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CD2 Candidates Battle Over Tax Policy, Solutions for the Economy

By Anne Knowles | 7:14 am August 26th, 2011

Helmuth Lehmann and Tim Fasano were caught in the crossfire last night as Mark Amodei and Kate Marshall threw rhetorical punches at one another during an hour-long debate between the four candidates for Nevada’s second congressional district.

Former state Sen. Mark Amodei responds to a question at the debate./Photo: Sean Whaley, Nevada News Bureau

The former state senator and current state treasurer stood on opposite ends of the podium trading jabs about taxes and jobs for much of the live debate held in Reno’s KNPB TV studio and broadcast statewide.

Democratic candidate Marshall proposed offering tax breaks to companies who create jobs and endorsed a so-called infrastructure bank, an idea also promoted by President Barack Obama, which would lend money to private companies to rebuild the nation’s infrastructure. She used the topic to chide her Republican opponent.

“It has bipartisan support unless, of course, you signed the tax pledge, then you’re not supportive of that bipartisan piece of legislation,” said Marshall. “In order to come together you have to not box yourself in a corner you can’t sign a tax pledge which has Grover Norquist telling you when and whether you’ll raise taxes.”

Amodei recently re-signed a pledge not to raise taxes if he were elected to Congress, a pledge promulgated by Americans for Tax Reform, a Washington-based advocacy group headed by Grover Norquist.

“I think it signals a willingness to acknowledge the facts. Compromise is not spending 40 cents of every dollar on debt. Compromise is not running up the debt until it equals the GDP, ” said Amodei when asked earlier in the debate whether signing the pledge signaled his unwillingness to compromise. “It’s not being intractable, it’s recognizing we cannot tax your way out of this.”

For his part, Amodei rebuked Marshall for latching onto loan guarantees made to private enterprises by the federal government.

“We need to start telling the people the truth,” said Amodei when asked what he would do to restore confidence in Congress. “How maybe loan guarantees aren’t a good thing. Remember the ones to Chrysler and General Motors?  They cost the taxpayer. Remember the ones to AIG and some of the Wall Street folks.”

Amodei, like Marshall, repeated ideas he’s been touting on the campaign trail to solve the state’s economic woes. He talked about expediting the process for permits to use public lands and, on a national level, suggested a hiring freeze for the federal government.

Amodei said 85 percent of the land in Nevada is publically-owned and should be better utilized for ranching, mining and energy resources in order to create jobs, but permits to use the land can take up to 10 years to acquire.

“The processing times are phenomenally slow to the point where we are de facto closed for business,” said Amodei.

When the candidates were asked when they disagree with their own party, Amodei said his party over the last couple decades has sometimes lacked courage.

“Not having the courage to say we don’t need special healthcare for members of Congress, that we don’t need a special bank for member of Congress,” said Amodei. “There’s a good bunch of people serving there, but the culture has overtaken.”

Nevada State Treasurer Kate Marshall

Marshall said she parts way with the Democratic party on the so-called Bush tax cuts, reductions in the tax rate passed under President George W. Bush that are set to expire at the end of the year.

“I think we need to keep the Bush tax cuts,” said Marshall, saying that small businesses needed the cuts to create jobs.

Only Lehmann, a non-partisan independent, favored letting them expire, but only to raise rates on the wealthy.

The candidates also agreed that they would have not voted to raise the nation’s debt ceiling, but for varying reasons. Lehmann said he is opposed to the balanced budget amendment that was attached to the bill.

“I think it’s a ruse to make people believe that Congress is actually doing something,” said Lehmann.

Fasano, the Independent American Party candidate, said he wouldn’t have voted for it either.

“We have a problem in government and that problem is spending,” said Fasano.

Marshall said she was opposed to the deal because it cut defense spending and Medicare and didn’t close tax loopholes.

“It was the wrong priorities and those are not my priorities,” said Marshall.

Amodei said that he would have voted no because Washington needs to learn spending discipline.

Early voting for the special election to fill vacant seat starts on Saturday. The election is Sept. 13.


Assembly Panel Hears Simplified Campaign Finance Reform Bill

By Sean Whaley | 4:29 pm March 29th, 2011

CARSON CITY – A simplified campaign finance reform bill that would require most candidates to file their contribution and expense reports electronically was given a generally favorable reception today during an Assembly Committee hearing.

The Committee on Legislative Affairs and Operations introduced Assembly Bill 452. The bill contains three key provisions from Secretary of State Ross Miller’s campaign finance bills, which the panel reviewed earlier this session.

But some provisions of the other legislation – Assembly Bills 81 and 82 – were criticized at the hearing earlier this month, including a proposal to increase filing fees for candidates for public office.

