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In Case You Missed It: This Week in Nevada Politics

By Elizabeth Crum | 10:07 am September 15th, 2011

Here is my latest ICYMI installment with a nice round-up of snippets, blurbs and links, Dear Readers.

Presidential Race

This week, Gov. Sandoval endorsed Texas Gov. Rick Perry for governor.

On the eve of the CNN/Western Republican Leadership Conference presidential debate in Las Vegas next month, a national Democratic-aligned group will convene a summit here.

A CNN poll says the Republican Party is split right down the middle between tea party supporters and those who do not support the movement.

RNC chief Reince Priebus this week said there still time for other candidates to get in the GOP race.

2nd Congressional District

After an easy win on Tuesday, Mark Amodei took office this morning as the newest U.S. House member representing Nevada. The oath was administered by House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio. Amodei was sworn in along with Bob Turner, a Republican from New York who won his own special election.

The Nevada House delegation seniority, per @RollCall now goes as follows: Rep. Amodei is No. 433, Rep. JoeHeck is No. 382, and Rep. Berkley is No. 147.

A spokesman for Sharron Angle says she will be watching Nevada’s newest congressman closely.

Is a special election in Washoe County in September 2011 a national bellwether? Former Nevadan and Politico reporter Molly Ball says yes, but on the morning of the election Steve Sebelius disagreed and yesterday @RalstonFlash Tweeted the following:

Hey, Harbinger 2012 Caucus, some #s for you: NV voters NOT eligible for #nv02 special represent 65% of NV electorate. Breakdown: 46%D-32%R.

Translation:  The 2nd congressional district does not represent or reflect state voter registration statistics, nor is a special election comparable to a regular/presidential year general election, so people shouldn’t read too much into Amodei’s 20-point win in the district and/or 10-point win in Washoe County.

Congressional Candidates Without Borders

State Sen. John Lee headed to D.C. this week to talk about his congressional candidacy with Sen. Harry Reid and other Democratic Party leaders.

U.S. Senate Race

The conversation continues re: Rep. Shelley Berkley’s advocacy for legislation that benefitted her husband’s medical practice (the original New York Times story is here). Jon Ralston penned a good column saying there are (at least) two ways to look at the situation.

And Berkley tells the LVRJ she now thinks she should have disclosed.


Gov. Sandoval wants to talk to Washoe and Clark Counties about their refund requests.

UNLV might go ahead with an arena project, sans taxpayer dollars.

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is being asked for clarification on its recent ruling on Yucca Mountain.

Jane Ann Morrison wrote an interesting piece this week about the constitutional reasons for the “leap frogging” of Nevada’s high court judges as they take turns being Supreme Court chief.

Reid had a 20-minute Twitter town hall this week.

Sarah Palin Energizes Tea Party Crowd, Tells Them To Support Sharron Angle In Nevada Senate Race

By Sean Whaley | 2:18 pm October 18th, 2010

(Corrected at 4:45 p.m. on Oct. 18, 2010 to reflect the actual statement by Sarah Palin about Russia in 2008)

(Updated at 4:02 p.m. on Oct. 18, 2010 to reflect crowd estimate.)

RENO – An enthusiastic crowd of Tea Party supporters showed up to cheer on former GOP Alaska Gov. and U.S. Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin today at one of what will be many stops across the county in advance of the Nov. 2 general election.

The Tea Party Express bus tour was scheduled to continue on to Elko today, then Ely and Las Vegas before heading east and ending in Connecticut on Nov. 1.

Palin spoke for about 25 minutes in a parking lot on South Virginia Street, urging those attending the rally to continue working through Election Day. Several people who attended the rally estimated the crowd at 1,000 to 1,500.

Palin made more than a few humorous comments in her address, saying “I can see November from my house,” a reference to her statement during the 2008 presidential election that Russia can be seen from land in Alaska. The comment was later spoofed on a “Saturday Night Live” episode.

She followed up with another statement: “Now we can see 2012 from our house,” a reference to the upcoming 2012 presidential election. Palin is considered to be a leading GOP candidate for president two years from now.

Palin said it is time for U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., to retire, along with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif.

Sharron Angle, the Republican challenger to Reid, did not attend the rally, but got an endorsement from Palin and the Tea Party, as did other Nevada conservative candidates. Angle will help repeal, “the mother of all unfunded mandates called Obamacare,” Palin said.

