for the General Election in 2008.

Registered Republicans in the county outnumber Democrats by a thin margin of 1,160 voters, with 91,937 Republicans and 90,777 Democrats. Nonpartisan and minor party voters now registered in the county total 58,686.

Photo by Tom Arthur via Wikimedia Commons.

“We’re very impressed with the citizens of Washoe County,” said Senior Deputy Registrar Luanne Cutler. “More than 2,600 registered in the final week and took advantage of our extended hours to do so, and we believe this General Election in our county will be one of the most closely contested in the nation.”

Early voting in Washoe County and statewide begins this Saturday and continues through Nov. 2. There are 22 early voting locations throughout the community and a complete list is available at

Democrats Continue To Out-register Republicans In September, Now Have 71K Voter Advantage

By Nevada News Bureau Staff | 5:04 pm October 1st, 2012

CARSON CITY – Numbers released today by Secretary of State Ross Miller’s Elections Division show Democrats registered more than twice as many voters than Republicans in September as the deadline to participate in the Nov. 6 general election is now just over two weeks away.

Democrats registered 30,377 active voters, while Republicans registered 14,532 active voters in September, continuing a pattern dating back several months. Active registered nonpartisans increased by 15,240 during the same time period. Of the 1,187,238 active registered voters statewide, 41.6 percent (493,606) are Democrats, 35.6 percent (422,045) are Republicans, and 17 percent (202,181) are nonpartisans.

Photo by Tom Arthur via Wikimedia Commons.

In Washoe County, the split between the two major parties is only about 1 percent, with 87,391 Democrats registered through Sept. 30 compared to 89,776 registered Republicans, for a difference of 37.7 percent for Democrats to 38.7 percent for the GOP.

Online voter registration is now available in all Nevada counties, but the deadline for online registration is midnight, Saturday Oct. 6th. The deadline for registering by mail is also Saturday October 6th. The deadline for registering in person at your respective county clerk or registrar’s office is Oct. 16th. For more information about registering to vote online, visit


Republican-Democrat Voter Registration Gap Remains Close In Washoe County

By Nevada News Bureau Staff | 1:39 pm October 1st, 2012

CARSON CITY – While Washoe County voters continue to register for the Nov. 6th general election, the gap between registered Democrats and Republicans remains narrow, county Voter Registrar Dan Burk said today.

“Washoe County is the most closely divided jurisdiction in Nevada,” Burk said. “As of late last week, we have 230,567 registered voters, of which 86,835 are Democrats and 89,443 are Republicans, so it’s just a one percent difference.”

Republicans are 38.8 percent of the total and Democrats are 37.7 percent.

Photo by radder86 via Wikimedia Commons.

Both Republican and Democratic officials agree that Washoe County is a key county in the presidential election in battleground state Nevada. Turnout by voters in the county on election day could affect other important races as well, including the U.S. Senate race.

Burk said the highest number of Washoe County registered voters was 231,400 for the 2008 General Election and this year’s final number could exceed that record.

“We’ll be fairly close to that number,” he said.

Application forms are available at the libraries and most post offices to register by mail, online at and through outside agencies like the DMV and Nevada state Welfare Offices through Oct. 6th. And people can still register or make a change to an existing registration in person in person at the Registrar of Voters office, located at the County Administration complex at the corner of Ninth Street and Wells until Oct. 16th.

Clark County continues to see Democrats outpacing Republicans in the registration battle.

Of the 800,144 registered voters reported by the county today, Democrats totaled 363,009 compared to 253,041 Republicans, for a 109,968 advantage. Another 139,784 are registered nonpartisan, and the remainder are minor party voters.

Earl voting in the election begins Oct. 20.

Democrats Continue To Outpace Republicans In Voter Registration, Gain 100,000 Edge In Clark County

By Sean Whaley | 12:38 pm September 18th, 2012

CARSON CITY – Democrats continue to out-register their Republican counterparts, with the latest data from Clark County now showing a more than 100,000 voter advantage as the deadline to participate in the Nov. 6 general election draws ever closer.

Today just before noon the Clark County website, which updates registration totals regularly, showed 346,703 Democrats registered to vote compared to 246,479 for Republicans, a 100,224 advantage.

Nonpartisans totaled 132,529 and other minor parties totaled 41,910 for a total registered population of 767,621 in Clark County.

