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Angle Reports $2.3 Million Raised 5/20 to 6/30, $1.7 Million Cash On Hand

By Elizabeth Crum | 2:28 pm July 15th, 2010

Numbers from the Angle campaign a few minutes ago (and as first Flashed by Ralston):

Total Contributions Election Cycle-To-Date = $3,545,132.86

- Total Contributions 2nd Quarter Report (dates 5/20 – 6/30) = $2,290,936.53

- Total Contributions this Report from Individuals = $2,222,186.53

- Total Contributions this Report from PACs = $68,750.00

- Total Disbursements/Expenditures this Report = $656,773.25

- Debts & Obligations = $0

- COH at Beginning of Period = $132,016.59

- COH as of 6/30/2010 = $1,767,671.91

Reid raised about the same amount in the same period, but he has a whopping $9 million COH.  He’s raised about $19 million so far this cycle and will probably raise at least $25 million by time this is all said, done and won.

And:  Does anyone doubt that a couple of Reid’s many millions has already been flagged for a huge ad buy in September and October?

Not me.

Great year to be a Nevada media group with ads to sell.

Harry Reid’s First Post-Primary TV Ad

By Elizabeth Crum | 6:26 am June 10th, 2010

Compliments of RalstonFlash (who has posted the ad for your viewing pleasure).

The subject is no surprise:  Harry Reid has brought jobs to Nevada.  In this case, 300 solar energy jobs.

(So the ad nicely doubles as a reminder that Harry is all about green energy.  You can bet your bottom dollar that all our dear politicians will be saying the word “oil” with a grimace and “green” with a grin all campaign season long.)

In light of her desire to reform and simplify the federal tax structure, I wonder:  does Sharron Angle even approve of using tax credits to create jobs?

Sec of State Ross Miller to Seek Restraining Order Against PAC Running Pro-Sandoval Ads

By Elizabeth Crum | 6:02 pm May 24th, 2010

Secretary of State Ross Miller is seeking a temporary restraining order to stop the TV airing of a pro-Sandoval political ad, according to this oh-no-you-di’n't press release re: the Alliance for America’s Future (AFF) refusal to properly register itself as a PAC.

Ross says he got a cool response from the group’s attorney re: complying with Nevada law.

Says Ross:

“Nevada election law is very explicit. In order to spend money on TV ads in an effort to influence the outcome of an election, you must file as a PAC. Here we have an out-of-state group that’s unwilling to fill out a simple two-page registration form, as does every other PAC that legally conducts political activity in this state,” Secretary Miller said. “It’s my job as Chief Elections Officer to enforce state law that provides voters transparency in election activity. This shadowy, out-of state group, which won’t identify the individuals behind it, leaves me no choice but to go to court to force them into compliance.”

The Secretary of State’s Office will seek injunctive relief in Carson City’s First Judicial Court.

Here’s what (little) I know about AFF:

GOP operative Barry Bennett (Ohio) recently left his position as chief of staff to Rep. Jean Schmidt, R-Loveland, to help launch the organization.  The mission is to help Republicans in key races in key states such as Ohio, Arkansas and Nevada.  Bennet’s partner is Mary Cheney, daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney.

I’m guessing the refusal to comply with our rules is intentional in order to create some press for the brand new PAC.  The court will order cessation of the TV ad until they register; they will immediately register; the ad (or a new one) will go back up; and everyone will know their name.

Update (6:36 PM): A reader just pointed out, though, that headlines like this one from the RJ are not really a good thing for your candidate:

Sandoval group violated election laws, official says

Harry Reid TV Ads

By Elizabeth Crum | 11:24 am April 29th, 2010

Ralston has (all 3 of) them posted for your viewing pleasure.   Come back and drop Comments about them if you wish…

Angle Ads, In Case You Missed ‘Em

By Elizabeth Crum | 9:14 pm April 28th, 2010

Forgot to post this link to the page where you can check out the two TV and one radio ad(s) for Sharron Angle, to be paid for by the Tea Party Express (TPE) political arm/PAC.

TPE has been doing an Independent Expenditure fundraising drive for Angle’s campaign all week.  Been getting updates re: their effort to find 100 supporters to contribute $500.  At last count, I think they had 33 “great patriots” who had responded(!)

