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Rory: Waiting for the White Hot Spotlight

By Elizabeth Crum | 6:05 am May 16th, 2010

This week’s Mason-Dixon poll confirmed what we have all known in our hearts but were reluctant to say out loud until now:

Governor Gibbons is going to lose the primary.  The corpse is already cooling.

Foreknowledge makes the fact no less astonishing.  In an election year energized by a GOP base that is fed up, whipped up and fervently in favor of the most conservative candidate on the playbill, it looks like the scene at the end of this Act will star a conservative Republican governor getting his clock cleaned by a challenger the base isn’t sure is a true conservative at all.

In the drama to play out on June 8, nearly half of Nevada’s GOP faithful will pull the proverbial lever for Brian Sandoval while muttering “lesser of evils, lesser of evils” under their collective breath.  They will walk away from the ballot box feeling depressed and slightly disoriented.  They will tell themselves they did the right thing.  And they will pray that Sandoval surprises them once he is sworn in.  But they will doubt it.

Those who didn’t vote for Sandoval will walk away shaking their heads in quiet resignation.  Either because they voted for an incumbent they knew couldn’t win, or voted for the Other Guy they knew couldn’t win.  But they will have voted on principle, so at least (they will tell themselves) they have That.

As the Republicans search their souls and look to the skies for signs they did right, the Democrats and 200,000-odd independent/non-partisan voters will enter the fray.  All eyes will turn to look at the choices now before them. And because the electorate will be suffering from serious Sandoval burnout after weeks of boasts and blasts via non-stop TV spots, most will turn their gazes upon Rory Reid.

[House lights down.  Center spotlight up.  Bam.]

What line will he utter?  With what Bardian monologue will he please the ear, capture the heart and lift the spirit on high?

There’s no telling.  Because Rory has not, as Steve Sebelius reminded us this week, yet said much about much.  And the not-muchness he has said especially applies to this year’s big electoral theme:  taxes and the state budget.

Rory has pledged to take some kind of stand upon release of recommendations from the Nevada Vision Stakeholders Group.  The executive summary is already out and the final report roughly coincides with the primaries (June), so there will soon be no excu–, er, reason for waiting any longer. Much to Rory’s chagrin, because as Sebelius wrote:

But if the Republicans mean to say that Reid would rather stick needles in his eyes and leap from the top of the Stratosphere than talk taxes, well, they have a point.


But a reluctant Rory will soon have no choice.  His potential opponents have all sung the “no new taxes” ditty to death, much to the delight of the party faithful, and one imagines him gazing wistfully out from some moonlit balcony and sighing:

O Revenue, Revenue! wherefore art thou Revenue?

Ready or not for the show to go on, Rory knows he must soon deliver a version of one of the following three lines:  we must cut back spending to current revenue streams; we must make some cuts and find some new revenue (i.e. raise taxes); or we must find enough new revenue (i.e. raise taxes) to maintain current spending levels.  And then he must explain How we are to do it.

I, for one, will be listening and watching in rapt anticipation as he steps into the white hot spotlight for the telling.

Rory and Oscar Are BFFs

By Elizabeth Crum | 9:16 am April 28th, 2010

Teaming up to curb firefighter overtime (and other) costs to both city and county are a rather unlikely pair:  Clark County Commission chair Rory Reid and Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman.

Other suggested cuts filed under the tab “shared services” are animal control, business licensing, information technology, parks, television production and purchasing.

According the LV Sun (which covered yesterday’s joint press conference at City Hall), Rory got real specific-like:

“It would be a disservice to those who made sacrifices not to point out those who have not,” Reid said…

“I’m talking about firefighters.”


Wonder how many hate-grams and I-hope-your-house-doesn’t-catch-on-fire emails Rory got yesterday?  And did he forward them to Steve Sisolak so they could commiserate about the joys of public office?

Rory and Oscar want county and city staff to offer suggestions for service join-ups by June.

Commissioner Sisolak told the Sun he thought the changes would save each government entity in the ballpark of $1.1 million.  If so, that’s a lotta bank, and good for them (both).

Also of interest, Sisolak said he thinks the county ought to push for “zero-based” budgeting on collective bargaining agreements.  In a nutshell, this means Talks would start at “0″ rather than status-quo (which includes all kinds of perks, bonuses and benefits).

