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More Than 500 Capital City Republicans Turn Out For Caucus As Romney Takes Big Lead

By Sean Whaley | 2:06 pm February 4th, 2012

Update: The final results for those voting in the Carson City GOP caucus were 1,738 total turnout, with Mitt Romney getting 656 votes, Newt Gingrich getting 562 votes, Ron Paul getting 268 votes and Rick Santorum getting 252 votes.


CARSON CITY – About 500 Republicans in the capital city participated in the First in the West GOP caucus today, hearing from candidate representatives and learning the rules as early returns suggested favorite Mitt Romney would win the contest handily.

Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich were battling for second place.

Rep. Mark Amodei, R-Nev., the new representative for the 2nd Congressional District, urged caucus goers to support the GOP nominee whoever it might be if they truly want change in Washington, DC.

Linda Law registers to participate in the Carson GOP caucus today. / Photo: Nevada News Bureau.

The “Red Team” needs to get behind the nominee to ensure Republicans take the White House in November, he said.

Supporters of all four candidates: Romney, Gingrich, Paul and Rick Santorum, could be seen in the crowd. Representatives of three of the candidates spoke before the participants broke into their precincts to vote. Santorum did not have a representative present.

Carson City resident Linda Law said she was leaning towards supporting Romney.

“I’m still kind of torn among the various candidates, but that’s where I’m standing currently,” she said. “I think he has the experience with the private sector to create jobs, and that’s my most pressing concern.”

Law said she was pleasantly surprised at the strong turnout.

“I think it is a wonderful thing for the people in our community to be involved critically with the process,” she said.

David Castle, who just turned 18, said he was at the caucus to support Paul.

“I like how he has a plan to balance the deficit,” he said. “And I like his isolationist, like military, bring all the troops back. We’re in a lot of countries where we don’t have any business being, I think.”

The Carson caucus site opened at 7 a.m. to allow those with work schedules to participate. A final tally of participants was not yet available.

Gov. Brian Sandoval stopped by early before visiting other caucus sites in Reno. He was then scheduled to travel to Las Vegas.

The Nevada State Republican Party was hopeful that the GOP presidential contest would not be decided before its caucus, which initially had been proposed for January. Party officials got their wish, and the state was a buzz of activity for the candidates this past week.

All four candidates made several appearances around the state trying to win a percentage of the 28 delegates up for grabs.

The march to the nomination moved on to Maine, which had its week-long caucus start today with 24 delegates at stake. On Tuesday the battle moves to Colorado and Minnesota with their caucuses.


Audio clips:

Linda Law says she favors Romney because of his private sector experience in creating jobs:

020412Law1 :06 most pressing concern.”

Law says she is impressed with the turnout:

020412Law2 :10 with the process.”

David Castle says he likes Ron Paul’s plan to erase the federal deficit and balance the budget:

020412Castle :12 being, I think.”

Newt Gingrich Tells Nevadans He Is Best Choice For GOP To Reverse Failed Obama Policies

By Sean Whaley | 4:42 pm February 1st, 2012

RENO – Republican presidential contender Newt Gingrich told a cheering crowd here today that he is the only GOP candidate with the knowledge and experience to get the U.S. back on track after what will be four years of failed policies by President Barack Obama.

Gingrich, a former speaker of the House, is in Nevada ahead of Saturday’s First in the West Republican caucus.

Newt Gingrich signs a supporter's campaign sign before speaking in Reno today. / Photo: Nevada News Bureau.

The other three GOP candidates still in the race, front-runner Mitt Romney, Ron Paul and Rick Santorum, are also making stops in Nevada.

Gingrich appeared at a crowded Great Basin Brewing Co. restaurant here, speaking for 25 minutes before heading south for an event in Las Vegas later today.

If supporters get the word out about his qualifications, “we will have a remarkably good Saturday,” he said.

He started out by criticizing Romney for his comments today about not needing to concern himself about the “very poor” because they have a safety net in place to protect them.

“I am fed up with politicians in either party dividing Americans against each other,” Gingrich said. “I am running to be the president of all of the American people, and I am concerned about all of the American people.”

Gingrich also took time to criticize the president for bowing to “radical extremists” to prevent the Keystone Pipeline project from going forward at a time when jobs are needed and the Iranians are threatening to close the Strait of Hormuz.

“I’ve already said, on the very first day, I will sign an executive order authorizing the Keystone Pipeline,” he said.

Newt Gingrich makes a point during his 25-minute speech in Reno. / Photo: Nevada News Bureau.