Early voting will begin in just a little more than a month.

The consistent outpacing of Democrats over Republicans in the voter registration race could spell trouble for the GOP from the presidential race on down to state legislative races.

In addition to the presidential contest between President Obama and GOP challenger Mitt Romney, an important Senate race pitting U.S. Sen. Dean Heller, R-Nev., against Rep. Shelley Berkley, D-Nev., is at stake.

And Republicans in the state Senate are engaged in a concerted effort to win control of the 21-member house in November. Democrats now hold an 11-10 edge.

Sen. Mo Denis, D-Las Vegas, said Democrats are doing well in the registration race because the message of the party on improving education and creating jobs is resonating with voters.

“We thought the economy was going to be the No. 1 thing, but education is and so, I think the message – better educating our children, trying to diversify our economy in different sectors, trying to do things that bring job here – I think those are all messages that are resounding with folks and they’re choosing to register Democrat,” he said.

Denis said Democrats in Nevada have a history of strong turnout for elections, which will also aid the party and its candidates. While nonpartisans will be a big factor in the races, many of those voters are expected to vote Democratic as well, he said.

Sen. Ben Kieckhefer, R-Reno, said Republicans have the edge despite the registration difference.

“Well look, obviously we don’t want to see the numbers getting more divergent than they are in some of these races, and it’s unfortunate, but the reality remains that these are very winnable races for us,” he said. “We have a superior candidate, we have a superior organization, we have superior funding. So in that way, we still feel confident in each and every one of these districts that we’re fielding the better future state senator. So in that way I believe that we’re going to win every one of them.”

Contrary to Denis’ view, Kieckhefer said he believes nonpartisan voters are going to break Republican in the election.

Republican Senate candidates “are right on the messages, they are right on the issues,” he said.

“They have the position that is more in line with the majority of voters in their district,” Kieckhefer said.

The deadline to register to vote in the election is Oct. 16. The last day to register without appearing in person at an Election Department office is Oct. 6.

“I encourage everyone to visit our website to make sure they are registered to vote or to ensure their registration information is current,” Clark County Registrar of Voters Harvard Lomax said in a recent news release. “Individuals with a Nevada driver’s license will be able to take advantage of our online registration services and there is still time to register through the mail.”

Early voting for the election begins on Saturday, Oct. 20 and extends through Friday, Nov. 2.

A check of the Clark County website at noon each day for the past few days shows Democrats continue to consistently out-register Republicans.

On Thursday, the site showed 342,293 registered Democrats, 244,963 registered Republicans and 130,789 nonpartisans.

On Friday, Democrats had added 1,196 registered voters in Clark County from Thursday, Republicans added 322 voters, and nonpartisans increased by 478.

On Saturday, Democrats had added 287 voters from Friday, Republicans added 104 voters and nonpartisans rose by 98. The numbers were not updated on Sunday.

On Monday at noon, the Clark County site showed Democrats had added 1,970 voters from the weekend report, Republicans had added 610 voters, and nonpartisans increased by 674 voters.

On Tuesday at noon, the site showed Democrats had added 1,024 voters, Republicans had added 509 voters and nonpartisans increased by 520 voters.

In 2010, at the close of registration, Democrats only held a 91,633 advantage in Clark County. In 2008, at the close of registration, Democrats held a 125,218 advantage in Clark County.

Democrats have been outpacing Republicans in the statewide numbers reported monthly by the Secretary of State’s Office as well. Even nonpartisan registrations have exceeded Republican registrations in recent months.

As of the end of August, there were 463,229 Democrats registered statewide, 407,513 Republicans and 186,941 nonpartisans. The Democratic advantage stood at 55,716.

As of Saturday, Democrats had 471,585 registered voters statewide and Republicans had 411,525, giving Democrats a 60,060 edge, up by 4,344 voters since the end of August.

The push to control the state Senate is one of the bigger Nevada election stories this year. There are five seats considered competitive, and Republicans need to win four of them to take an 11-10 edge.

But Democrats keep making headway in the four Southern Nevada districts. As of last week, Democrats had a 4 percent edge over Republicans in Senate seat 5, 5.1 percent in seat 6, 6.1 percent in seat 9, and trailed Republicans by 2 percent in seat 18.

Seats 5, 6 and 9 now have larger Democratic edges than even in 2008.