“I thank you for being so bold in your support of Sharron too,” she said. “Bless her heart the stuff they have thrown at her. Yet she’s still standing.”

Reid spokesman Jon Summers, in an email sent out today, noted that Angle failed to win the endorsement from her hometown newspaper, the Reno Gazette-Journal, which on Sunday endorsed Reid.

“The good news for Sharron is that she will have some supporters in Reno today,” Summers said. “The bad news? That support will consist of a Tea Party group from California run by Republican consultants, and Sarah Palin.”

Rep. Dean Heller, R-Nev., attended the rally but did not speak. Heller said federal election law prohibits candidates from coordinating with the Tea Party Express.

Palin told the crowd to keep working, walking precincts, stuffing envelopes and all the other tasks that need to be done for conservative candidates across the country to ensure victory on Nov. 2.

Borrowing from Sharron Angle’s “man up” comment made to Reid at last week’s debate, Palin said current political leaders should “man up” and support Tea Party candidates.

The “bigwigs” in the political machine are “too chicken to come out and support the Tea Party candidates,” she said.

Palin warned the crowd not to take it easy yet. Democratic candidates and their supporters are taking cheap shots at conservative candidates, attacks that are not being challenged or repudiated by what she called the left wing media.

“Don’t be thinking that we have victory for America in the bag yet,” she said. “We can’t let up. We can’t get cocky about this.”

Sarah Palin speaks at Tea Party rally in Reno on Monday with hot air balloon in background

GOP Congressional Candidate Joe Heck Admits Race Will Be Close, Reaches Out To Undecided Voters

By Nevada News Bureau Staff | 2:58 pm September 27th, 2010

Republican Congressional candidate Joe Heck said today he expects the race between him and incumbent Rep. Dina Titus, D-Nev., to be decided by no more than 2 percentage points in the November general election.

Heck, a physician and former state lawmaker who served with Titus in the Nevada Senate, said on the Nevada NewsMakers television program today: “It’s going to be a neck and neck race.”

“So we’re working hard on the folks that we need to reach out to, the undecideds, the nonpartisans, we’re doing well in those groups, and we think that is what is going to carry us to victory on Nov.2,” he said.

Heck said he does not know if the Tea Party Express will back his campaign, but that anything the group does to energize Nevada voters will benefit him in the Congressional District 3 race against Titus, who is completing her first term.

“Anything that movement does to energize the conservative vote to turn out will have a trickledown effect in CD3,” he said.

Polls show the two candidates in a statistical tie. The race is considered a key to which party will control Congress following the mid-term election.

Heck said the federal health care law has some positive elements, such as requiring coverage for preexisting conditions, but that too much of it is flawed. An example is the requirement for younger healthier people to pay substantially more for coverage to support older participants with more costly medical conditions, he said.

“There is $1 billion in this bill appropriated to the federal government for the cost of implementation of the bill,” he said. “So any bill that is going to cost $1 billion to implement certainly has some flaws.”

Heck said if he is elected to Congress his approach to the health care law will be to repair those good sections that have flaws, repeal unworkable elements and replace those parts that are good in concept but that need more realistic solutions.

Heck, who has been criticized by Titus backers for a vote in the Nevada Senate in 2007 to oppose requiring health insurance companies to cover a new cervical cancer drug, said the statements ignore his real legislative record in support of reforms to improve access to health care. There were concerns about potential side effects from the drug, he said.

“They want to pick one vote on one issue and try to make it seem I was against women in heath care when actually I was standing up for women in health care,” he said.

Heck said mandated coverages drive up the cost of health insurance and Nevada has a high number of mandates already.

Audio clips:

Republican Congressional District 3 candidate Joe Heck says his race against Titus will be close:

092710Heck1 :14 on Nov. 2.”

Heck says any Tea Party Express efforts in Nevada will help him in his race:

092710Heck2 :22  on Nov. 2.”

Heck says the new federal health care law has flaws:

092710Heck3 :09 has some flaws.”

Heck says he worked in the state Legislature to improve access to health care:

092710Heck4 :07 in health care.”

Rasmussen Has First Post-Primary Angle-Reid Poll

By Elizabeth Crum | 9:00 am June 10th, 2010


Angle by 11 points.  5% for “Other.” 6% Undecided.

Poll says “Voters not affiliated with either party prefer Angle by 10 points.”

