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New Rasmussen Numbers on Nevada’s Gubernatorial Race

By Elizabeth Crum | 9:09 am March 8th, 2010

In case you missed the Rasmussen numbers on the governor match-ups over the weekend (snippets/bullets):

– GOP candidate Brain Sandoval has an 18-point lead over Democrat Rory Reid who trails Sandoval 53% to 35% with 7% preferring another candidate and 5% undecided.  (Last month, Sandoval led Rory by 12 points.)

– North Las Vegas Mayor Mike Montandon has a 42% to 37% lead over Reid.  13% said they like some other candidate and 8% are undecided. (Last poll, Reid led Montandon 40% to 36%.)

– However, Rory still has the edge over Gibbons, 44% to 36%.  In that race, 15% want Someone Else and only 4% are undecided.

– Gender ratios:  Male voters prefer all three GOP candidates over Rory (but by just three points when Gibbons is the candidate). Sandoval leads among female voters, too, but Reid has the edge among women over Gibbons and Montandon (hm!)

– Indy vote note:  Among voters not affiliated with either major party, Reid trails Sandoval but leads both Gibbons and Montandon (hm!!)

– Gibbons:  37% of all voters in Nevada at least “somewhat approve” of the job Gibbons has been doing as governor (9% strongly approve).  61% disapprove of the governor’s performance, including 37% who strongly disapprove.

– Sandoval:  gets “very favorable” views from 17% and “very unfavorable” from 10%.

– Rory Reid, double-whammied by being (1) chairman of the Clark County Board of Commissioners and (2) the offspring of the uber-unpopular Harry Reid, has 34% unfavorables.

– Montandon:  5% have a very favorable opinion of Montandon and 8% view him very unfavorably.

New Mason-Dixon Poll Shows Lowden Up Over Tarkanian, Reid (but Tea Party Candidate a Factor)

By Elizabeth Crum | 8:35 am February 28th, 2010

The RJ this morning has the results of a new Mason-Dixon poll.

Lowden beats Reid 52-39% in a head-to-head with Reid and is now up over Tarkanian in the primary 47-29%. (In the primary match-up, Angle got 8% and Chachas got 1%.)

Tarkanian beats Reid 51-40% in a head-to-head.

Both Lowden and Tarkanian win more than 50% of the independent vote, with Reid at 31% against Lowden and 38% against Tarkanian.

The poll shows Reid drawing 36% of voters vs. 32% for a/the GOP candidate and 18% for a/the generic Tea Party candidate.  BUT as I’ve said before, though a/the Tea Party candidate will absolutely drain some support from a Republican candidate, we can’t know how much until we get a better look at the candidate.

Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman Will Not Run for Governor

By Elizabeth Crum | 3:24 pm January 25th, 2010

It’s a sad fact that in punditry and politics, all speculation must eventually come to an end.  Though Las Vegas Oscar Goodman invited and ignited much conjecture about his possible gubernatorial run through a series of public and private statements over the last nine months, today he pulled the plug on the guessing game.

As first broken by Las Vegas Sun columnist Jon Ralston from his @RalstonFlash Twitter account at 12:13 p.m. today, sources in Goodman’s office said he was going to announce he would not be running for governor.  And at his 2:00 p.m. press conference from City Hall, Goodman did just that.

Goodman, a former Democrat, had changed his party affiliation to non-partisan in December in a move that left many wondering if he was indeed serious about jumping in the race.  A Nevada News Bureau poll done in late November showed Goodman would have pulled more support from Democrat Rory Reid than from Republican Brian Sandoval in a three-way match up.

So what will Goodman do when his mayoral time is up in 15 months?  Las Vegas CityLife editor @SteveSebelius ReTweeted my query and started a new subject for speculation today at 12:18:

RT @elizcrum: So… If not a run for gov, what WILL Goodman do after his term is up? // Serve as First Gentleman to Mayor CAROLYN Goodman!