Doubt that’ll happen, but a guy (or gal) can dream.

Bonus Materials:

As reported by an insider with close ties to both municipal chiefs, here are a few texts exchanged between new pals Rory and Oscar while that City Hall press conference was going on:

Oscar:  U gonna name names and call out firefighters like u promised?

Rory:  Having second thoughts. U do it.

Oscar:  No way! City employees already mad for layoffs threat. This one all u.

Rory:  I’m scared. Plus everyone hates u already, what’s BFD?

Oscar:  Look if u wanna be BMOC, u gotta do this stuff!!

Rory:  But I want everyone to like me.

Oscar:  WTF?! You are such a wimp!! Do it!!!!!!!!!

Rory:  Calm down! Jeez!! Did you skip martini this morning?

Oscar:  Spilled on drive here, forgot flask at home. Don’t change subject.  Say it!!

Rory:  All right! Will do. Sorry. Still BFFs?

Oscar:  4ever. Or at least ’til budget BS over.

Rory:  ok

Rory Against, Gibbons and Sandoval for AZ-style Immigration Law

By Elizabeth Crum | 7:12 pm April 26th, 2010

(Dear Rory:  I do hope you don’t mind me calling you Rory, but there are seven months between now and the general election and I am already SO tired of typing “Rory Reid” and “Harry Reid.”  This will just be so much better for me.  And you, too, maybe!  Love, E.)

Rory’s remarks against the new dealio down in AZ:

LAS VEGAS, NV – Rory Reid, Democratic candidate for governor, issued the following statement regarding passage of the new immigration law in Arizona:

“Instead of a common sense approach, what has occurred in Arizona is a wrong-headed approach to a serious issue – and that’s why Arizona law enforcement leaders, civil rights advocates, religious leaders and business groups oppose the bill,” said Reid. “It’s also evidence of what can happen in the absence of comprehensive immigration reform at the federal level.”

“On its face, this ill-conceived law opens the door to racial profiling and the violation of the fundamental civil rights of all Americans,” he continued. “You can’t determine whether someone is undocumented simply by the way they look, dress or speak.

“This law will also breach the important trust between law enforcement and the communities they protect, and divert resources away from critical incidents, where police are most needed.

“Nevadans can count on me to be a consistent advocate for comprehensive immigration reform and common sense solutions to this complicated issue.”

Ok.  What’s the comprehensive, common sense plan?  And will we hear about it before or after November 2?

And Gibbons:

(Carson City, Nevada) – Governor Jim Gibbons today demanded that President Barack Obama and his Administration take immediate steps to enforce federal immigration laws. “Guarding the borders of our great Nation is a federal responsibility that this Administration is ignoring,” Gibbons said, “Federal inaction is compelling states like Arizona to take state action and forcing state taxpayers to foot the bill.”

Recent statements from President Obama suggest he is trying to make immigration enforcement a political issue. “This President and this Administration, including Congressional Leaders Senator Harry Reid and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, are shamelessly pandering for political gain, “Gibbons said, “These people should start acting like leaders and start enforcing federal laws”, Governor Gibbons said, “Instead, they blame others for their own ineffectiveness.”

Governor Gibbons noted the Administration is out of touch with society today. “Clearly the immigration system in this country is broken and is costing taxpayers billions of dollars,” Governor Gibbons said, “The Obama Administration must wake up and fix our immigration problems at the border.”

Gibbons believes the immigration laws in the United States must be modernized to reflect advancements in technology (facial recognition technology, biometric ID cards) and the changed world we live in today. “There are people crossing the border committing violent crimes and others who want to harm America through terrorism,” Gibbons said, “President Obama, Reid and Pelosi are ‘asleep at the switch’ and they must take action now or America families will continue to suffer.”

Did not see a press missive from Sandoval, but he said he supported the AZ law in Friday’s debate in Reno.

Update (7:43 PM): Statement from Sandoval:

“As a former federal judge, I believe it is important to follow the law. In this case, the law is very clear. Racial profiling is illegal and I do not support it. Also, if you are here illegally, you are breaking the law and should be subject to the consequences.

“The federal government has failed miserably at its responsibility to secure our borders. States like Arizona are now forced to deal with the results of that failure.