Gingrich also touched on two issues critical to Nevada: high unemployment and a high home foreclosure rate. To reverse these trends Republicans cannot lose U.S. Senate seats and it is important to hold the seat in Nevada, he said.

Gingrich did not mention U.S. Sen. Dean Heller, R-Nev., by name. He is being challenged by Rep. Shelley Berkley, D-Nev.

“I have a very simple proposition for the American people” Gingrich said. “Think how much better your Christmas will be when Obama is leaving and you have a new jobs oriented president.”

Gingrich said he will ask Congress, if Republicans win majorities in both the House and Senate in November, to stay in session on Jan. 3 so it can repeal the federal Health Care Law, the Dodd-Frank Act, which is “killing housing” in Nevada, and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, which he called “all red tape weighing down business and making us less competitive.”

As president, Gingrich said he would eliminate the capital gains tax to encourage more investment and also modernize unemployment compensation by requiring beneficiaries to get training so that “we will never again pay someone for 99 weeks for doing nothing.”

Gingrich said he would also permanently abolish the death tax and establish a 12.5 percent corporate tax rate. He would also give Americans the opportunity to use the current tax code or alternatively pay a 15 percent flat tax.

Gingrich also said he would seek to replace the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency with an “Environmental Solutions Agency” that uses common sense and that “collaborates with local communities instead of dictates to them.”


Audio clips:

Newt Gingrich says he will approve the Keystone Pipeline project on his first day in office:

020112Gingrich1 :21 the Keystone Pipeline.”

Gingrich says Americans will be better off with Obama being replaced with a jobs oriented president:

020112Gingrich2 :13 jobs oriented president.”

Gingrich says if his supporters get the word out, Saturday’s caucus will be good for his campaign:

020112Gingrich3 :32 remarkably good Saturday.”

Nevada Republican Party To Use Social Media To Report Feb. 4 Caucus Results

By Sean Whaley | 3:04 pm January 27th, 2012

CARSON CITY – Nevada state Republican Party officials today announced they expect all the major GOP candidates will visit the state ahead of the Feb. 4 first in the West caucus.

The Nevada GOP is also introducing social media into the process, using the Google and Twitter platforms to report the caucus results beginning about 5 p.m. that day from 16 of the state’s 17 counties.

Final results won’t be known until sometime after 7 p.m. however, because of the Clark County GOP decision to hold one at-large caucus to accommodate religious concerns by some in the Jewish and 7th Day Adventist faiths who cannot participate until after sundown.

Clark County results won’t be complete until that late caucus concludes.

“I’m so excited about Feb. 4,” said Nevada GOP Chairwoman Amy Tarkanian in a telephone conference announcing details of the event. “We are first in the West, which is vital, and as we’re watching everything take off across the country it looks like we may be the tipping point.”

Nevada State Republican Party Chairwoman Amy Tarkanian.

The Republican presidential contest is expected to remain undecided through the Florida primary on Tuesday. Nevada is the next state in the process with its caucus. As many as 60,000 Republicans could participate.

Tarkanian said Mitt Romney, Ron Paul, Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum are all expected to campaign in Nevada in coming days. Romney won the caucus in 2008.

“And I am just so thrilled that we have the top four willing and able to come and participate here in our state,” she said.

The caucus events for most participants will occur in each county from between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. Clark County is the only county to have the evening at-large caucus.

Jim Anderson with CAP Public Affairs, hired by the Nevada GOP to help win Nevada for Republicans in November, said the use of Twitter and Google is a new wrinkle in presidential politics.

“One of the really cool things that we’re doing with this caucus that I believe has never been done before is utilizing both Twitter and Google to get the results out in what we think is the most efficient way to date,” he said.

The Nevada GOP Titter account, NVGOP, will be used to tweet the results, Anderson said. The Google election results map will be used as well and be available on the state GOP website, he said.

It should be the fastest results coming out of a caucus in history, Anderson said.

“We think we’ve got a tool for this caucus that could be a model tool moving forward for primaries and caucuses for states all around the country,” he said. “We’re extremely excited about launching it in Nevada.”

State GOP officials said they do not believe holding the late at-large caucus in Clark County will hamper or skew the reporting of the results. The results will be checked to make sure no one voted twice.


Audio clips:

State GOP Chairwoman Amy Tarkanian says all four major GOP contenders will be in Nevada for the caucus:

012712Tarkanian1 :26 here in Nevada.”

Tarkanian says she is thrilled that the four candidates will be participating:

012712Tarkanian2 :14 of last December.”

