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Nevada State Controller Unveils New Website, Lists Those With Outstanding Debts To State

By Nevada News Bureau Staff | 9:05 am September 10th, 2010

CARSON CITY – Nevada State Controller Kim Wallin today rolled out a new and improved public website that includes a list of businesses and individuals who owe money to the state and the amount they owe.

When state agencies are unable to collect outstanding debts, they turn these accounts over to the Controller’s office for collection. The accounts will be listed on the website and updated as old debts are paid or new debts are incurred.

“By posting the names of debtors we hope to encourage the payment of the debts and discourage others from incurring debts in the future,” Wallin said.

The new website also includes two reports devoted to the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) stimulus funds coming into Nevada. The new ARRA Award Current Summary will supplement the existing quarterly ARRA Report to Our Citizens. This weekly summary provides much greater detail in a more timely manner to track exactly how the funds are being used now.

At the end of September there will also be a feature that lets people pay what they owe using a debit or credit card.

“My office receives several calls a day from people asking if they can pay by debit or credit card rather than sending a check or money order,” Wallin said. “This feature will make it easier for people to make their payments, accelerate collections and reduce the number of returned checks.” 

The Controller is the Chief Fiscal Officer (CFO) of the state and is responsible for administering the state’s accounting system, settling all claims against the state and collecting debts owed to the state. The mission of the Controller’s office is to advance accountability, continuity and efficiency in the state’s financial operations.

Nevada GOP Official Blasts Reid For Ad Claiming To Have Saved Teacher’s Job With Stimulus Funds

By Sean Whaley | 5:05 am July 30th, 2010

CARSON CITY – Former Nevada governor and state Republican Committeeman Bob List yesterday called on Sen. Harry Reid to stop running a television ad claiming to have saved a school teacher’s job with federal stimulus funds.

List, in a conference call with media representatives, said the ad is false and attempts to divert attention from Reid’s failure to help bring Nevada out of a major recession.

“He didn’t save her job at all,” List said. “That is a false statement. He should acknowledge it and the ad should come down.”

Reid should focus on Nevada’s record high and nation-leading unemployment rate, which hit 14.2 percent in June, List said.

“The reality is, since the stimulus package was adopted on Feb. 18 of last year, 60,000 additional people in the private sector have lost their jobs in Nevada,” he said. “We now have nearly 200,000 people out of work here and you’d think that he might be addressing that problem instead of making a false claim and a boast of saving this teacher’s job when in fact he didn’t.”

The Reid campaign rejected List’s claims as uninformed and questioned GOP challenger Sharron Angle’s commitment to education.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal on Wednesday published a story about the ad, saying the teacher in question did not have her job saved from the stimulus funding approved by Congress and the President last year because the school at which she worked did not receive any recovery money.

The 30-second ad shows Ronzone Elementary School teacher Bridget Zick of Las Vegas talking about the fear of losing her job and how Reid saved Nevada teaching jobs.

The story prompted a strong response from Reid campaign spokesman Jon Summers, who criticized the Review-Journal story for being, “erroneous and reckless.”

The claim that the school didn’t get any recovery funds, “fundamentally misunderstands the nature of disbursement of the stimulus dollars and the way educators’ jobs were saved,” he said.

“The reality is that stimulus funds were distributed by district, and the Clark County School District received funds that saved an estimated 1,400 jobs,” Summers said.

Thomas Mitchell, editor of the Las Vegas Review-Journal, said: “We stand by the fairness of our news reporting.”

List defended the Review-Journal story as accurate and said it is Reid who has historically over time distorted facts and misrepresented reality.

Assemblyman Mo Denis, D-Las Vegas, also weighed in on the dispute as a member of the Ways and Means Committee and former president of the Nevada State PTA.

“What is missing from this discussion is this: If we hadn’t received the federal stimulus funds we had three choices left, which was fire 3,500 teachers, raise taxes, or a combination of the two,” he said. “It really is that simple. The funds Nevada received avoided a huge layoff, or an equally huge tax increase. Whether Bridget Zick would have been one of the 3,500 would not have mattered to the parents whose children were no longer being taught by 3,499 other teachers.”

Reid campaign spokesman Kelly Steele said in response to List’s comments: “It’s simply irrefutable that 3,500 education workers weren’t laid off because of stimulus funding that Sen. Reid was instrumental in securing.

“The fact that Mr. List appears to have even less understanding of how stimulus funds are distributed than the shoddy journalism he cites in the Review-Journal is disappointing, but not surprising since he’s advocating for Sharron Angle, who opposes all public education funding and believes we should abolish the Department of Education.”

List said Reid should focus on Nevada’s record-setting unemployment rate.

False claims by Reid aren’t helping, he said.

