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PAC Using Chachas As Fundraising Tool

By Elizabeth Crum | 5:09 pm May 12th, 2010

You may or may not know there is a small war going on in and between Nevada conservative grassroots groups over which candidate is the greatest conservative ever to walk the face of the earth and which candidate secretly works for Lucifer.

As the bombs and mortars have flown, Debbie Landis of Action is Brewing has been widely criticized for expressing her personal support of John Chachas, and there have been Words — both on and off the record — between she and the Angle-endorsing Tea Party Express as well as between she and Nevada grassroots types who do not approve of her choice.

The thing is, if you ask 10 conservative grassroots types whom they support in the U.S. Senate race, you’re quite likely to get 5 to 10 different answers.  They are all over the map, so for any grassroots or Tea Party group to lay claim to “The” preferred candidate is kinda silly.

Anyhow, from Western Representation PAC this afternoon, a missive looking for funds in order to run a newspaper ad against Chachas:

The Senate race to replace Harry Reid is critical for the Tea Party Movement in the 2010 midterm elections. It is critical that the Tea Party movement capitalize on this opportunity to elect a candidate that represents our constitutional values!

John Chachas is running in the Republican primary and has been using his vast personal fortune to buy support from conservatives. The problem is, Chachas is the worst kind of politician who embodies all that is wrong with the politicians we have in Washington right now. It would be a disaster to pass up the chance to replace Harry Reid with a true-blue conservative and instead support someone as flawed as John Chachas.

During the last presidential election John Chachas gave the MAXIMUM personal contribution to BARACK OBAMA! Chachas has all sorts of reasons he offers now as to why he gave Obama the money. Our favorite is where he says he did it to help elect the weakest candidate on the Democrat side. So Mr. Chachas is either disingenuous or dumb. But we’re sick of Republican candidates trying to curry favor with liberal Democrats by giving them campaign contributions, and then coming back years later to run for office and then explain what they really were doing when they gave the money. It all stinks, and it’s the last kind of person we need to be the Republican challenger to Harry Reid.

John Chachas has never held elected office so there is no voting record to judge him by, there is only what he says and what he has done:

Chachas says: I’m a Nevadan.

Chachas does: Chachas has lived his ENTIRE adult life in New York. He only moved back to Nevada 7 months ago to try and buy a Senate seat.

Chachas says: I’m a conservative.

Chachas does: Gave the Maximum Contribution allowed by law to Barack Obama.

Help us stop this Obama donor posing as a Republican by making a contribution —– [HERE]

The Western Representation PAC has set a goal of raising $10,000 to run newspaper ads exposing the truth about John Chachas and his support for Barack Obama. Please make a contribution of $10, $25, $100 or more to help us get the word out about the REAL John Chachas. Your donation of $50, $100 or more today will allow us to continue our fight to stop political corruption in our government.

The Western Representation PAC is a grassroots organization based in Nevada and a partner organization of Tea Party Express III. We are the sponsor of the Campaign Against Harry Reid on Facebook which has over 11,000 supporters. Join us at

A secure donation can be made by clicking the donation button.

Thank you for your support.

Dustin Stockton


Western Representation PAC

I am not an apologist for Chachas, but I will say this:

John Chachas spent $2300 on the Dem candidate he believed was weaker than Hillary and then raised nearly $70,000 for the Republican in the presidential race, so he was responsible for moneys raised 25:1 in favor of the GOP.  He never hid from the donation and has since said it was a mistake.

As to his being “dumb” or “disengenuous,” anyone who has met or seen Chachas in action knows he is anything but stupid or scripted.  He understands global finance and world markets and since graduating with honors from Columbia and Harvard has enjoyed a successful 25-year career that would easily qualify him for the Senate Banking Committee were he to be elected.

Re: the man’s “vast fortune”, if you read the filings, you’ll find he’s not really all that wealthy — although he’s matched 2 dollars for every 1 dollar invested in him by his supporters — but financial success in the Land of Opportunity should not be a disqualification in any case.

And Chachas may have been living and working in New York since college, but he is only U.S. Senate candidate actually born and raised in Nevada.  His family has deep roots in the state dating back 90 years, longer than every other person on the ballot.

Voters can make of all that what they will and then donate (or not) to Western Representation PAC for their newspaper ad.  Early voting starts next weekend.

Dear Tea Party Candidate: You Are Not Invited to OUR Tea Parties

By Elizabeth Crum | 12:05 pm March 10th, 2010

Some Nevada Tea Party activists are gathering signatures to denounce the new “Tea Party of Nevada” political party.  Via email missive (and attached statement: Joint Statement 3-10-10) from a group of activist/organizers:

For Immediate Release: March 10, 2010

From Nevada grassroots and tea party leaders

Subject: Unified Statement / Grassroots Nevada is United

On March 9th, conservative leaders across Nevada came together to issue the following statement. The signature list is subject to modification over the next 24 hours. The final, signed statement will be available by Friday, March 12, 2010 at 12 noon.