As I said last night on KTNV, let’s give it about 30 days before we get too excited about numbers.

Team Reid is going to try to crush Angle early and hard so they can call it Done and start focusing resources on all the Dem down-ticket races.

If they hope to have her weather the Category 5 winds of Hurricane Harry (a Harrycane…?) Tea Party Express and/or Club for Growth and/or the RNC better hurry up with major infusions of ad cash into the Nevada airwaves on Angle’s behalf.

Angle v. Reid in the General: A Referendum on Tea Party and Anybody-But-Harry Movement

By Elizabeth Crum | 2:59 pm May 27th, 2010

So says the uber-Lefty blogger (please don’t feel slighted, all you Other Lefties) at Las Vegas Gleaner in a throw-down-esque post about Angle and the Tea Partiers vs. The Reid Machine today.

Hugh’s comments in full:

Republicans MUST nominate crazy Sharron Angle (unless they’re chicken)

The Chicken Lady demonstrated yet again this week that neither she nor her highly touted, highly paid campaign advisers are ready for prime time.
Jerry Tarkanian’s office-shopping son has never been in danger of winning a general election, and gives no indication that he ever will be.

And as for Sharron Angle, it must be said that upon reflection, comparing her to Rand Paul is deeply unfair … to Rand Paul. He is orders of magnitude more articulate and intelligent then she is.So while the conventional wisdom holds that Angle is the weakest candidate against Harry Reid, that’s probably overstated; each Republican weirdo seems about as electable (or unelectable) as the other.

But all Nevadans — Democrats, Republicans and independents alike — should still hope that Angle wins the primary.

The rich man’s wife and the coach’s kid are opportunistic charlatans ready and willing to vacillate and equivocate to win votes, i.e., standard-issue and unremarkable politicians. If Republicans nominate either of them, the Senate race will merely be a bloody and tawdry affair pitting “Anybody but Reid” sentiment against Reid’s relentless and ruthless scorched-earth campaign machine (the likes of which Nevada has never seen, judging by its impressive performance thus far).

Angle, however, believes all the nonsense that is coming out of her mouth. She is the real deal, the genuine article, the unapologetic and unwavering champion of full-on teatardation. If Republicans nominate her, the race will be as much a referendum on the tea party movement as on Reid. Teanuts and their apologists in the media love to tell anyone who will listen that mainstream voters just can’t wait to embrace America’s latest orgy of anti-intellectual paranoid populism. Fine. Let’s put it to a vote.

Action Is Brewing Endorsements

By Elizabeth Crum | 2:36 pm May 27th, 2010

Tea Party activist-organizer Debbie Landis is out with her group’s election endorsements.

The page says candidate recommendations were “finalized using AIB Subscriber and grassroots polls, voting record when applicable, issue stances, prior endorsements, and interaction with the candidates themselves.”


“These candidates were selected based entirely on their skill-sets, credibility and grassroots ratings as they apply to Transparency, Accountability, and Fiscal Responsibility.”

Agree or disagree?  Chime in by leaving a Comment below.

Angle’s Tsunami: Can We Please, PLEASE Think of a New Metaphor?

By Elizabeth Crum | 10:03 am May 27th, 2010

Maybe I’m just grouchy because we’ve been covering campaigns for nine months and June 8 still seems way too far away.  Nevertheless:

Must Sharron Angle continue to repeatedly refer to the “tsunami” of conservativism that is moving “in waves” across the country?  I have heard it uttered at least a dozen times just this past week and shudder to contemplate the total count over the course of the past many months.

And:  has it ever occurred to Angle that a land-hitting tsunami often causes utter devastation and destruction to all who are unfortunate enough to be in its path?  Not sure it’s the best descriptor for Angle’s Tea Party-esque and pet political causes.

(Or is it?)

Wanna take bets on whether Team Reid will use the term (and the frightening visions it musters) to help turn the tide against her if Angle faces him in the general?

I can just see the TV ad starring all of Angle’s most controversial positions over background video of a giant tsunami washing away all that is good and right in America…

In Which Tea Party Organizer-Activist Debbie Landis Further Explains AIB’s Endorsement of John Chachas

By Elizabeth Crum | 9:15 am May 24th, 2010

File this one under the label that pretty much describes John Chachas’ entire U.S. Senate campaign:

Too Little Too Late.

Or, if you prefer, tuck the folder behind Ralston’s recent characterization:

What Might Have Been.