In another closely watched contest, the race for the 4th Congressional District seat between state Sen. Steven Horsford, D-Las Vegas, and Republican Danny Tarkanian, Democrats now have an 11 percent edge, or 30,000 more voters, than Republicans.

“This is only the latest sign that Nevadans are rejecting Mitt Romney and Dean Heller’s plan to outsource jobs and end Medicare by turning it over to private insurance companies,” said Zach Hudson, spokesman for the Nevada State Democratic Party. “Nevadans across the state are excited about re-electing President Obama and sending Shelley Berkley to the Senate to create jobs, protect Medicare, and strengthen the middle class.”


Audio clips:

Sen. Mo Denis says the Democratic Party message is resonating with potential voters:

091812Denis1 :24 to register Democrat.”

Denis says Republicans have disenfranchised voters, which is why many are registering as nonpartisan:

091812Denis2 :16 as a Republican.”

Sen. Ben Kieckhefer says he believes Senate Republicans are still favored to win because they are the better candidates and are better funded:

091812Kieckhefer :23 one of them.”



Democrats Outdo GOP In Voter Registration In July, Gain Ground In Five Critical State Senate Races

By Sean Whaley | 12:35 pm August 3rd, 2012

CARSON CITY – Democrats continued to outpace their Republican counterparts in voter registration efforts in July, the Secretary of State’s office reported this week.

Democrats registered 8,121 active voters, while Republicans registered 3,705 active voters. Active registered nonpartisans increased by 4,946 during the same time period.

Of the 1,096,782 active registered voters statewide, 41.1 percent, or 451,066, are Democrats, 36.7 percent, or 402,471, are Republicans, and 16.5 percent, or 180,366, are nonpartisans. The remainder belong to minor parties.

Photo by Tom Arthur via Wikimedia Commons.

The new numbers come as the Nevada Republican Party announced last week it is getting $166,000 from the Republican National Committee to intensify the party’s registration efforts ahead of the November general election.

The latest voter registration totals, released Thursday, also show that five critical state Senate Districts up for grabs in November remain split, with three continuing to favor Democrats and two continuing to favor Republicans.

But Democrats have gained some ground in terms of actual active voter totals in all five when compared to the numbers as of the close or registration for the June primary. The same trend is seen when the July numbers are compared to voter totals as of the end of March.

Nonpartisan voter registrations have also been on the increase in the five districts, however, both in terms of raw numbers and as a percentage of total voters from the primary through July. Nonpartisan voters, who will play a significant role in each of the races, range from a high of 19.4 percent in Senate 9 to a low of 15.8 percent in Senate 6.

Democrats now have an 11-10 edge in the state Senate, and Republicans are trying to take control for the 2013 session. Republicans need to win four of the five seats to take an 11-10 majority. Four of the five seats in play are in Southern Nevada and the fifth is in Reno.

In Senate District 5, where Republican and former Henderson city councilman Steve Kirk is facing Democrat and former state Sen. Joyce Woodhouse, Democrats have added to their registration edge. Democrats had a 1,680 voter advantage as the close of registration for the June primary, and a 1,944 advantage as of the end of July. Democrats represent 40.3 percent of active voters in the district compared to 36.9 percent for Republicans.

In Senate District 6, where GOP attorney Mark Hutchison faces Democrat Benny Yerushalmi, Democrats had a 1,890 voter advantage at the primary, and now lead by 2,386. Democrats have 41.6 percent of active voters in the district compared to 37.5 percent for Republicans.

In Senate District 9, where Republican Mari Nakashima St. Martin faces Democrat Justin Jones, Democrats have improved their advantage from 1,917 voters at the primary to 2,354 at the end of July. Democrats have 39.8 percent of voters compared to 34.7 percent for the GOP.

In Senate District 18, where Republican Assemblyman Scott Hammond faces Democrat Kelli Ross, Republicans have seen their 1,653 voter edge as of the primary decline to 1,438 as of the end of July. Republicans have 40.2 percent of the voters compared to 37.7 percent for Democrats.

In the Reno race in Senate District 15 between Sen. Greg Brower, R-Reno, and former state Sen. Sheila Leslie, D-Reno, Democrats have gained some modest ground as well, from a 1,404 GOP edge as of the primary to 1,349 as of the end of July. Republicans have 39.8 percent of voters to 37.9 percent for Democrats.

