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Political Face Off in Las Vegas: NetRoots Nation vs. RightOnline

By Elizabeth Crum | 1:55 pm July 14th, 2010

If you’re interested in (1) politics, online activism and new media and (2) taking a weekend trip to Las Vegas, it’s not too late to register for one (or both!) of the two biggest ‘net-inspired political conferences in the nation.

Fighting from the blue corner, the lefties of NetRoots Nation gather for the fifth time in as many years at the Rio Hotel & Casino from Thursday, July 22nd through Sunday the 25th.

In red, the conservative RightOnline is at the Venetian beginning Friday morning and concluding – if the blogger bashes of past years are any indication – sometime during the wee hours of Sunday morning.  (Yes, I know it’s shocking:  Conservative activists and bloggers drinking, snarking it up and (gasp) having fun!)

This fun annual face off was first conceived in 2008 when the conservative non-profit organization Americans for Prosperity (AFP) decided to sponsor and organize a conference opposite NetRoots in Austin, TX.  The effort was repeated last year in Pittsburgh, making this year’s Las Vegas events the third time the two conference have convened in the same city on the same weekend.

Last year’s RightOnline conference had less than half of the 2,000 attendees at NetRoots and featured fewer speakers, yet attendance grew significantly over the Austin kickoff and AFP – now with over one million members and 25 state chapters – hopes to do even better this year in Las Vegas.

Conference speakers on the NetRoots agenda include:  Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Sen. Al Franken, Elizabeth Warren, Gov. Brian Schweitzer, Ed Schultz, Sen. Jeff Merkley, Sen. Ben Cardin, Rory Reid, Nevada Senate Majority Leader Steven Horsford, Rep. Alan Grayson, Rep. Raul Grijalva, Rep. Jared Polis, Rep. Donna Edwards, Van Jones, Markos Moulitsas, Tarryl Clark, Bill Halter, George Goehl, Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins and Deepak Bhargava.

(That’s right:  Harry and Rory Reid are both going to be in Las Vegas next weekend, speaking at the same event. Although:  Rory will be speaking Friday at 3:00 as part of a DGA panel on governors’ races, while Reid the Senior is speaking on Saturday at 3:15.  I am sure their appearances on separate days, as with all prior “gosh, I guess we’ll miss one another again” occurrences, is sheer coincidence.)

Speakers at RightOnline include:  Judge Andrew Napolitano, Congressman Mike Pence, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, FCC Commissioner Robert McDowell, David Jaget, Erick Erickson of, John Fund of the Wall Street Journal, Ed Morrissey of, Jim Pinkerton, comic and Fox News Contributor (and my dear friend) Stephen Kruiser, plus talk radio hosts Herman Cain, Guy Benson, Curtis Sliwa and Roger Hedgecock.

President Clinton to Headline “Rally for Reid” in Las Vegas

By Elizabeth Crum | 12:46 pm June 8th, 2010

Last week Harry Reid enjoyed warm words and public hugs from the First Lady.  This week he’ll get smiles and handshakes from former President Clinton.  From the Inbox just now:

Friends for Harry Reid

Invite you to a Campaign Rally with

Former President Bill Clinton

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Doors open at 6pm, Program begins at 6:30pm

Andre Agassi College Preparatory Academy


1201 West Lake Mead Blvd.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Text CLINTON to 42779

and enter to win photo with President Clinton.

RSVP is Required

For more information, call 702-699-REID

There is no cost to attend this event.

Tax Day Tea Parties Around Nevada

By Elizabeth Crum | 8:03 am April 14th, 2010

Here are some Tea Party events happening around the state tomorrow (April 15).  If anyone knows of one not listed here, email me at and I’ll post it.

Carson City

10:00am – 1:00pm

Carson City Legislature and Capitol

Candidates forum, music, voter registration, conservative club, organization, and party information. No vending is allowed during this event.


12:00pm – 2:00pm

Theme: Take Back America

Tax Rally, and open forum for all candidates to speak (Question and answer)

Where: Elko City Park (across from the Convention Center)


Setup at 2:00 pm, open mic and music until 7:00 pm

Downtown Fallon at the “clock”. US 50 and US 95 Intersection


In Front of City Hall — from 2:30 pm – 4:00 pm

Las Vegas

3:00 PM at Sunset Park, Las Vegas — Corner of Eastern and Sunset


7:00 pm — in front of City Hall in Mesquite

Tea Party Express “Showdown in Searchlight” Schedule

By Elizabeth Crum | 8:02 am March 27th, 2010

Here’s today’s schedule, Peeps.

(For other info already posted, use the Search button up there on the far right side of the navigation bar at the top of the page.  I suggest just entering “Searchlight” to find all my posts.)

*10:30 AM:  A “Candidate’s Forum” is being hosted by the Nevada tea party group, “Anger is Brewing” – this takes place on stage at the rally location.

