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Former GOP Senate Candidate Chachas Says He May Run For Ensign Senate Seat In 2012

By Nevada News Bureau Staff | 7:49 pm September 20th, 2010

Former Republican Senate candidate John Chachas said today he is now residing in Nevada and that he “may run” for the U.S. Senate seat held by Sen. John Ensign, R-Nev., in 2012.

“I may run,” he said in an interview with Jon Ralston on the Face To Face television program.

Chachas, a Wall Street investment banker originally from Ely, was one of several Republicans running in the crowded primary earlier this year for the right to challenge incumbent Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev.

Sharron Angle won the primary and Chachas said he will vote for Angle on Nov. 2.

Chachas said he is concerned that some Nevada voters might opt for “none of the above” when voting in the race between Reid and Angle. He said a vote for none of these candidates, an option available to Nevada voters in statewide races, is a vote for Harry Reid.

Chachas said he believes Angle can defeat Reid, but that turnout is the key.

“A vote for none of the above or a vote for some other third party candidate is a vote for status quoism, for basically returning Senate Majority Leader Reid back to his post,” Chachas said. “And I think if you look at what is happening in this state, and look at what has happened for the last three or four years while he has been on watch, I want change.”

If too many voters, “out of disgust” opt for none of the above on the ballot then Reid will benefit, Chachas said.

Audio clips:

John Chachas tells Jon Ralston he might run for Ensign’s seat in 2012:

092010Chachas1 :07 it here first.”

Chachas says a vote for none of the above in the Senate race on Nov. 2 is a vote for Reid:

092010Chachas2 :19 I want change.”