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Football Betting Pushes Gaming Revenues Up In September

By Sean Whaley | 1:01 pm November 8th, 2012

CARSON CITY – Football fever helped Nevada casinos win $892.7 million from gamblers in September for a modest 3.3 percent increase over September 2011, the state Gaming Control Board reported today.

Clark County reported a 3.7 percent gain, with the Las Vegas Strip posting a slight 1.2 percent increase with $496.8 million in revenues, the monthly report released today shows.

Photo by Mikerussell via Wikimedia Commons.

Most Southern Nevada markets reported increases in September, including a 6 percent gain in downtown Las Vegas and a 24.2 percent increase on the Boulder Strip.

Modest gains were reported across much of the rest of the state as well, with Washoe County posting a 0.6 percent gain, and South Lake Tahoe reporting a 5 percent increase in September over September 2011.

The slight increase in September came after a modest 3.1 percent decline in August.

Sports betting, particularly with the start of the NFL football season, was the major contributing factor for Nevada’s modest win, said Michael Lawton, senior research analyst for the state gaming agency.

Sports pools statewide won $53.4 million in September, an increase of 165.4 percent, or $33.3 million, over September 2011. The amount wagered was up 21.7 percent, or $75.1 million. And the amount “held” by the casinos was a strong 12.69 percent compared to 5.82 percent last year.

“Really what drove those results was football,” he said. “Football and sports pools total, the win amounts were record amounts for any month for the state in history. And then the handle, the amount wagered, was the second highest ever wagered for football and the highest amount ever for sports pools in total.”

Most bettors pick the favorites in sporting events and neither the college nor the NFL football teams did well in covering their point spreads in September, Lawton said. There were also two extra weekend days in September 2012 compared to September 2011 that helped drive the numbers.

The state had an overall gaming revenue increase of $28.7 million in September, and the sports pools were up $33.3 million by themselves, Lawton said.

“So without that it wouldn’t have been an increase for the state this month,” he said.


Audio clips:

Gaming Control Board analyst Michael Lawton says sports betting drove Nevada’s gaming win in September:

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Lawton says sports betting gave Nevada a positive month in September:

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New Poll Shows Sandoval with Strong Crossover Support, Reid as Unpopular as Ever. Also, Nevadans Love Baseball.

By Elizabeth Crum | 1:42 pm November 4th, 2011

A new survey from Public Policy Polling shows Gov. Brian Sandoval’s approval numbers hovering in the mid-40s, with 45 percent of the voters in the state approving of him and 38 percent who disapprove. He continues to show relatively strong crossover support with 26 percent of Democrats approving of him.

Other survey findings:

– Sen. Harry Reid’s plus/minus numbers are holding steady with 42 percent of voters approving and 52 percent disapproving. Reid’s numbers are even worse with independent voters who show him at 31/65 approval/disapproval.

– Nevadans are divided on the Occupy Wall Street and Tea Party protest movements. By a narrow margin, more see Occupy Wall Street favorably (42/40) while seeing the Tea Party negatively (43/45).

– If Nevada voters had their choice, they’d most like a major league baseball to come to the state. A MLB team was the first choice of Nevadans by 27 percent, followed by 23 percent who would like an NFL team, 13 percent who want an NBA team, and 8 percent who would most prefer an NHL team.

– San Francisco sports teams are the most loved by Nevadans. The Giants lead the MLB pack with 21 percent fan support to 16 percent for the Diamondbacks. The Dodgers and Yankees both have 14 percent support, followed by 13 percent for the Cubs, 9 percent for the Angels and 5 percent for the Braves.

– As for NFL teams, the 49ers are most beloved by Nevadans with 19 percent fan support compared to 12 percent for the Cowboys, 11 percent for the Packers and Raiders, 9 percent for the Steelers, 8 percent for the Broncos, 7 percent for the Cardinals, and 5 percent for the Chargers.