Secretary of State Ross Miller also announced that online voter registration is now available in all but two counties, Carson City and Douglas.


Democrats Outpace Republicans In Voter Registration Efforts Since May 23

By Nevada News Bureau Staff | 2:57 pm July 2nd, 2012

CARSON CITY – Democrats have registered more than twice as many voters than Republicans since the close of voter registration on May 22 for the primary election, the Secretary of State’s Elections Division reported today.

Since May 23, Democrats have registered 9,849 active voters, while Republicans have registered 4,651 active voters. Active registered nonpartisans increased by 4,462 during the same time period. Of the 1,078,951 active registrants statewide, which is an increase of 20,143 since the close of registration on May 22, 41.05 percent (442,945) are Democrats, 36.96 percent (398,766) are Republicans, and 16.26 percent (175,420) are nonpartisans.

The latest voter registration breakdowns by county, party, age, and district are available on the Secretary of State’s website.

Nearly 9,500 New Voters Registered In April, Democrats Add 1,638 More Than GOP

By Nevada News Bureau Staff | 10:07 am May 2nd, 2012

CARSON CITY – Secretary of State Ross Miller today released voter registration numbers that show nearly 9,500 Nevadans registered to vote in April, with Democrats adding 1,638 more voters than Republicans.

The Secretary of State’s Elections Division reports that Republicans increased their number of active voters by 2,277 while Democrats increased active voters by 3,915. At the end of April, 392,050 active Republican voters and 428,774 active Democratic voters are registered in Nevada.

Photo by Tom Arthur via Wikimedia Commons.

Registered nonpartisans increased their number of active voters by 2,485 in April, bringing the statewide total to 168,225. In all, active Nevada voters total 1,049,004, an increase of 9,464 from the previous month.

The registration gains come as the June primary nears.

May 22 is the last day to register to vote in person in Nevada in advance of the June 12 primary day. Early voting for the primary will run from May 26 to June 8.

The new voter registration numbers show breakdowns by county, party, age and district.

The major party voter breakdowns in five state Senate districts where both Democrats and Republicans are seeking wins in order to control the 21-member house in the 2013 legislative session have not changed significantly from prior reports.

State Senate Races In Play In 2012

Senate District Party Control Democrat Voters GOP Voters Total Voters
5 (Clark) Democrat 21,724 (40.6%) 20,058 (37.5%) 53,761
6 (Clark) Democrat 23,353 (41.4%) 21,538 (38.2) 56,419
9 (Clark) Republican 16,892 (39.6%) 15,053 (35.3%) 42,666
15 (Washoe) Republican 26,709 (38%) 28,092 (40%) 70,296
18 (Clark) Republican 20,437 (37.6%) 22,082 (40.7%) 54,296

Democrats maintain a lead in three Clark County races: Senate 5 by 40.6 percent to 37.5 percent for Republicans; in Senate 6 by 41.4 percent to 38.2 percent; and in Senate 9 by 39.6 percent to 35.3 percent.

Republicans maintain a lead in Senate 15 in Washoe County, 40 percent to 38 percent, and in Senate District 18 in Clark County, 40.7 percent to 37.6 percent.

Democrats have an 11-10 majority in the Senate currently.

Republicans need to hold on to three Republican seats, Senate 9, 15, and 18, and pick up one of two held by Democrats, Senate 5 or 6, to take control of the Senate.



State GOP Cites Voter Gains In Four Key Senate Districts, Democrats Question Relevancy Of Analysis

By Sean Whaley | 3:33 pm April 6th, 2012

CARSON CITY – While Democrats registered more voters in March than Republicans, a GOP official noted this week that the party has made gains in four state Senate districts that are key to who will control the house in the 2013 legislative session.

A spokesman for Senate Democrats questioned the importance of the GOP analysis, however, noting that Democrats registered more voters than Republicans in two of the seats from February to March.

Democrats now hold an 11-10 edge in the 21 member Senate, and both parties agree that the five races that are in play among the 12 Senate seats on the November general election ballot are crucial to which party will hold the majority.

Secretary of State Ross Miller reported on Tuesday that Democrats registered 1,590 more voters statewide than Republicans in March.

Through March, Democrats have 452,219 active registered voters, while Republicans have 403,565 and nonpartisans total 175,992. The remainder of the 1,095,017 active voters belong to minor parties.