This weekend one of the largest, most influential grassroots groups in Nevada – Anger Action is Brewing – surprised everyone by coming out with a late-in-the-game endorsement of John Chachas.

A spokesperson for the Tea Party Express couldn’t call me fast enough to give me his three cents.  (Can you guess what he said…?)

I later chatted with AIB founder Debbie Landis about her decision.

Here’s what she said about her organization’s ability to endorse within the limits of its non-profit status:

Apparently, when I was on my paperwork filing binge for AIB to make sure we were in compliance with everything we needed to be, we filed an intent to influence elections with the SOS as a non-profit…so although as a 501c(4) we cannot contribute financially nor dedicate ourselves to a campaign, we can endorse candidates we think will further our cause.

As for why she decided to endorse at all, and why so late:

I have been getting non-stop emails asking who we like, why, and whether we’re afraid to commit because we only want to support the Republican who wins the primary.

It wasn’t an emotional decision, and I tried to make that clear. It’s okay to like Tarkanian and Angle personally and still think somebody else can do a much better job.

I guess it’s up to John to get out there, but the fact that his team is not doing as much as they could is no excuse for me not to do so.

On whether she thinks she’ll regret it:

The one regret I have is being so stupid as not know what our abilities were under NRS 294A.375 and for waiting so long to announce who we were supporting.

Re: why this endorsement is “special” (if it is):

I think the difference is that we’re not profiting and we’re responding to people who honestly respect the work AIB has done and the time we’ve taken, and who really want to know what our conclusions are.

On whether she stands to gain or lose by doing this:

I’m sure I burned a ton of bridges with this endorsement, but I can’t turn off that little voice that says Chachas is better, faster, smarter and a much more logical choice than any of the other candidates given the state of Nevada and the financial health of the U.S. today.

Perhaps he is.  Soon to be Was.

Florida: Lawsuit Over Third Party Tea Party Name

By Elizabeth Crum | 8:16 pm May 19th, 2010

This story out of the Sunshine State sounds slightly familiar.  The gist:

A guy is running for Congress as a third party candidate on the Florida Tea Party ticket, and all the grassroots Tea Party types are upset.

Some have filed suit against three men involved with the Florida Tea Party, alleging that they hijacked the movement’s name.

The founder of the Florida Tea Party is filing a counter suit.

One of the guys involved with the non-party Tea Party in Florida said the third party is a diabolical plot to confuse Tea Partiers so they do not know who to vote for or who is real.

The candidate in question switched his party affiliation from Republican to Florida Tea Party just before the candidate filing deadline.

More Voters Self-Identifying With Tea Party Movement While Political Elites Scoff

By Elizabeth Crum | 10:00 am April 23rd, 2010

In the days leading up to April 15, the Tea Party movement’s first anniversary, Rasmussen ran a new survey and found that the number of voters who self-identify as part of the Tea Party movement has jumped eight points since March.  Last month, 16% of American voters surveyed identified themselves as Tea Partiers. That number is now at 24%.

The other most interesting finding in poll was the disparity between how the the so-called political elite views the Tea Party movement versus the view of mainstream voters. A whopping 98% percent of the political elite have an unfavorable view of the Tea Party movement.

(Question:  Does this mean anyone who doesn’t view the Tea party movement unfavorably has only a 2% chance of being an elitist?)

While the elites expressed their dislike, 58% of mainstream voters said they had a favorable opinion of Tea Partiers.

Of those surveyed, 55% said they are not part of the movement or do not have any ties to the Tea Party, while 11% said they are unsure.

(Sidebar:  I’m always amazed at this 10% or so of the population who never seem to be sure about anything. Who are these people and why don’t they know their own minds?)

The rise in Tea Party support is attributed in part to the call for the repeal of health care reform. Many of those surveyed said they are convinced that the reform will lead to higher taxes to fund the program at a time when 66% of voters believe they are already overtaxed by the government.

When broken down into political parties, 42% of Republicans say they are members of the Tea Party compared to 24% of independents and just 9% of Democrats.

70% of Republicans have a positive view of the Tea Parties, and 71% of Democrats do not. Unaffiliated voters were evenly divided on their views.

Just over 33% said they believed the Republicans and Democrats are so much alike that a new political party is needed; 47% percent of voters surveyed disagree.

