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Straw Poll Results from Friday’s KDWN-hosted GOP Debate

By Elizabeth Crum | 8:02 am May 3rd, 2010

A straw poll was taken during the KDWN GOP Debate help Friday night at the Orleans. 595 ballots were returned out of 800 distributed. The results (winners in bold text):

CD 1

Fiore 12.7 %

Lake 29.6 %

Tatner 57. 7 %

CD 3

Bridges 27.1%

Heck 72.9 %

U.S. Senate

Angle 27.1%

Chachas 21.3%

Christensen 10.6%

Lowden 16.1%

Tarkanian 24.9%

Hearing Gibbons, Sandoval May Be Backing Out of Friday’s KDWN Debate

By Elizabeth Crum | 11:21 am April 27th, 2010

This is unconfirmed but I believe reliable (we’re working to verify and get statements):

Word on the street is that Governor Gibbons has to back out of Friday’s debate at the Orleans in Las Vegas due to a scheduling conflict.  And I’m hearing Sandoval has subsequently said, “I’m out.”

Will report on candidates’ (stated) reasons when we have them, or let you know if this is really the case.

If it plays out this way, will Montandon still show up and speak?  And will he bash the other two for not being present?  And, more specifically, will he bash Brian Sandoval for not showing up to debate him one-on-one?

And how will it play for Sandoval (and Mayor Mike) if it is perceived by the base that Sandoval thinks he is “too good” to debate “just” Montandon?

Sidebar:  It’s easy to criticize a candidate for not showing up at an event, but campaign trails are very grueling what with a gazillion forums and debates and appearances and dinners and fundraisers.  Sometimes a candidate has to pass over one thing for another, or something comes up after-the-fact that has to take priority.  A candidate rarely backs out of a debate unless he/she feels they have no choice, so we should give Gibbons the benefit of the doubt until we get the scoop.

Update – 2:45 PM: Just so it is known to you, here and now, should you read this post before my follow up post, Governor Gibbons in fact was never confirmed for this debate.  He did wish to participate and tried to work it out, but he had an event conflict and this was known both to he and the event organizers at KDWN back on March 19th.