But Republicans made gains in four of five state Senate races considered competitive between the two major parties based on the number of active voters as tallied by the Clark County Election Department. All are in Clark County and all are open races with no incumbents.

The numbers of active voters as reported by Clark County are through April 5, and are different than those reported by the Secretary of State’s office through March 31.

The GOP improvement is based on Clark County voter registration numbers earlier this month, prior to an update that moved some voters to inactive status.

Inactive voter status includes voters who have moved. Inactive voters are eligible to vote so long as they have met all other legal requirements to vote.

The GOP analysis shows:

- In Senate District 5, where former Henderson city councilman Steve Kirk and Annette Teijeiro, both Republicans, face Democrat and former state Sen. Joyce Woodhouse, Democrats now lead 40.5 percent to 37.4 percent, with the GOP closing the gap by 0.9 percent. Democrats now have a 1,677 vote lead.

Author: David Ball, via Wikimedia Commons.

- In Senate District 6, where GOP attorney Mark Hutchison is facing Benny Yerushalmi and Thomas Welsh, both Democrats, Democrats now lead 41.4 percent to 38.2 percent, with the GOP closing the gap by 1.2 percent. Democrats now have a 1,785 vote lead.

- In Senate District 9, where Republicans Mari Nakashima St. Martin and Brent Jones face Democrats Justin Jones and Frederick Conquest, Democrats now lead 39.6 percent to 35.3 percent, with Republicans closing the gap by 0.5 percent. Democrats have an 1,831 vote lead.

- In Senate District 18, where Republicans Scott Hammond, Richard McArthur and Conrad Vergara face Democrats Kelli Ross and Donna Schlemmer, Republicans now lead 40.7 percent to 37.7 percent, with Republicans adding to their advantage by 0.6 percent. Republicans now have a lead of 1,619 voters.

- In the Reno race in Senate District 15 between Sen. Greg Brower, R-Reno, and former state Sen. Sheila Leslie, D-Reno, Democrats added slightly more voters in March, 93, than Republicans, 32. Republicans have a voter lead of 1,430 votes, or 40.1 percent to 38 percent. These are based on the Secretary of State’s numbers through March 31.

Sen. Michael Roberson, R-Las Vegas, campaign chairman for the Senate Republican Caucus said: “Our primary advantage is the excellent candidates that will represent the GOP in every crucial state Senate race this election cycle – candidates that are 100 percent dedicated to improving Nevada’s education system and economy.

“Our candidates will work harder, have better campaign organizations, and will have all the resources they need to win in November,” he said. “Our confidence level is higher than ever that Senate Republicans will go into the next legislative session with a 12-9 majority.”

Michael Luce, executive director for the Nevada Senate Democrats, said the updated active voter rolls in Clark County leave Senate Democrats, “with a sizable advantage that will grow larger as we move closer to the election.”

“The numbers of inactive voters in these districts makes this issue irrelevant, as they were all less than 1 percent,” he said. “While Republicans appear to be celebrating what is essentially a routine recoding of some voters who did not update their addresses, our strategy is to continue ramping up our voter registration efforts as evidenced by Democrats outpacing Republicans last month in new registered voters.”

Luce also noted that over 30,000 voters classified as inactive voted in the 2010 election, according to the Secretary of State’s office.


National Republican Party Officials Say Obama Vulnerable In Nevada Because Of Tough Economy

By Sean Whaley | 2:25 pm February 3rd, 2012

CARSON CITY – A national Republican official said today Nevada’s economic landscape has changed dramatically since the state went for President Obama in 2008, and increasing GOP voter registrations in the battleground state are evidence of dissatisfaction with his administration.

Rick Wiley, political director for the Republican National Committee, said in a telephone conference call that Nevada has the highest jobless rate in the nation and has suffered through 60 months of the highest foreclosure rate in the nation.

2008 presidential election by county. / Image courtesy of Robert Horning via Wikimedia Commons.

While Nevada’s economic woes didn’t start with the Obama Administration, the president has said his performance on the economy should be evaluated by voters when considering his bid for a second term, Wiley said.

The comments come the day before as many as 60,000 Nevada Republicans are expected to participate in the state’s First in the West GOP caucus. The four Republican candidates have made numerous appearances across the state in the past few days.