More Goose/Gander Talk re: Our Public Officials

By Elizabeth Crum | 9:59 am April 22nd, 2010

I recently wrote a What’s-Good-for-the-Goose post re: Sec of State Ross Miller’s decision to let Dem Assemblywoman Kathy McClain off the hook for misuse of campaign funds in return for a public slap on the wrist and generous donation to a local charity.

Steve Sebelius of LV CityLife now also invokes Ma and Pa geeses — and in the process pens a pretty good one re: another ethics matter involving Ross Miller.  Steve’s take, followed by my agreement, plus an interim suggestion:

A word about celebrity pols

The state Republican Party has filed an ethics complaint against Secretary of State Ross Miller, who appears in a television ad urging Nevada residents to participate in the 2010 census. It won’t likely go anywhere; Lt. Gov. Brian Krolicki’s appearance in ads for the state’s college savings program when Krolicki served as treasurer was reviewed and approved by the Ethics Commission.

But Ryan Erwin, a campaign consultant to Krolicki, says there’s a double-standard, inasmuch as Democrat Miller has received much less criticism for his star-turn in the census ad than Republican Krolicki got for his appearances in the college savings ads. What’s good for the Republican goose should be good for the Democratic gander, he says.

And he’s right.

As the No. 1 critic of Krolicki’s appearance in the college-savings ads, I should note there are some facts that differ between the two situations. Krolicki took personal charge of advertising dollars, outside the state’s regular accounting system, and overspent the budget in the process, an audit later showed. (He was indicted for mishandling those funds, but the case was dismissed late last year.)

But the basic nature of what Krolicki did is exactly the same in Miller’s case: A state official appearing in state-paid TV ads, which tends to constitute free publicity for a person who needs publicity in order to get re-elected someday. And, in both cases, it’s unseemly.

There’s no doubt that incumbency has its perks. Krolicki can hold a news conference and get a gaggle of reporters pretty much any time he wants; his opponents, not so much. Miller can schedule a briefing on election procedures, and he’ll get himself on TV and in the newspapers. His challengers have no such ability. That’s just the way it is.

But these ads are something else entirely. They’re only tangentially related to holding office, and there is absolutely no need whatsoever for an elected official to appear therein, especially when those officials are running for re-election.

In Las Vegas and Clark County governments, there’s a policy that says an elected official cannot appear on city- or county-run television channels or in government-published newsletters while they are running for office (defined as that period of time from when a person files for re-election until Election Day). The policy was enacted after criticism — some from me — that such appearances were essentially a taxpayer-financed promotion of a political candidacy.

Perhaps a similar policy could be enacted at the state level.

Such a policy would not only reduce the disadvantage for challengers, but would also protect elected officials from ethics complaints and the appearance they are using their office (and state funds) in order to buy free publicity that cannot but help their re-election. This would, of course, apply to all elected officials, regardless of party. Because what’s wrong for a Republican is also wrong for a Democrat.

Yep.  What he said.

And furthermore, all elected officials who are also candidates ought to voluntarily cease the practice of starring in state-funded TV ads until such time as new policy can be crafted and passed.

Any elected officials willing to be first out with That pledge to the taxpayers?

Tea Party Express Donation Solicitation for Sharron Angle: Negative Hits On the Competition a Hint of Things to Come?

By Elizabeth Crum | 9:21 am April 18th, 2010

“We are just 8 days away from the launch of our campaign supporting constitutionalist conservative, Sharron Angle, in her campaign to Defeat Harry Reid.”

So opens a Tea Party Express (TPE) missive this morning, followed by this sentence:

“To understand why this race is so important to us at the Tea Party Express, consider this:  Conservative Republican Sharron Angle faces one Republican challenger who gave money to Barack Obama, and another who gave money to Harry Reid.”

I guess the “Will the Tea Party Express go negative on the other GOP candidates in order to help Angle gain traction?” question is answered:


(Just in case you’ve been living under a rock, the candidate who gave money to Obama was Danny Tarkanian and the candidate who gave money to Harry Reid (30 years ago) was Sue Lowden.  In fairness, it should be noted that Sue and Paul Lowden have given over $250,000 to Republican candidates in the years since, and Tarkanian has donated to Republicans as well. But naturally the competition is not going to point That out.)