We, the grassroots/tea party leaders of Nevada, speaking for the conservative activists in our communities, are united in issuing the following statement.

– We are united in denouncing the TPN (Tea Party of Nevada).

– The TPN is not a conservative party who speaks for grassroots and tea party activists in Nevada.

– The TPN is not now, has never been, and will never be affiliated with grassroots efforts in Nevada.

– The term “Tea Party Candidate” will no longer be used to indicate grassroots support for a candidate or candidates.

– The TPN will not be invited to or allowed to represent themselves at conservative grassroots events and functions across Nevada.

– We are united in our desire for fiscal responsibility, transparency, and accountability from legislators and in legislation from Carson City, NV and Washington, D.C.

– We are united in opposition of progressive leanings towards unfunded mandates as a solution to appeasing special interest and delivering ‘social justice’.

– We are united in the belief that our government should be inspiring pride and accountability, and personal strength and opportunity, not a path for us to follow to have our needs met as the government sees fit.

– We, the tea party activists and grassroots organizers in Nevada, are united.

The joint statement is attached for signature. Please return a clear/strong signature by fax to Debbie Landis 775-852-2611 or email to When all signatures have been returned, the final document will be made available electronically.

Feel free to disseminate to the media as a joint NV grassroots effort, with our organizations united we are exponentially stronger than the sum of our members. I am truly proud to be part of joint efforts moving forward.

We are all in this together,

Debbie Landis /

I don’t mean any disrespect, but wouldn’t one just naturally assume that the Tea Party of Nevada principals (and candidate Scott Ashjian) are well aware that they speak for themselves and not “for grassroots and tea party activists” around the state?  Does this really require a formal denouncement?

Various grassroots and tea party leaders, activists and groups (and any candidates they support) also speak only for themselves and their own members/supporters and not for all grassroots/tea partiers.  Nobody “owns” a certain message or the right to speak about it.  Are all the different factions and wings of the grassroots/tea party movement going to put out disclaimers/denouncements clarifying that others do not speak for them?

And speaking of owning:

Scott Ashjian was quoted in a CNN story today as saying, “I don’t think Republicans own the Tea Party. In fact I know they don’t in Nevada, because I do.”  Not sure what he meant by that.  The Tea Party, as a movement, is not “owned” by anyone.  The Tea Party of Nevada, as a political party, is not “owned” either.  A political party, by nature, is an organization that seeks to attain and maintain political power within government by participating in electoral campaigns, educational outreach or protests.  Parties espouse an expressed ideology or vision bolstered by a written platform with specific goals.  It’s not about ownership, it’s about ideas.

Beyond all this “ownership” talk, though, here’s the bullet from that doc that really gets me:

“The TPN will not be invited to or allowed to represent themselves at conservative grassroots events and functions across Nevada.”

Really?  Why not?  And who is going to stop them?  Isn’t the very nature of public, citizen-driven grassroots gatherings to allow and enable individuals to show up and express their views?  What are these folks going to do if Scott Ashjian shows up with a sign and some stickers and starts speaking to people?  And why on earth wouldn’t he be invited to, say, a rally or a debate with and among tea party/conservative candidates?  Aren’t individual liberty and the right to speak one’s mind part of the energizing force and core values of the Tea Party movement?

Whether Scott Ashjian is “the real deal” as a tea party candidate, or an electable candidate at all, is not the point here.  (Vetting him is all well and good but ultimately, his conservative creds will be for the voters to decide.)  He’s a citizen, first and foremost.  If he wants to form and file a third party, run for office, do CNN interviews, show up at a Tea Party or attend a conservative event, he ought to be – and is – free to do so.

Update (12:22 p.m.):

Here is a list of signers to the above document/denouncement so far:

Anger is Brewing / Debbie Landis
Citizens Awareness Network / Jesse Law
Citizens in Action / Juanita Cox
Fallon Tea Party II / Bob Clifford
Gardnerville Tea party / Ron Stevens
Glenn Beck Meetup Group/ Sally Minster
Grassroots Nevada / Jamie Costello
Las Vegas 9-12’ers / Jeff Waulfe
Las Vegas Tea Party / Frank Ricotta
Patriot Caucus / Eric Odom
National Precinct Alliance / Tony Warren
Nevada Families Eagle Forum / Janine Hanson
Nevada Patriots / Diana Orrock
NvRA / Travis Christensen
P.A.C.T. / Janice Baldwin
Reject Reid / Sheila Danish
Nevada 9-12 Americans / Charlene Bybee
Western Representation PAC / Dustin Stockton
Winnemucca Tea Party / Mike Myrhow
Updates to this list can be seen at
Update (1:04 p.m.): I’ve received a few emails on what I wrote and need to clarify one thing.  The organizers of an event always have the right to set their agenda and decide who will step up on the podium to speak.  In my comments, I was talking about Ashjian’s right to show up and walk around and talk to people.

