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Senate Minority Leader Bill Raggio to Announce Endorsement In U.S. Senate Race This Week

By Nevada News Bureau Staff | 7:56 pm October 6th, 2010

CARSON CITY – State Senate Minority Leader Bill Raggio said today he will make an endorsement in the neck-and-neck U.S. Senate race within the next few days.

Raggio, R-Reno, the longest serving state lawmaker in Nevada history, told Jon Ralston on the Face To Face television program that there appears to be some interest in his endorsement in the race between Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., and GOP rival Sharron Angle.

Polls show the contest as a dead heat between the two candidates.

Raggio, who served as majority leader in the state Senate from 1993 to 2007, was challenged by Angle in his 2008 re-election bid. He won the primary by just over 500 votes.

“I’m not prepared on your program tonight to tell you who I’m going to support in this race between Reid and Angle,” he said.

Raggio said this political season, “has been the most hateful in my memory.”

“But I will announce my support in the next day or so,” he said. “I still have some issues. I think both of these candidates have problems. There are issues in their campaigns that are disturbing.”

On the subject of the upcoming budget debate in the 2011 legislative session, Raggio said his task will be to first determine what essential services must be funded, then determine the gap between those services and anticipated tax revenues. Essential services include education, health and human services and public safety, he said.

Raggio said he expects the shortfall to be about $3 billion if a sunset on a package of tax increases approved by the 2009 Legislature to balance the current budget is not removed.

Both major party candidates for governor have rejected the call for tax increases to balance the state budget.

Raggio said he does not know how the budget can be balanced otherwise.

“I don’t know where they are going to get the money to fund these kind of essential services,” he said.

Audio clip:

Senate Minority Leader Bill Raggio declines today to endorse in Reid-Angle race:

100610Raggio :10 Reid and Angle”

Business Group Sees Tax Hike On Horizon, Opposes Idea Of Major Overhaul Of Nevada Revenue Structure

By Nevada News Bureau Staff | 11:04 am September 28th, 2010

CARSON CITY – The head of Nevada’s Retail Association says a tax increase will likely be needed to balance the state budget next year, and expanding the sales tax to include at least some services is one place to look.

But Mary Lau, president and chief executive officer of the Retail Association of Nevada, said it is not the time for Nevada policymakers to look at a major revamping of the state’s tax structure.

“To try to switch an entire tax system, I will agree with the people that were polled, it is not the time to do an entire tax restructuring or anything else because guess what, the other states that have those other programs are equally in trouble,” she said.

Lau made her comments during an interview Monday with Jon Ralston on the Face To Face television program. She was interviewed following the Retail Association’s release of a poll conducted on behalf of the group looking at Nevada political races and the public’s views on issues including whether taxes should be increased.

The poll was conducted by Public Opinion Strategies pollster Glen Bolger.

The poll shows that only 1 percent of those interviewed support a tax increase on small business, 5 percent support a tax increase on large businesses, 11 percent on casinos, 5 percent on mining companies, 12 percent on the rich and 1 percent on the middle class. Seventeen percent said taxes should be raised on everyone.

Support for raising taxes on everyone was lower than in previous polls however.

Lau said the change is a reflection of the current economy.

“A reflection of we don’t have a job, we don’t have any money therefore how are we going to pay,” she said.

Lau said a tax increase, even if it is only the continuation of a package of revenues hiked by the Legislature in 2009 and scheduled to sunset on June 30, 2011, is likely. The state budget cannot be balanced without a tax increase, she said.

There are areas the state hasn’t taxed, such as services, Lau said. An examination of tax abatements and exclusions the Legislature has put in place over the years is also needed, she said.

Both major party candidates for governor have rejected the idea of tax increases to balance the state budget, although many legislative leaders have said new revenues will likely be necessary.

Lau agreed that a discussion of taxes won’t come until after the Legislature first looks at reforms and efficiencies in state spending.

Audio clips:

Retail Association Chief Mary Lau says now is not the time to revamp Nevada’s tax structure:

092810Lau1 :12 equally in trouble.”

Lau says the economy has dampened public support for a tax increase:

092810Lau2 :11 to sound bites.”