If the Tea Party were to organize a political party, the survey shows this would throw elections to the Democrat by splitting the votes between the Republican and a generic Tea Party candidate: 34% would vote for the Democrat in a 3-way congressional race, while 27% would vote for the Republican and 21% for the Tea Party candidate.

Pre-Release: Tea Party Express (Our Country Deserves Better PAC) Radio Ad for Sharron Angle

By Elizabeth Crum | 8:14 pm April 21st, 2010

Here’s a sneak peek, or whatever you call it in radio, of the Sharron Angle ad to start playing on radio stations statewide next week.  Paid for by the Our Country Deserves Better PAC, the political arm of the Tea Party Express.

Am told they will be out with two TV ads, soon.

Radio ad and future TV ads will play on the following stations:












LAS VEGAS – KXNT 840 AM [News/Talk]

LAS VEGAS – KDWN 720 AM [News/Talk]

LAS VEGAS – KDOX 1280 AM [News/Talk]

LAS VEGAS – KSNE 10.5 FM [Adult Contemporary]

LAS VEGAS – KWNR 95. 5 FM [Country]

LAS VEGAS – KCYE 102.7 FM [Country]

LAS VEGAS – KJUL 104.7 FM [Adult Standards]

CARSON CITY – KKFT 99.1 FM [News/Talk]

ELY – KELY 1230 AM [News/Talk]

RENO – KKOH 780 AM [News/Talk]

ELKO – KELK 1240 AM [Adult Contemporary]

ELKO – KTSN 1340 AM [News/Talk]

PAHRUMP – KNYE 95.1 FM [Variety]






Fasano of IAP to Take Ashjian Case to State Supreme Court

By Elizabeth Crum | 10:13 am April 21st, 2010

I’m being told that Tim Fasano, the Independent American Party’s candidate for U.S. Senate, has decided to appeal his lawsuit (Fasano v Miller) challenging the candidacy of U.S. Senate candidate Scott Ashjian to the Nevada Supreme Court.

Fasano sued the Secretary of State to remove Ashjian because Ashjian did not switch his party registration from “Republican” to “Tea Party” until after he registered as the Tea Party of Nevada candidate.  The District Court ruled that Ashjian had substantially complied with election law and would stay on the ballot.

More details coming in a news brief we are working on now.

Update: See our news story on the front page.  Says Fasano was meeting with attorney Joel Hansen to make the final decision and that he would announce today or tomorrow.  Word is they need to raise money for the effort.

Nevada Election Law Needs More Clarity, Says Backer of 2008 Taxpayer Protection Act

By Sean Whaley | 7:35 pm April 16th, 2010

CARSON CITY – One of the major backers of a proposed 2008 measure aimed at raising the bar on tax increases said today a court ruling upholding the right of Tea Party of Nevada candidate Scott Ashjian to remain on the ballot shows the need for more clarity in state election law.

Steve Martin, a former state Controller who is now running for state Treasurer, filed the Nevada Taxpayer Protection Act ballot measure two years ago to require a two-thirds vote for any subsequent ballot measure that would raise taxes.

After gathering 130,000 signatures, far more than needed to qualify for the 2008 ballot, the measure was challenged based on technical issues regarding the signature gathering process. The Nevada Supreme Court knocked the measure off the ballot after finding the backers failed to “substantially comply” with state election law.

In the Tea Party of Nevada case, in which Ashjian was challenged by an Independent American Party candidate, the same issue of substantial compliance was raised. But in a decision handed down Thursday, Carson City District Judge James Russell found that Ashjian was “substantially compliant” when he filed as a Tea Party of Nevada candidate for U.S. Senate and then after the fact changed his voter registration from Republican to the Tea Party of Nevada.

“The irony is you’ve got one individual who wins on the issue of substantial compliance, while we had 130,000 signatures of Nevada registered voters and we were found not to be in substantial compliance,” Martin said. “What is the definition of substantial compliance?”

Martin said the courts need to clarify the meaning of substantial compliance so future ballot efforts are not derailed as happened in 2008, when the wishes of 130,000 registered voters who signed the Taxpayer Protection Act were deprived of their right to vote on the measure.

Robert Uithoven, a political consultant who worked on the 2008 proposed initiative, said the Nevada Supreme Court will have to remove Ashjian from the ballot if the case is appealed and justices are to remain consistent with past decisions requiring strict adherence to the letter of the law.