*11:50 AM: Expected arrival time of “Tea Party Express” caravan from Laughlin.

*11:50 AM:  Governor Jim Gibbons riles up crowd to welcome the Tea Party Express

*11:55 AM:  Diana Nagy and Selena Owens welcome crowd.  Short prayer, national anthem.

*12:01 PM:  Lloyd Marcus performs “American Tea Party Anthem” and “2010” songs.

*12:11 PM:   Mark Williams, Amy Kremer, Darla Dawald, Melanie Morgan, Howard Kaloogian welcome crowd.

*12:15 PM:  Mark, Amy, Darla, Melanie and Howard announce Sarah Palin – ask crowd to stand and make some noise and exit stage as Gov. Palin takes the stage.

*12:17 PM:  Governor Palin speaks.

*12:37 PM:  Expected conclusion of Governor Palin’s speech.

*12:38 PM:  Rivoli Revue performs “Just Vote Them Out”

*12:41 PM:  Rivoli Revue performs “Big Fat No” [a song against “universal healthcare”]

*12:45 PM:  Roger Hedgecock speaks

*12:49 PM:  Andrew Breitbart speaks

*1:02 PM:  Jon David Performs

*1:08 PM:  Hannah Giles speaks

*1:13 PM:  Diana Nagy performs “Back on Track”

*1:17 PM:  Heidi Harris speaks

*1:21 PM:  Jerry Doyle speaks:

*1:26 PM:  Wayne Allyn Root speaks

*1:31 PM:  William & Selena Owens

*1:35 PM:  “Tea Party Express” Song

*1:40 PM:  “Joe The Plumber” speaks

*1:45 PM:  Howard Kaloogian & Melanie Morgan introduce Chuck DeVore

*1:47 PM:  Chuck DeVore speaks

*1:50 PM:  Jim Martin speaks

*1:55 PM:  Andrea Shea King speaks

*1:59 PM:  Victoria Jackson speaks/performs

*2:06 PM:  Angela McGlowan speaks

*2:10 PM: Polatik Rap

*2:15 PM:  Judson Phillips speaks

*2:19 PM:  Dustin Stockton speaks and introduces Debbie Landis

*2:22 PM:  Debbie Landis hosts U.S. Senate Candidate forum – Nevada

*2:45 PM:  Debbie Lee Veteran Tribute

*2:50 PM:  Rivoli Revue performs “Memorial Day” – Some Gave All

*2:55 PM:  “God Bless the USA” (TPX Singers)

*2:59 PM:  Conclusion of Program

Update: Land Owner of Searchlight Tea Party Site Clears Up Permit and Parking Concerns

By Elizabeth Crum | 9:01 am March 26th, 2010

This will be the first of multiple updates and stories about the Searchlight Tea Party rally and related events tomorrow.

Yesterday it was reported that there might be some problems with permits (for grading and tortoises) and parking for the rally site down in Searchlight.  Here is an update from TD Barnes, the man whose company has donated the land for the rally:

On the grading permit, the inspector called me to apologize and offered any support we might need from him personally. I do have to call someone here in the Las Vegas department. (The inspector was from Laughlin). I don’t think there is a problem there.

As to the Desert Tortoise, our section of land is exempt from the Desert Tortoise rule.  We have never seen one and somewhere along the line, someone challenged -whomever- to this effect and they officially exempted the land. (I know of other instances where this has been done when land was not populated by the critter.)

On the parking, someone mentioned to the media that a small area had been set aside for the event – meaning the stage area – and it was reported that was all the parking there was for the entire event. But we have all of the front area and up over the hill set aside, so there is a lot of parking. (I think much of the front is reserved for RVs and handicap spots with the rest parking over the hill.)

I don’t think anyone has a clue as to the number planning to attend. There is no doubt that parking might be hectic. The organizers have a number of volunteer policemen lined up to direct traffic on the property. Ingress and egress are definitely going to be challenging since there is only the one road. I expect the organizers to have detailed traffic control to manage the coming and going.

I would also like to express my appreciation for Diane Kendall and all her volunteers at Searchlight for their Herculean efforts and behind the scenes coordination to prepare for this event. Diane is in the real estate business in Searchlight and I’m sure set concern for her business aside to step up to the plate for this historic event.


From what I hear about those attending, a majority are not Tea Party people. It’s true that the Tea Party organized the event, but the attendees are mostly independent people expressing their dissatisfaction with our government overall and should be labeled as simply “the People”.

Sounds to me like they are as ready as they can be.  I’ll be speaking with Diane Kendall later today, I hope, so I’ll post updates at that time (if there are any).

Reading the Tea Party Leaves

By Elizabeth Crum | 11:56 am March 23rd, 2010 has an interesting piece up on the Tea Party movement.