Lau says taxing services and eliminating exemptions is one place for Legislature to look for new revenue:

092810Lau3 :05 of the services.”

Team Reid Waiting for Sharron Angle to Commit to Debates

By Elizabeth Crum | 3:52 pm July 15th, 2010

Yesterday Team Reid campaign announced its plans to participate in two statewide non-partisan debates with opponent Sharron Angle, assuming she agrees to them.

The first debate will be sponsored by Sunbelt Communications and the Las Vegas Sun and will air statewide on KRNV, KSNV, and KENV on October 19, 2010. The debate will happen in Reno and will include a panel of three Nevada journalists including Ralston, Anjeanette Damon, and a third journalist to be named later.

(Um… I checked my calendar and do happen to be free that evening, just in case anyone was wondering.)

The second debate will be hosted by the Nevada Broadcasters Association Foundation in Las Vegas sometime in October and will be moderated by Mitch Fox, producer and host of Nevada Week in Review.

Sharron Angle: Movin’ On Up?

By Elizabeth Crum | 7:37 pm March 17th, 2010

Via press release today:

ANGLE Moves Into 2nd On Ralston Odds Board

Friends of Sharron Angle,

Jon Ralston of the Las Vegas Sun moved our campaign ahead of Danny Tarkanian in his latest handicapping of the Senate race today! Obviously, Ralston has his ear to the ground and can hear the momentum building for the true conservative in this contest. Check out Jon Ralston’s column here:

In his column, Ralston reassessed odds (from September) in our two major races.  In the US Senate GOP primary, he dropped Lowden from 3-to-1 to 5-1 due to Reid’s daily attacks and a few recent campaign hiccups including a misstatement about a past vote she had to correct.  Angle moved up from 8-to-1 to 6-1, prompting her elation today.  Tarkanian switched spots with Angle so is at 8-to-1 vs. his prior chance of 6-1.  Chachas is at 10-1 and Christensen is at 15-1; longshots both.  As for the nine other candidates, at between 25-to-1 and 100-to-1, Ralston was more generous than I would have been.  In the general election, he’s got Reid at even money with whoever wins the GOP nomination.

I think he’s got it about right.  Although I might have put Lowden at 4-to-1.  And I think Christensen’s odds are very slim indeed (and cannot understand why he didn’t stick with a state senate run).

In the gubertorial primary, Ralston put Sandoval  at 2.5-1, up from 1.5-1 in September.  Gibbons is at 5-1, up from from 7-1.  And Montandon is at 20-1, from 3-1.  Once the primary dust settles and we move into the general, Sandoval is favored 2-1, Gibbons loses, and Montandon wins by a little (maybe).

Agree.  And think it’s notable that a guy with such a slim shot to win the GOP primary can still probably beat Rory Reid.

Video: Tea Party of Nevada Candidate John Ashjian

By Elizabeth Crum | 10:42 am March 4th, 2010

Watch segments 3 and 4 if you want to see him live w/ Ralston the other night.

Update (5:38 p.m.): CQ Politics notices.

Live Tweets from Governor on Face to Face

By Elizabeth Crum | 8:12 pm February 26th, 2010

Crazy day here, Dear Readers. Will do a little catch up right now.  Let the blogging begin…

Got a chance to watch Governor Gibbons on Ralston’s show tonight.  Live Tweeted it.  Here they are:

From Face to Face studio: Gov light hearted, joking w/ set crew. “Where’s Mr. Ralston? Why am I here first? I’m taking his chair.”

Governor tries to sit in Ralston’s chair. Ralston says, “No, you need to be over here. On the right.” Everyone laughs.

Ralston: Where are you on taxes, really? GIbbons: Always said will not accept unless voted on by public or accepted by org/industry

Gov talking about gaming license application fees as source of revenue. Says applicants r not current gaming peeps so not gaming tax.

Ralston grilling Gov on taxes, mining: Gibbons says “distasteful” that mining can take advertisting $ as deductions in good years.

Governor: Let’s not build our revenue & spending around uncertainties, commodities.

Ralston quotes Speaker re: Gibbons reacting to political slam of day, not being consistent. Gibbons begs to differ. Shocker.