“The will of the people and substantial compliance was clearly and overwhelmingly demonstrated in the case involving the Taxpayer Protection Act of 2008, though the Nevada Supreme Court ruled against both – essentially citing letter of the law,” said Uithoven, now the campaign manager for Sue Lowden’s U.S. Senate campaign.

“In the case of Ashjian, if appealed to the high court, the elected justices will either remain consistent with their previous rulings or give the voting public the most controversial ruling since the infamous 2003 ruling in Guinn vs. Legislature.”

Las Vegas attorney Joel Hansen, who represented IAP U.S. Senate candidate Tim Fasano in his challenge of Ashjian, said he has yet to hear from his client on whether an appeal will be made to the Nevada Supreme Court.

Fasano today said he was just getting a chance to read Russell’s brief order before deciding whether to appeal.

Hansen said Russell’s ruling appears to be “out of line” with other Nevada court decisions regarding compliance with state election law.

Martin said he would like to see the Tea Party of Nevada case appealed to give the Supreme Court a chance to clarify the meaning of the term to help future ballot initiative efforts.

“I don’t think politics are involved,” Martin said. “I hope they take it to the Supreme Court so we can get some kind of ruling on what substantial compliance means.”

WSJ Blog: Sharron Angle Sounds Like Sarah Palin

By Elizabeth Crum | 12:03 pm April 16th, 2010

Not too sure this WSJ blog post comparing Sharron Angle to Sarah Palin is a good thing for the Nevada U.S. Senate candidate who has said she wants to reach out to Independents (with whom Palin’s popularity has recently waned) in the general election.

The WSJ post piece said Angle “played well” with/to the activists who gathered to hear her speak at the National Press Club after she was introduced/endorsed by the Tea Party Express, giving a speech filled with “quirky metaphors, folksy syntax and hot conservative buzzwords.”

Sharron Angle: I Have Tea Party and Conservative Endorsements, I Won All the Straw Polls, and I Can Beat Harry Reid

By Elizabeth Crum | 8:16 am April 16th, 2010

As part of her whirlwind media tour re: yesterday’s endorsement by the Tea Party Express, Sharron Angle just finished up a quick interview with Allan Stock on KXNT.  A few of her remarks (and my comments):

“The Tea Party Express has joined with a lot of other conservative endorsements including Phyllis Schlafly…and Gun Owners of Nevada…because, they are saying, “She has that battle-tested, proven conservative record you can trust.”"

On who the Tea Party Express is and why voters shouldn’t confuse them or the Tea Party movement with the Tea Party of Nevada political party:

“This is a movement, this Tea Party movement. We have a bunch of conservatives across nation who have gotten off their couches.”

“We need a rallying point, and the Tea Party Express has become one of those rallying points…”

“The Tea Party party, they just kind of came out of the blue and, like a lot of people in this race, saw there was blood in the water, that there might be some notoriety and maybe even some wealth that comes from running against Harry Reid.  But we’re not looking for a third party.  What we’re looking for is the conservatives to get their brand back.”

What does she mean by that?

“We’ve been getting people who talk Right and vote Left.”

“But I’ve been consistent.”

“People want to know, “Who can we trust?” It’s not just about Republicans this time.  There is a big Independent vote out there, and they are cynical, they are saying “Both parties have failed us,” and what they are looking for, is, “What have YOU done?”"

On the election:

“The whole nation is looking at Nevada.”

“People ask me, what do I mean by saying we are being “waterboarded by Harry Reid”?  I mean here in Nevada we are tortured:  by unemployment, by the crashed housing market, our tourism industry down by 27%. There is no more tortured state in the nation than Nevada.”

On the polls and how she is doing (last weekend’s Mason-Dixon poll had her at only 5% in the GOP primary, while an April 5th Rasmussen poll showed her at 51-40 in a head-to-head match-up against Reid, which put her ahead of Tarkanian who polled at 49-42 against Reid):

“I don’t know why there is the disparity, except that two different companies are doing the polling, but it is a very small sampling of the population and I am not sure it is an accurate measure of primary voting.”

“What we are looking at is Rasmussen, and that is:  “Who can beat Harry Reid?”

“I can beat him. I will beat him.”

“We also have won all of the straw polls, and those are the the people that are going to come out to vote.”

Angle was on Fox and Friends earlier this morning and will be on KXNT with Mark Levin at 4:30 this afternoon.