The Sam Adams Alliance, a Chicago-based non-profit group advancing free-market principles, conducted interviews with dozens of leaders in the grassroots movement to see what inspired their participation.

The results surprised even Anne Sorock, who was with the group when it began sponsoring protests last year.

Bill McMorris, a writer with the Franklin Center, spoke to Anne Sorock and did an in depth analysis of their findings.

Searchlight Tea Party Update & Schedule

By Elizabeth Crum | 11:17 am March 14th, 2010

Quite a few of you — including media types who are trying to figure out where to be, and when, to cover the event — have said you appreciated the info in my earlier post about Searchlight Tea Party logistics, so here are some quick updates and a schedule:

9:30-10:00 AM – Apparently, the Tea Party Express (TPE) will actually be starting their day down in Laughlin.  Everyone who wishes to join the TPE tour delegation is instructed to meet up in the parking lot of Harrah’s at 9:30 AM where there will be a brief news conference/mini-rally.  The TPE buses will then pull out and lead the caravan of vehicles up to the location in Searchlight.

10:30 AM-12 PM – A candidate’s forum hosted by “Anger is Brewing” will be going on at the Searchlight rally location.  Grassroots activist Debbie Landis organized this part of the event and has asked that some folks skip going down to Laughlin first and instead show up in Searchlight early (especially if you want a good seat for the day).

12:00 Noon – Tea Party Express’s “Showdown in Searchlight” rally.  Speakers (and US Senate candidates) will speak.  TPE buses will leave for Henderson after the rally is over.  Estimates are that the rally may last from 2 to 3-ish hours.  Hard to say with all those speakers…  (My advice:  Show up early.  Take folding chairs.  And plenty of water.  But don’t drink too much of it because there will only be so many porta-potties to go around and you may have to wait in line.)

4:00 PM – Grassroots Nevada event with Ann Coulter at Henderson Pavillion.  Gates will open at 3:30.  Tickets are needed (general admission is free and VIPs are not).

5:00 PM – Tea Party Express rally at Henderson Pavillion

TPE is still working to organize charter buses from a variety of places throughout Nevada and the Southwest U.S. to get people to Searchlight on March 27th. Anyone interested in trying to get a seat on a bus heading to Searchlight can email the TPE folks at:  CharterBus.tpx@gmail.comand

And:  I’m hearing there will be TV ads running soon in NV, Cali and AZ.

And:  TPE and NV grassroots leaders tell me that whoever is spreading the rumor that there will be 300,000 people at the rally in Searchlight should really stop being so silly.  Sounds like they will all be pretty happy if the head count is 5,000 to 10,000, although they think it is possible there may be (and they will be pleased with) more.

(Hey Searchlight:  Ya ready?!)

Update: Here’s a pic of what the Tea Party Express buses will look like:

Very fancy!

Final List of Candidates for 2010

By Elizabeth Crum | 8:51 am March 14th, 2010

The Secretary of State’s website has the complete list of candidates posted.

“Showdown in Searchlight” Tea Party Rally: Saturday, March 27

By Elizabeth Crum | 2:35 pm March 4th, 2010

My Inbox is full of requests for “more info” re: the big Tea Party rally at 12:00 noon in Searchlight on Saturday, March 27.  Here’s what I’ve got so far (and will update this post as new stuff comes in, so keep checking back):

– Location:  Intersection of Coyote Mine Rd and US-95 N in Searchlight.  Follow the signs to the Tea Party Express Buses & Stage.  (If you get to Route 164/Nipton Road/Cottonwood Cove Road, you went too far.)

– The Tea Party Express (TPX) folks are sending out event press releases galore as part of their “Defeat Harry Reid” campaign.  Their press releases all start thusly:

“Join us from March 27th to April 15th, 2010 as we tell Congress and the White House: “Enough!” Let’s stand up and stop the bailouts, cap and trade, out-of-control spending, government-run healthcare and higher taxes! We’re back and determined to take our country back!”

TPX is calling the event — the kickoff of their big road trip that ends in Boston on April 14/15 — the “Showdown in Searchlight mega rally” and list the following peeps as speakers:

Key note:  Sarah Palin

Dirk Armey

Joe the Plumber

Wayne Allyn Root, former Libertarian Party Vice-presidential candidate

Victoria Jackson, former Saturday Night Live personality

and radio talk show hosts:

Roger Hedgecock

Heidi Harris

Jerry Doyle

Mark Williams

Melanie Morgan

Apparently TPX is also organizing (1) a morning caravan from Laughlin to the noon rally in Searchlight, (2) a second caravan up to Henderson for the “grand finale rally” of the day and (3) charter buses from all over the place to Searchlight.  For info on caravans and TPX out-of-area charters, email or call Tiffany at 916 764-0708.

The Showdown in Searchlight Facebook page has complete details.  And you can view their TV ad here (they claim it is the 15th most viewed news/politics video on YouTube).