Nevada’s jobless rate has started to improve, however, and declined to 12.6 percent in December. The national unemployment rate for January announced today also declined, to 8.3 percent from 8.5 percent in December.

Nevada was one of nine “battleground” states that went for Obama in 2008 that President Bush had won in 2004.

But Wiley said 53 percent of independent voters in Nevada in a recent poll said they disapprove of his performance, and 17 percent of Democrats feel the same way.

The voter registration numbers are reflecting this disillusionment, he said.

“For months now the Republicans have been gaining on the Democrats there,” Wiley said. “We had an advantage of about 3,200 in the month of January and we continue to make gains to catch the Democrats.

“They had a huge margin after the 2008 Democratic caucus where they invoked some same-day registration,” he said. “And we’ve narrowed that gap down to about 47,000 now which just proves the point that Republicans are getting very enthused about not only voting against Obama but voting and supporting our eventual nominee.”

The Nevada State Democratic Party dismissed the Republican voter registration gains in January. The January numbers were released Thursday by Secretary of State Ross Miller.

“With their voter registration efforts at full throttle in anticipation of their competitive caucus, the Nevada Republicans were only able to register less than 4,500 new voters during the entire month of January – barely making a dent in the nearly 50,000 Democratic voter registration advantage in the state,” said Senior Communications Adviser Zac Petkanas.

“When Nevada Democrats held a similar competitive caucus in 2008, we registered 30,000 new voters in one day alone,” he said. “There’s a word for Republicans bragging to cover up an embarrassing month in voter registration: pathetic.”

RNC Hispanic Outreach Director Bettina Inclán said during the conference call that a majority of Latinos believe the economic downturn has hit them hardest.

“It is especially true for Latinos in Nevada,” she said. “They are facing an unemployment rate of 18.6 percent in the state and 10.5 percent nationally and they are ready to change the direction in Washington.”

Inclán said there are about 224,000 eligible Hispanic voters in Nevada, about 14 percent of the total.


Audio clips:

Rick Wiley, political director for the Republican National Committee, says Republicans are gaining on Democrats in voter registration:

020312Wiley1 :13 catch the Democrats.”

Wiley says the huge margin after the 2008 Democratic caucus is closing:

020212Wiley2 :21 our eventual nominee.”

RNC Hispanic Outreach Director Bettina Inclán says Latinos are ready for a change in Washington:

020212Inclan :16 direction in Washington.”

Republicans Have 30,000 Voter Registration Edge In CD2 As Special Election Nears

By Sean Whaley | 1:35 pm August 4th, 2011

CARSON CITY – Nevada Secretary of State Ross Miller today released statewide active voter registration numbers through the end of July.

Statewide, Republican active voters increased to 407,866, a gain of 557 over the previous month; Democrat active voters totaled 472,987, an increase of 698; and non-partisans grew by 922 voters to a total of 179,112.

Secretary of State Ross Miller

Registration in the 2nd Congressional District, where a special election will be held Sept. 13 to pick a replacement for former Rep. Dean Heller, who was appointed to the U.S. Senate, showed Democrats with 141,330 active voters, up 119 from June; Republicans, 172,281 an increase of 152 voters; and, non-partisans with 60,519 active voters, an increase of 287 over June.

The latest voter registration by county, party, age, and district can be found in the election center tab at

Important deadlines for the upcoming Special Election in CD 2 are:

-          August 13: Last day to register to vote by mail; registrations must be postmarked prior to midnight on this date.

-          August 23: Last day to register to vote in-person at the office of your county clerk or registrar of voters.

-          August 27: Early voting begins.

-          Sept. 9: Last day of early voting.

-          Sept. 13: Election Day.

Voter Rolls Grow In September As Registration Deadline Looms For November General Election

By Nevada News Bureau Staff | 5:10 pm October 5th, 2010

CARSON CITY – The number of active registered voters in Nevada grew by 14,770 in September, nearly double the new registrations added in August, the secretary of state’s office reported today.

Republican and Democratic registrations increased by 4,026 and 5,051 respectively, an increase of approximately 1 percent for each party. Non-partisan registrations increased by 4,040, a 2.4 percent increase.

The September numbers show Democrats with 466,512 active voters statewide compared to 406,986 Republicans and 171,842 non-partisan voters.