It should also be said, perhaps, that the right to do something does not necessarily make that something the right thing to do.  And that cuts both ways in this situation. Do Tea Party/grassroots groups have the “right” to denounce Scott Ashjian and ban him from their podium and private events?  Yes.  But is that the right thing to do?

And:  Did Scott Ashjian & Co. have the “right” to form and file the Tea Party of Nevada as a political party?  Yes.  Was it “right” for them, having never been involved in Tea Party activities or groups, to use the Tea Party name to do something most Tea Party activists do not endorse (form a third political party)?
Maybe there is some right and wrong on both sides here.

Clark County Republican Party, Grassroots Leaders Organize for 2010 Elections

By Nevada News Bureau Staff | 9:23 am October 26th, 2009

Las Vegas — Clark County Republican Party (CCRP) event organizers packed the house for their “Flip the House” kick-off coalition meeting Saturday afternoon.   Approximately two-hundred and twenty attendees filled the auditorium at the Clark County Public Library on East Flamingo Road.

Among those in attendance were U.S. Senate candidates Danny Tarkanian, Sharon Angle, and Bill Parson.  Other candidate attendees included Joe Hardy, Lynn Stewart, Elizabeth Halseth, John Hambrick, Tibbe Ellis, Eric Morelli, Glenn Greener, Richard McArthur, Kathryn Njus, Geraldine Lewis, Matt Passalacona, Scott Neistadt, Joseph Tatner, and Barbara Altman who is running for the School Board.

Clark County Republican Party (CCRP) precinct administrator Duane Libbe opened the event and welcomed the crowd to enthusiastic applause.

“This meeting kicks-off our “Flip the House” action program.  We are going to take back the legislature.  With only eight months to the primary and thirteen months until the general elections, it is time for us to roll up our sleeves, stop talking about last year’s problems and get to work,” said Libbe.

CCRP coalitions director Frank Ricotta echoed Libbe’s comments and welcomed grassroots leaders from around the Las Vegas valley.

“I am encouraged to see so many grassroots organizations in attendance today.  Thank you for coming, and I hope this is a sign of things to come,” said Ricotta.

In attendance were representatives from Nevada Patriots, Citizens Awareness Network, Nevada Active Conservatives, Nevada Innovative Coalition for Education, Nevada Federation of Young Republicans, Nevada Conservatives for Freedom, Nevada Health Care Professionals Coalition, Las Vegas Republican Meetup Group, Sun City Conservatives, the Southeast Las Vegas Glenn Beck Meetup Group and the Las Vegas Sean Hannity Meetup Group.

Republican Assembly Caucus executive director Monica Moradkhan was the first guest speaker.  She warmly greeted the attendees and then addressed divisions within and between the party and grassroots groups by invoking Ronald Reagan’s “big tent” conservatism.

“We have to unite for the common good in order to elect Republicans in the 2010 general elections,” said Moradkhan.

“We cannot let divisions over single issues prevent us from supporting the best candidate available,” she said.

Nevada Senate-Minority Whip, Barbara K. Cegavske, also spoke at the event.  Cegavske is running for her third and final term due to term limits.

“I am saddened by what I see going on in Nevada right now,” she said.

“I am also tired of our ever increasing debt.  Of course, we have to make sure we have the essentials, but – just like Nevada’s families – the state needs to live within its means,” she said.

“We also need to create jobs to Nevada.  We need a strategy to bring businesses here, and we need to stop legislating mandates that drive up costs and fees to small businesses,” she said.

Cegavske then presented a seat-by-seat analysis of the state assembly and senate races in 2010.  She twice referred to the Democratic party’s desire to pick up two more senate seats and reminded attendees that fifteen Assembly seats are needed for veto power.

“There are seventeen term-limited seats up for grabs, in addition to all the others.  There is going to be huge turnover.  We need to strategize and capitalize where we can,” she said.

Cegavske also alluded to disagreements about candidate endorsement within her caucus.

“I did not agree with our caucus in endorsing candidates early  That was not my choice.  I thought we should have waited a little longer, for more good people to come out,” she said.

Cegavske received enthusiastic applause when she talked about the state of Nevada’s public education system, school choice and competition.  At one point she circulated a handout of the K-12 educational governance structure in Nevada.

“This so-called structure borders on the ridiculous,” she said.

“I have tried for two sessions to get a governance bill introduced, to change the educational structure in Nevada.  I will try again as I serve my final term.  This should be something both parties can agree on,” she said.

Frank Ricotta closed the meeting by challenging every attendee to commit to an action item.

“Help us find more candidates.  Volunteer to work for a candidate, or be a precinct captain, or knock on doors.  We need to work the precincts to sign up voters and collect email addresses.  We also need more volunteers to staff the CCRP office,” he said.

After the meeting, Ricotta said he was pleased with the turnout and pointed to the long line of people signing up to be volunteers.

“People are energized.  It’s good to see,” he said.

Sharon Angle talks with a grassroots activist before the meeting

Sharon Angle talks with a grassroots activist before the meeting