“This guy would take credit for the fact that Hoover Dam hasn’t washed out if he thought he could get away with it,” List said.

Reid is locked in a battle with Angle in his bid for another term in the Senate. The race is one of the mostly closely watched contests in the nation.


Audio clips:

Bob List says Nevada has lost jobs since stimulus funding was approved:

072910List1 :32 fact he didn’t.”

List says Nevada faces major economic crisis under Reid’s watch:

072910List2 :13 away with it.”

List says Reid has not used his power to help Nevada:

072910List3 :27 his power effectively.”

Entire List statement:

072910List4 5:00

Face to Face: Brandon Hall and Bob List Talk Health Care, Harry Reid and Sue Lowden

By Elizabeth Crum | 9:28 pm April 29th, 2010

(This post was updated at 6:51 AM on 4/30/10)

A few quick notes from F2F tonight:

Harry Reid campaign boss Brandon Hall explained their new campaign ads:  three stories that show how health care reform helps “hundreds of thousands of Nevadans.”

When challenged on the bill’s unpopularity in Nevada, Hall named individual pieces of the bill that are actually well-liked and cited a Research 2000 poll that shows disapproval at less than the Rasmussen numbers.

List referred to the three ads as “trying to put a mask on this pig.”  (I thought the usual saying included lipstick? But maybe more cover-up is needed than a few swipes to the snout of Revlon Fire Engine Red.)

Ralston challenged List (and, by association, the Republican establishment) on the common characterization of health care reform as a “government takeover” and observed that the Democrats lost the health care “messaging war” in part because the GOP insisted on constantly enlisting it even though it isn’t true.

List said “it is true” and defended the label on the basis that the bill forces people to purchase insurance via congressional mandates and takes away the choice of the individual.

“Congress is part of government, last time I checked,” said List.

As for whether Reid’s pro-health care form ads are a good idea, Hall says he thinks so.  And says it puts the Republicans at a disadvantage to have to run on a platform of repeal against specific measures that are popular (like help with prescription drugs (I utterly refuse to say “closing the doughnut hole”) and policy-drop loopholes).

List agreed it will be tough to repeal the bill while bemoaning the $500M that will be pulled from Medicare and the run-up of our national debt.

As for the elephant, er, giant chicken in the room, List had the following things to say about Sue Lowden (following a quote from The Hill saying she has been a victim of national ridicule to the point that her rivals may have a chance to seize the nomination) and whether or not he (List) has heard from concerned Republicans inside the beltway:

“I have had such calls.”

“The fact is that people have always been able to negotiate in this country; it is part of our free enterprise system.  That’s what she was talking about.”

“The reality is it is much ado about very little.”

“When you compare this to some of the statements, the outrageous statements, like “the war is lost,” that are substantive and important…”

“The whole thing is a distraction from the real campaign issues.”

“It’s being played up.”

“People are having fun with it.”

“It’s gonna blow over.”

My three cents:

It’s not gonna blow over.  They are going to pound on this and ridicule Lowden from now ’til Kingdom Come. And it’s too late for her to “walk it back” (which, as Brandon Hall helpfully pointed out, she had numerous chances to do) so she just has to sit there and take it like a man.

The anticipated pounding was/is confirmed by this post-show Flash from Ralston:

Sources confirm that the Patriot Majority, one of the most active independent advocacy groups in the nation, begins a substantial, statewide buy Friday against GOP U.S. Senate frontrunner Sue Lowden.

Anyone want to guess the line of attack? Cluck three times if you think you know.

Bartergate is about to get a lot of play on the airwaves. My guess of the approach: Ridicule

Just a guess. No wonder national and local GOP folks are so worried.

Remember I told you about this group, fronted by a former Reid spokesman:

They have a lot of money and my guess is this is not a dipping-our-toes-in-the-water campaign but a cannonball that will cause a serious splash in the race. If the Democrats can try to defeat (or at least rough up) Brian Sandoval in the gubernatorial primary, I suppose they can try to do the same to Lowden in the Senate race.

Hold on to your butt feathers, Dear Readers…

In his closing segment, Ralston revisited the issue of the health care messaging war.

“How many times have you heard the obnoxious phrase — I mentioned this earlier — “government takeover”?  So Reid knows he has to pierce the misinformation and try to sell the law,” said Ralston.

“Many of the individual parts of the legislation are popular…  By using regular folks to sell these aspects, Reid hopes he can turn some heads.  No, the ads are not likely to move his poll numbers right away, but I doubt he expects they will.  It may, however, energize the Democratic base he badly needs to get out in November to have any chance of survival.”