Jim Anderson with CAP Public Affairs says the Nevada GOP will be using Twitter and Google to get the results out:

012712Anderson1 :15 way to date.”

Anderson says the results will be released more quickly than ever before:

012712Anderson2 :20 and efficient way.”


State of Nevada, Local Governments, Race to Spend Funds By Deadline

By Sean Whaley | 10:29 am August 4th, 2010

CARSON CITY – Nevada officials are racing the clock to get their full share of federal foreclosure relief dollars.

Some states and local governments elsewhere around the country are at risk of losing millions in foreclosure relief funds. But officials with the state of Nevada and local government entities who are managing the programs say they are on track to obligate their full allotments by September deadlines.

Even so, several Nevada officials said the funds are only a drop in the bucket to address Nevada’s foreclosure crisis.

States and local governments around the country face the deadlines to obligate their share of funding from the Neighborhood Stabilization Program. The program started in March 2009 and entities receiving funds have 18 months to use or lose the funds. Deadlines vary by a day or two depending on when agreements were signed but they are coming up next month.

Money that is not expended by the deadline will be returned to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development for use in the third phase of the program, which recently saw another $1 billion of funding authorized.

USA Today reported last week some states and local governments are having a difficult time obligating their share of funds.

But that does not appear to be the case in Nevada. The city of Las Vegas has the most unobligated funds remaining, about 20 percent as of the end of July, but a city official said every effort is being made to ensure the money is spent.

Dr. Hilary Lopez, chief of federal programs for the Nevada Housing Division, said the state received $24.2 million from HUD for the program. The state’s deadline to obligate the funds is Sept. 11.

“And we actually feel very confident that prior to Sept. 11 we will probably have 100 percent of our funds obligated,” Lopez said. “If not, then by Sept. 11 we would meet that requirement.”

Several Nevada officials acknowledged the program got off to a slow start. They also acknowledge it has provided only limited help in Nevada, where the foreclosure rate remained the highest in the nation in the first half of 2010.

“It was slow getting up and running on that and getting the program going because it was brand new,” said Kristen Cooper, principal planner for Clark County. “When you have a brand new program it can take some time to work out the kinks and in this case just figure out what the rules were, really.”

Cooper said the county is in great shape now, with 100 percent of its $8 million state allocation obligated and at least 96 percent of its $22.8 million in direct federal funding obligated.

The county has 160 properties either purchased or in escrow and another 16 still being sought through the program.

But the program is just a “drop in the bucket,” she said.

“It benefits real people, and real families and real neighborhoods, but it’s not enough,” Cooper said.

Douglas Kuntz, the official in charge of the program in Henderson, said the city’s program started out slow as well. But the $4 million provided to the city through state and federal allocations is all obligated, he said.

“Our total is a little over 30 properties and we’re looking to purchase three more,” Kuntz said. “We’re looking forward to more funding.”

While the program has not made a significant dent in the foreclosure crisis, the city was able to target certain census tracts for the funds and so it has made a difference in those neighborhoods, he said.

City of Las Vegas spokeswoman Diana Paul said that as of July 28, the city has spent or obligated 81 percent of its nearly $15 million direct allocation for the program. The city has also spent or obligated 80 percent of the nearly $6 million allocated to the city through the state program.

“We are doing our due diligence to make sure all the money has been spent prior to or by the deadline,” she said.

Lopez said the state program didn’t get going until a task force put together by Gov. Jim Gibbons was able to meet and determine which communities would be eligible for the funding, and in what amounts. The task force continues to meet to oversee the program, which involves several communities from Washoe to Nye and Clark County, she said.

The state program is seeing funds used both for the acquisition of foreclosed and abandoned properties for rehabilitation which are then either resold or rented to eligible households and for direct down payment assistance to eligible households to purchase property.

The program has involved all single-family homes, Lopez said.

A total of 142 units are part of the property acquisition part of the program in Washoe, Douglas, Lyon, Nye and Clark counties. Another 62 units are part of the down-payment assistance part of the program, according to information provided by the state Housing Division.


Audio clips:

State official Dr. Hilary Lopez says she expects all the money to be obligated by a Sept. 11 deadline:

080210Lopez1 :15 meet that requirement.”

Lopez says the state and local agencies have worked to ensure all the money is put to use:

080210Lopez2 :17 is all utilized.”

Kristin Cooper of Clark County said the program started slow because it was new:

080210Cooper1 :21 rules were, really.”

Cooper said the program has been a help but more assistance is needed:

080210Cooper2 :24 that is needed.”