(Update/Correction at 9:43 AM: Danny Tarkanian did not give to the Obama campaign; it was John Chachas who donated to the POTUS.  Tarkanian gave to Shelley Berkley’s campaign.  My bad.  Comes of blogging before I’ve finished my first cup of coffee…)

TPE provides a link to their donation page and says they are looking for donations of between $5 and $5,000 or a total of $100,000 to begin their TV and radio ad campaign in support of Angle.  If they raise the money, we’ll see ads by the last week of April or early May.

Rory Reid Campaign Blasts Sandoval’s New TV Ad

By Elizabeth Crum | 1:28 pm April 6th, 2010

From Team Rory via a spokesperson just now:

Sandoval claims he will “create a new, diverse Nevada economy and we’re going to rethink how we educate our kids.” Yet he has not offered one idea on how to accomplish those goals. Perhaps we will all home school our children since Brian’s called for the firing of 2,000 Nevada teachers.

Rory will continue to be the only candidate of substance. He has already released detailed, innovative and cost-neutral plans on improving our economy and rebuilding Nevada’s struggling education system.

Governor’s race:  Heating Up!

The New Help-Rory-by-Way-of-Helping-Gibbons-by-Way-of-Criticizing-Sandoval Ad Campaign

By Elizabeth Crum | 11:50 am April 6th, 2010

As Flashed by Ralston earlier, we will soon see the launch of a “campaign that could fundamentally change the dynamic of the GOP governor’s race.”

According to Democratic uber-strategist Dan Hart, with whom I spoke a few moments ago, “The Committee to Protect Nevada Jobs” is slated to launch an independent expenditure TV campaign that will “keep Nevada’s voters well informed” about their gubernatorial candidates.

Ralston reported that the campaign will be critical of GOP gubernatorial candidate Brian Sandoval in order to help Jim Gibbons win the primary so Rory Reid will (presumably) have a better chance to win the general.

But Hart said the campaign “may also include information sharing about other gubernatorial candidates” and that “it should not be assumed this is an anti-Sandoval campaign, per se.”  Hart confirmed that TV ads will begin running next week and said the committee’s website will also launch at that time. And that we can expect various press releases as well.

My three cents:

Sandoval is still not well known by many voters so there is definitely an opportunity for the opposition to define him.  Team Sandoval probably should have seen this coming and gotten out in front by launching some warm and fuzzy get-to-know-Brian ads about 30 days back.

Too late for that now, but Sandoval is finally going up with his first TV ad this week.

As for whether this new committee will really “share information” about non-Sandoval gubernatorial candidates — we’ll see.  With Dan Hart, one of Nevada’s sharpest Democratic strategists, behind the effort, I’d guess we can count on the campaign to target whoever the ongoing surveys are saying is most likely to beat Rory Reid in the general election.

Re-stated:  A weak GOP nominee is Rory’s only hope.

Sue Lowden’s New TV Ad Targets Veterans

By Elizabeth Crum | 1:30 pm April 5th, 2010

Sue Lowden’s new TV ad touts her long-standing respect and admiration for veterans and reaches back to her travels with the USO and Bob Hope Christmas troupe to Vietnam and other military locations.

Veterans are a fairly large voting block in Nevada, tending to be more conservative/Republican and with historically higher turn-out numbers than non-Vets.  Good group to earn points with during the primary.

Here’s the ad:  Pete

Starts tomorrow on a television set near you.

John Chachas TV Ads to Start This Week

By Elizabeth Crum | 9:23 pm March 28th, 2010

U.S. Senate candidate John Chachas will be up with two TV ads this week (per Ralston a few minutes ago).  One stresses that he’s Nevada born and bred, and one focuses on Nevada’s financial troubles and his ability to fix them due to his business (not political) experience.

Team Tark Out With TV Ads

By Elizabeth Crum | 8:27 pm March 24th, 2010

You can see them here.

New “Breathtaking” TV Ad Targets Reid, Dems on Nuclear Option

By Elizabeth Crum | 3:28 pm March 11th, 2010

View the ad here.  Runs statewide next week.

Video: Tea Party of Nevada Candidate John Ashjian

By Elizabeth Crum | 10:42 am March 4th, 2010

Watch segments 3 and 4 if you want to see him live w/ Ralston the other night.

Update (5:38 p.m.): CQ Politics notices.

New Sue Lowden TV Ad

By Elizabeth Crum | 9:13 pm March 2nd, 2010

Here it is.  Cute “one size fits all” bit.