Gibbons talking general fund, reductions, education cuts; says debate is over revenue increases to fill in for lower edu cuts.

Gibbons differentiating between edu cuts that affect the kids directly, and cuts that get rid of highly paid adminstrators.

Ralston asked if Gov going 2 veto Race to the Top. Gov says looking at it, but still concerned re: language, DOE grant approval.

Governor jokes to Ralston just before last segment starts: “Don’t look so serious.” Ralston: “I’m smiling on the inside.”

Ralston asks Gov about primary, cites polls, why #s so low. Gov says it is difficult for all governors in tough economic times.

This Week’s GOP US Senate Debate (and the Conspicuous Absence of Nevada Media Coverage)

By Elizabeth Crum | 1:14 pm February 5th, 2010

Typically I’d add this as an update to my earlier post, but as it is now two days hence I’m giving it a new headline.

Ralston has today penned an analysis of the mini-debate he hosted this week between GOP U.S. Senate candidates Angle, Amodei, Chachas and Tarkanian.  If you watched the show, go see what he wrote and drop a comment either there or back here.  (If you didn’t catch the show, the link to all the video segments are at the bottom of his piece.)

As I have scanned my Google alerts and the ‘net for commentary on the debate, I have been surprised that no other Nevada press outlet has so much as mentioned it.  Ralston provided a side-by-side look at 4 out of 5 of the GOP U.S. Senate candidates – one of whom might very well take down the most powerful politician our state has ever had – yet not one TV station, radio station or newspaper (other than The Sun) deigned to give it the time of day?  Even while some in the national press took interest?

Very puzzling.  And disappointing, because I was eager to see reactions from the left, right and middle.  It’s always so interesting to see how these things play in different camps.

Is this a mass snub of some kind (though toward whom, or for what purpose, I cannot imagine)?  Does no one (else) in the Nevada press care about covering one of the most interesting U.S. Senate primary races in the entire country?  Were all the political reporters taking a nap?  Or watching Oprah…?


Also:  I have received and/or been cc’d on all kinds of emails to/from the conservative grassroots peeps complaining that ALL the GOP candidates were not invited on Ralston’s show this week.

Look:  I am all for every man having his fair share of air time, whatever the size of his coffers or quality of his campaign, but it is just not feasible to host a 30 minute TV show with 11 candidates and expect that it’s going to work or be worthwhile for anyone.  Ralston initially invited the four candidates with the best poll numbers and biggest bank accounts.  When Sue Lowden declined, he invited next-in-line, Mark Amodei.  Seems reasonable to me.  (And, for the record, I believe he’s had candidates Chuck Kozak, Bill Parsons and Mike Wiley on his show for 1-on-1 interviews.)

There will be other debates, other opportunities.  Ralston’s show was a good start.

Face to Face: Amodei, Angle, Chachas, Tarkanian

By Elizabeth Crum | 6:31 pm February 3rd, 2010

Well, there was way too much said to give you the whole transcript, so I’ll provide highlights and snippets from the four US Senate candidates who appeared on Face to Face with Jon Ralston today.

Note: And before I get emails from/about all the other candidates and their views, I hereby invite the other candidates (or their supporters) to drop their answers and Comments below.

Note 2: Tarkanian appeared to be a no show at the outset.  Ralston told viewers that Tarkanian was scheduled to be there but was not in the studio and that they did not know where he was.  A moment later, Ralston said he was getting word that Tarkanian had arrived.  Ralston then went straight into the segment with the other three candidates.  Tarkanian joined in after the first break.

Note 2B: Ralston just Flashed an email alert as I was working on this:  “Danny Tarkanian showed up late, said he had no idea it was live and (off camera) accused the host of taking a shot at him. And you thought the Republican race for the right to take on Harry Reid was a circus before?”

Me: How did Ralston take a shot at him?  Ralston was Live and had a missing guest and was about to do all the intro’s, so he really had no choice but to say Tarkanian was not there.  Because, you know, he wasn’t.

Anyway:  Here’s all the video if you want to watch the whole show.