In Clark County, where residents could register online for the first time from Sept. 1 through Oct. 2, 2,533 people took advantage of the new service. There were 623 Democrats registering online, 809 Republicans, 807 non-partisans and the rest were minor party registrations.

Nevada is only the ninth state in the country to offer a completely online option for unregistered voters.

With the Oct. 2 deadline for mail-in and online registration now passed, new voter registration must be completed in person at county registrars offices before Oct. 12 for those who want to vote in the Nov. 2 general election.

Nevada’s Active Voter Rolls Increase By Nearly 8,000 In August, New Online Registration Program In Clark County May Help Add To Total

By Nevada News Bureau Staff | 5:14 pm September 7th, 2010

CARSON CITY – Nevada’s active voter rolls increased by 7,882 registrations in August, with Democrats picking up just over 2,600 new voters compared to just over 2,000 for Republicans.

Democrats now have 461,461 active registered voters just about two months before the Nov. 2 general election compared to 402,960 for the GOP, a 58,501 edge for Democrats and a slight increase from July.

Nonpartisan voters added 2,249 new registrants in August, bringing the total to 167,802. Nonpartisan voters are expected to play a critical role in the outcome of a number of contests in Nevada, particularly the neck-and-neck race between U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-NV., and his Republican challenger, Sharron Angle.

In total there are just under 1.1 million active registered voters in Nevada, a number that may grow at a faster rate now that Secretary of State Ross Miller has implemented an online registration program in Clark County.

Only eight other states have online voter registration systems, including Arizona, Utah and Colorado.

The new Online Voter Registration System launched last week gives Clark County residents who are currently unregistered another option for getting signed up as voters. Applicants must have a Nevada state-issued driver’s license or other state ID number. An online voter registration can be completed in just minutes from any computer with internet access. The system was developed in partnership with Clark County and the Department of Motor Vehicles.

From Sept. 1 through today at 10:37 a.m., 275 people took advantage of the new online voter registration system, with 62 registering as Democrats, and 89 each registering as Republican and nonpartisan. The rest were minor party registrants.

“I just don’t think there is an argument to be made that the online system favors a particular party,” Miller told Battle ’10 today. “Both parties are free to point people to the site.”

Miller said he is encouraged by the early use of the system, and noted it should become the dominant process for people to register to vote as has happened in other states with online registration. Miller said he will expand online registration to other counties, but that it won’t happen this election cycle.

Miller said Clark County was chosen first because 65 percent of the voters reside in the county, and it is where voter fraud problems have been reported in the past. The online system is more secure, he said.

ACORN, or the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, was involved in Nevada voter registration efforts for the 2008 presidential election. The group was investigated in Nevada and criminally charged for alleged fraudulent voter registration efforts.

“My goal as chief elections officer for the state is to make sure every Nevadan who is eligible can register to vote, cast their vote, and have it counted in an electoral process that is fair, safe, and secure,” Miller said in launching the online system. “The ID-required online system will help us do all of that. It streamlines the registration process by reducing the likelihood of errors inherent in a paper-based system. As a result, fewer voters will encounter questions and delays about their registration status when they show up to vote.”

Miller said surveys show that online voter registration systems are popular in Arizona and Washington, where a vast majority of users say they feel the systems are secure and easy to use. In addition, Arizona officials report a nearly 97 percent reduction in the cost of processing an online registration compared to processing a paper form.

The deadline to register to vote by mail for the November general election is Saturday, October 2. The deadline to register in person is Oct. 12.

Nevada Voter Rolls Increase By Nearly 13,000 In Latest Report, GOP Makes Modest Gains

By Sean Whaley | 2:37 pm July 2nd, 2010

CARSON CITY – The number of active registered voters jumped by nearly 13,000 between the close of registration for the June primary and the end of June, with Republicans making a modest gain on Democrats, according to numbers compiled by the Nevada Secretary of State’s office.

Democrats increased their registration by 3,722 to 456,672, while Republicans raised their numbers by 6,493 to 398,898, the office reported.

 Non-partisan voters also increased and now number 163,816.

Democrats still outnumber Republicans by nearly 58,000 active registered voters, but the gap is narrowing.

June 2009 registration figures showed Democrats with a 96,000-vote edge. Democrats had a 100,000 vote edge at the close of registration for the November 2008 general election.