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Update: Land Owner of Searchlight Tea Party Site Clears Up Permit and Parking Concerns

By Elizabeth Crum | 9:01 am March 26th, 2010

This will be the first of multiple updates and stories about the Searchlight Tea Party rally and related events tomorrow.

Yesterday it was reported that there might be some problems with permits (for grading and tortoises) and parking for the rally site down in Searchlight.  Here is an update from TD Barnes, the man whose company has donated the land for the rally:

On the grading permit, the inspector called me to apologize and offered any support we might need from him personally. I do have to call someone here in the Las Vegas department. (The inspector was from Laughlin). I don’t think there is a problem there.

As to the Desert Tortoise, our section of land is exempt from the Desert Tortoise rule.  We have never seen one and somewhere along the line, someone challenged -whomever- to this effect and they officially exempted the land. (I know of other instances where this has been done when land was not populated by the critter.)

On the parking, someone mentioned to the media that a small area had been set aside for the event – meaning the stage area – and it was reported that was all the parking there was for the entire event. But we have all of the front area and up over the hill set aside, so there is a lot of parking. (I think much of the front is reserved for RVs and handicap spots with the rest parking over the hill.)

I don’t think anyone has a clue as to the number planning to attend. There is no doubt that parking might be hectic. The organizers have a number of volunteer policemen lined up to direct traffic on the property. Ingress and egress are definitely going to be challenging since there is only the one road. I expect the organizers to have detailed traffic control to manage the coming and going.

I would also like to express my appreciation for Diane Kendall and all her volunteers at Searchlight for their Herculean efforts and behind the scenes coordination to prepare for this event. Diane is in the real estate business in Searchlight and I’m sure set concern for her business aside to step up to the plate for this historic event.


From what I hear about those attending, a majority are not Tea Party people. It’s true that the Tea Party organized the event, but the attendees are mostly independent people expressing their dissatisfaction with our government overall and should be labeled as simply “the People”.

Sounds to me like they are as ready as they can be.  I’ll be speaking with Diane Kendall later today, I hope, so I’ll post updates at that time (if there are any).

T.D. Barnes: The Man Behind the Land in Searchlight

By Elizabeth Crum | 5:58 pm March 24th, 2010

T.D. Barnes is the president and one of the owners of Startel, Inc., the company that owns the 160 acres where Saturday’s big “Showdown in Searchlight” Tea Party rally is going to occur.

Barnes said he was approached by the Tea Party Express for the use of his land, but that he doesn’t know enough about the Tea Party movement to determine if it satisfies his political concerns.

“I have not attended any rallies, nor am I active in grassroots,” he said.  “I do, however, support anything that will expose and curtail the agenda of the current administration.”

Barnes did say the Tea Party movement appears to be “shining light on what the House, Senate, and Obama administration are doing to circumvent the wishes and needs of the voters.”

“Our citizens need jobs, not more government control, give-away programs and debt that future generators will have to pay,” he said.  “In my opinion, fault lies with both parties and with a society turned passive and willing to accept a free ride.”

Barnes plans to attend the rally and said people are welcome to come down and camp on the land the night before if they wish.  He said Tea Party Express coordinators have arranged for the provision of porta potties and trash receptacles on the land.

Barnes’ company, Startel, has a landscape rock operation operated by Vista Landscape Center of Henderson and which produces much of the crushed rock used to replace lawns and conserve water in southern Nevada. In addition to their rock operation, Startel is seeking to start up a solar renewable energy operation.

Barnes is also the Director of the Nevada Aerospace Hall of Fame and President of Roadrunners Internationale which consists of ex-CIA, Air Force and other military support personnel who built and flew the CIA U-2 and A-12 spyplanes at Groom Lake (Area-51) in the 1960s.  (FYI:  The A-12 preceded the SR-71, but remained classified until recent years.) Two years ago the CIA declassified the identity of Barnes and the others who worked on the A-12 Oxcart project.

Barnes and his wife, Doris, last week celebrated their 55th wedding anniversary.  Following is a photo taken of the two at the A-12 dedication:

And here’s a photo of the Searchlight site (taken in 2003 when Startel was providing material to the state for the widening of I-95):