Short List of Supreme Court Nominees to Replace Stephens

By Elizabeth Crum | 12:07 pm April 22nd, 2010

The list of maybes for the Supreme Court is not Nevada-related but still of interest, in part because six of them are women (so it sure looks like Obama is going to try to put another female justice on the Big Bench) and five of them have Chicago ties (Stephens is from Chicago if you didn’t know it):

*Seventh Circuit Judge Diane Wood (who also lectures at U of Chicago law school)

*Seventh Circuit Judge Ann Claire Williams (nominated by Reagan in 1985, she was the first-ever African-American female judge appointed to the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois; in 1999, Clinton put her on the Seventh Circuit; and she was mentioned last year as a possible replacement for Souter in the appointment that went to Sotomayor)

DC Circuit Appeals Judge Merrick Garland (raised in Lincolnwood, IL)

9th Circuit Judge from Montana, Sid Williams

*Term-limited MI Governor Jenny Granholm (a Canadian-born politician, former AG of MI, and the 47th and first female governor of MI)

Current MA Governor Deval Patrick

*U.S. Solictor General Elana Kagan (first woman to hold that office, put in to office by Obama in ’09, former dean of Harvard Law School, ex-professor of law at U Chi Law School, served as Associate White House Counsel under Clinton)

*Harvard Law Dean Martha Minow (New Trier East graduate, just sworn in as an Obama appointee to the Legal Services Corp., where she is now vice chairwoman; daughter of Newton Minow, former chairman of the FCC.  Fun fact:  When Obama was at Harvard Law, Minow recommended that Sidley hire him for the summer; Obama took the job — and there met Michelle)

*Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano (you know who she is)

Too soon to start placing bets; this “short list” will soon be narrowed to 2 or 3 and then we can speculate.  Obama will announce his pick in mid-May.

Final List of Candidates for 2010

By Elizabeth Crum | 8:51 am March 14th, 2010

The Secretary of State’s website has the complete list of candidates posted.

Candidate Filings: Week Two, Day One

By Elizabeth Crum | 10:51 am March 8th, 2010

10:20 AM:

Harry Reid (D) – U.S. Senate (filed in Las Vegas)

11:15 AM:

Eugene “Gino” DiSimone (Non-Partisan) – Governor

2:20 PM:

Roy A. Woofter (D) – U.S. Senate (filed in LV)

The Top Ten Free-Market Economists of All Time

By Elizabeth Crum | 11:18 am February 5th, 2010

Now that’s a wonky header.  The title and it’s accompanying List are compliments of fiscal policy analyst Geoff Lawrence with our local conservative think tank, the Nevada Policy Research Institute (NPRI).  It’s definitely the Who’s Who and comes with some interesting anecdotes, so if you care about these things you should give it a once-over.

Brian Krolicki Announces…

By Elizabeth Crum | 4:37 pm January 29th, 2010

…that his candidacy for the U.S. Senate is “yet to be determined” and that he is in the middle of a very intense due diligence process.

This from/on Jon Ralston’s interview program Face to Face.  Other statements excerpted from Ralston’s exclusive interview with Krolicki this afternoon:

“I need to make sure we have the resources.”

“Last year was an incredible excercise. I believe I was politically abducted for the year by the Attorney General in a partisan attack.”

“The groundswell of support is significant.”

When asked if he was already considering a run before being contacted by folks in D.C.:

“I really didn’t. I thought we had put it to rest, and I was looking at reelection. But the phone calls started happening pretty quickly. Hundreds of people on a weekly basis, calling, urging me, giving support…”

“Sue Lowden, a friend of mine, urged me to get in this race a year ago, 6 months ago.”

When asked about potential hard feelings if he jumps in:

“This is politics.  This is not always a game of Nice in the Sandbox.”

When asked if the NRSC was going to remain neutral:

“They will take stance of neutrality.  They got burned several times already this cycle.”

When asked who has encouraged him if not the NRSC:

“There are elements around the NRSC. There are individual U.S. senators… Folks around Nevada.”

When asked if he was really “amused” by Bob List’s comments, including one that Krolicki was/is “disingenuous”:

“I’m terribly… This process is rattling cages in certain areas. I’ve known Bob List for a very long time. I was surprised…”


“If he is working on behalf of the Sue Lowden campaign, that is…  Well, I just think she needs to be careful. If Bob List had had his way, we’d have Guiliani as President, and we’d have a nuclear waste dump here…  I think Sue needs to be careful about her spokespeople.”

When pressed on an announcement date:

“I will try to do it as quickly as possible. It will be before March 12.”

And there you have it, Dear Readers.  Krolicki shakes up the news cycle and says he is going to file no later than the filing date.  That’s the kind of hard-and-fast political news you can always find right here on The Blog at the Nevada News Bureau.