On Yucca Mountain and whether Harry Reid ought to get credit for killing it:

Chachas: If the best the Senate Majority Leader can do is say he managed to defund a highly unpopular initiative, it’s a sad statement…  He needs to be figuring out how to return Nevada to stability and prosperity

Angle: I don’t give him much credit for it.  He should be looking at jobs.  Demonizing nuclear energy is not the way to do that…  And if he’s for nuclear energy, then he should be looking at the potential we have in the state. –

Amodei: It’s been worked on since Senator Bryan and before, a lot of people played a part.  I think it’s a missed opportunity.  It’s one thing to zero out funding, another to talk about probable uses that relate to jobs… Like reprocessing…  Create jobs that pay a liveable wage in southern Nevada…  We should turn those lemons into lemonade.

Danny:   We should have turned Yucca into a nuclear reprocessing facility…creating 1000s of jobs…and millions in revenue…

On whether Nevada really ought to lose its powerful senator:

Angle: Tsunamis are powerful. They are also very destructive. And that’s Harry Reid.

On Chachas’ comment in his recent Nevada News Bureau interview re: his peers:  “None of them have said an original word other than rehashing what the NRSC already publishes on this stuff” – and what ONE original idea each candidate brings to the table:

Chachas: It seems to me that everyone running has a duty in this process to put out there what they really believe, in detail.   The thing I believe most about fixing our job situation in NV is it will not be done quickly…  As I’ve written, the federal government is a steward of 78% of land in this state.  There is no reason we should not get 10 million acres back, sell it, append it with tax benefits, and entice businesses to come to Nevada…

Amodei – Protecting our water resources, maintaining control.  Right now those decision are made in DC; you have to fight the legislation passed by the last few Congresses, and give the Army Corps of Engineers more jurisdiction over water…

Angle – Begin to deregulate at the federal level, so our state can have states’ rights… We have so much regulation and taxation going on at federal level.  All of that needs to go away. There is too much government.  That is an original idea:  an original idea of the original Founders…

Tarkanian: My economic plan contains three original ideas: create jobs, at no cost to taxpayers, including at Yucca (meaning, which Ralston had to pull out of him after his statement, a reprocessing plant)…  Releasing BLM land to the state to compete to bring companies to Nevada so we an diversify the economy…  And working with federal government to work with states to reduce sales taxes 50% or more to increase consumption…using stimulus dollars to subsidize the loss of sales tax revenue in the states.

On how/why they are the “true” conservative among the candidates (Ralston specifically mentioned Tarkanian’s new ad billing himself as the Reaganesque candidate and asked Angle if she considered him more conservative than herself):

Angle: Read my record, not my lips.  Go look and see.  The press calls me a consistent conservative.  And I…did receive the Reagan Freedom Award.

Tarkanian: I am running on principles of Reagan. I’ve outlined proposals… I’ve come out and been against all pork projects. I am against the first bailout package… I have come out strongly against taxes. Sharon says she has credibility…  But we are still waiting to see what position she has w/regard to districts.

Chachas: On every issue that affects the country, I believe in small government, efficient government and empowering the consumer.  We are now driving towards a precipice.  We will have a $1.6 trillion deficit in 2010. It’s going to take more thoughtful discussion to fix that… We have to look at each piece and really make hard choices…  In Washington today, too few people want to tell the truth.

I am respectful of [Angle's, Amodei's] public service.  But I come with 25 years of business experience.  I’ve worked with successful businesses, fixed broken businesses…

Amodei – The objective for the Republicans is to win in November. I am concerned about the culture of clichés and labels. Second, look at the politicians in the Nevada legislature.  They meet only every other year for 120 days, but it does set you apart in terms of a record… Wehther it’s 2003, we voted for taxces… nobody saying about the cap proposal, or the … 2009 Nat Tax Payers Union aration, 2nd highest in state senate (I had)

Chachas – The Democrats are a tax-and-spend-party, but the Republicans have become a don’t-tax-and-spend party.  Republicans will have to come forward to radically reshape the way the government spends money.

Last question was on the AIG bonuses and the bank fees proposed by Obama.  Go watch segment 4 if you want to see those answers.