“That said, I do understand the Hispanic community’s concerns about this law and believe Arizona officials must pay close attention to the implementation of the new law.”

Not sure on Montandon; will update here if/when he chimes in (missed the gub portion of the debate so didn’t hear).

Rory Out With Education Plan, Governor’s Blue Ribbon Edu Panel Skips Edu Reform Summit

By Elizabeth Crum | 7:24 am March 22nd, 2010

As Flashed by Ralston a short time ago:

Reid the Younger Releases Education Plan

Will also be presented at town hall tonight at Walter Bracken.

Has a cutesy acronymic name: “The Leading EDGE: Rory Reid’s Plan for Economic Development through Great Education”

Devil in details, as always, with plans for accountability and empowerment and even choice (don’t get too excited, voucher advocates).

The plan is here:

More later….

I am personally willing to listen to and consider voting for any candidate who will say (and DO) anything substantive about the pathetic state of our state’s education system, which is practically criminal in its failure to produce graduates who can competently read, write and do ‘rithmetic.

Notable note:  On Friday the governor’s brand new blue-ribbon education panel had their first meeting at the Wynn Resort while a very worthwhile education reform conference was being put on by NPRI over at the Orleans.  In my humble opinion, the information was excellent and the governor’s new education brain trust could have benefited from attending the summit en masse.  At the very least, they should have at least sent a couple-few representatives to glean and bring back information.

Anecdotal note::  One of the blue-ribbon panelists who attended the meeting at the Wynn sent this text to the sole blue-ribbon panelist who chose, of his own free will, to skip the Wynn and be at the education summit at the Orleans:  “Our lunch is better than your lunch.”

Yeah, that’s the really important thing, here:  fancier lunches.

New Rasmussen Numbers on Nevada’s Gubernatorial Race

By Elizabeth Crum | 9:09 am March 8th, 2010

In case you missed the Rasmussen numbers on the governor match-ups over the weekend (snippets/bullets):

– GOP candidate Brain Sandoval has an 18-point lead over Democrat Rory Reid who trails Sandoval 53% to 35% with 7% preferring another candidate and 5% undecided.  (Last month, Sandoval led Rory by 12 points.)

– North Las Vegas Mayor Mike Montandon has a 42% to 37% lead over Reid.  13% said they like some other candidate and 8% are undecided. (Last poll, Reid led Montandon 40% to 36%.)

– However, Rory still has the edge over Gibbons, 44% to 36%.  In that race, 15% want Someone Else and only 4% are undecided.

– Gender ratios:  Male voters prefer all three GOP candidates over Rory (but by just three points when Gibbons is the candidate). Sandoval leads among female voters, too, but Reid has the edge among women over Gibbons and Montandon (hm!)

– Indy vote note:  Among voters not affiliated with either major party, Reid trails Sandoval but leads both Gibbons and Montandon (hm!!)

– Gibbons:  37% of all voters in Nevada at least “somewhat approve” of the job Gibbons has been doing as governor (9% strongly approve).  61% disapprove of the governor’s performance, including 37% who strongly disapprove.

– Sandoval:  gets “very favorable” views from 17% and “very unfavorable” from 10%.

– Rory Reid, double-whammied by being (1) chairman of the Clark County Board of Commissioners and (2) the offspring of the uber-unpopular Harry Reid, has 34% unfavorables.

– Montandon:  5% have a very favorable opinion of Montandon and 8% view him very unfavorably.


By Elizabeth Crum | 7:21 pm February 16th, 2010

My daily duties got in the way of posting all the items I wanted to provide for you earlier, Dear Readers, so here are a number of things all at once:

– The Silver Pinyon Journal reported on Rory Reid’s recent visit to Winnemucca.

– A writer at UNR’s The Nevada Sagebrush calls for Gibbons’ recall (Hat Tip:  Ralston on Twitter).  The author says “it would take only 145,540 signatures to get a special election to remove him from office” and that voters ought to go about getting them because “in the nine months it will take to have the 2010 election, we might not have a state government anymore.”

Politico has a piece on Obama’s trip to Vegas, Baby!  Obama has a 45% disapproval rating nationally, but Team Congress is disapproved of by 75% of all Americans…so Obama’s presence here is a win for Reid and Democrats.