“And so the idea here was to strip out the three most important provisions that would really advance Nevada’s campaign finance measures and allow them to proceed as a single bill so that if people are hung up on certain provisions of AB81 or 82 these provisions would be allowed to go forward,” Miller said.

Assembly Speaker John Oceguera, D-Las Vegas, said the new bill was drafted to include those important reform provisions that appear to have the support of lawmakers and the public.

No one spoke in opposition to the campaign reform elements of the bill, although several amendments were offered by lawmakers and lobbyists. The bill will be reviewed later in a committee work session.

Miller testified in support of the bill, saying the current system of filing campaign reports by mail, and in a format that does not allow the public to search the information, is inadequate. Electronic filing would allow Miller’s office to create an online searchable database of the information.

AB452 also proposes to move up the filing dates of the campaign contribution and expense reports so the information is available prior to early voting. Reports would be filed four days before early voting and would be updated to reflect any additional contributions and expenses four days prior to the primary and general elections.

It would also make the Secretary of State’s office the central repository for the campaign reports for all elections, as well as for financial disclosure statements required of candidates and elected officials. These reports would also be filed electronically.

Gov. Brian Sandoval is in favor of the electronic filing requirement for campaign reports as well.

Miller said he is optimistic the bill will move forward, given that leadership in both the Assembly and Senate also support the reforms.

The bill also proposes to impose a two-year “cooling off” period before public officers, such as members of the Legislature, could be paid to lobby the body where they had served. For members of the Legislature, it would prohibit a former lawmaker from being paid to lobby at the Legislature in the next session following their leaving office.

Miller said this section of the bill is not within the purview of his office, but was sought by lawmakers.

Assemblyman William Horne, D-Las Vegas, an attorney and member of the committee, expressed concern that the cooling off period could affect his ability to represent a client and indicated he may have to oppose the bill unless the provision can be amended.

Miller said he will continue to seek passage of AB81 and 82 because they contain important reforms needed for transparency in Nevada’s elections.

“These are the three major provisions that could dramatically improve transparency in the process, but AB81 and 82 have major provisions that put disclosure requirements on third-party groups and additional reporting requirements, and that is a significant area of concern every election, is who is financing these campaigns, these shadowy third-party groups,” he said. “We’ve got to get that under control.”

Audio clips:

Secretary of State Ross Miller says the idea was to take the three key campaign finance reform provisions and put them in one bill:

032911Miller2 :23 to go forward.”

Miller said he will still pursue the other measures because they contain important election reforms:

032911Miller2 :24 that under control.”


Today’s Battle ’10 Posts on NRO

By Elizabeth Crum | 5:16 pm August 2nd, 2010

Here are my most recent National Review Online blog items, Dear Readers:


  • Hating Harry (bonus materials:  video of a money quote from Ralston)
  • Nevada’s “None of the Above” option could help Harry Reid (includes money quote from Ryan Erwin)
  • Sandoval “Hispanic” scandal (or is it?)
  • Sandoval leads Rory by…we’re not sure (battle of the polls)
  • Angle-Reid in dead heat
  • Rory emerges from polling abyss, says Rasmussen (bonus materials: funny ad)

Since you can’t drop comments over there, feel free to drop them here instead.

To B or Not to Be

By Elizabeth Crum | 9:03 pm July 29th, 2010

The anonymous Nevada blogger at Reid-B-Gone – self described on her About page as a wife, mother, activist and Republican who is not a big fan of Harry Reid – is upset that former state senator Bob Beers has started up a sales website called Reid-Be-Gone that peddles spray bottles, t-shirts, buttons and stickers sporting the words “Reid Be Gone” along with “VOTE’M OUT – Stops Socialism at its Roots!”

From her blog:

True fact! Former State Senator Bob Beers has opened an online store called Reid-Be-Gone. Get it? See the extra “e”? [If you want to visit, navigate to No links from here.]

Reid-B-Gone is a nice name, except it is taken. It is mine and I’ve been using it since November 2009. Adding an “e” and calling it your own original idea doesn’t exactly cut it.

This blog is the original Reid-B-Gone and Bob Beers is the copycat, the Johnny-come-lately, the arrogant establishment politician picking on the little guy.

Mr. Beers is well aware I don’t want him to use my blog name for his store. He maintains that I will just have to get used to it, because if he can’t sell his stuff using my blog name, then Harry Reid has already won.

I see no difference between Bob Beers calling his online store Reid-Be-Gone and Scott Ashjian calling his new party Tea Party of Nevada.

So here we are in this unfortunate place: I’m asking readers to stand in solidarity with the original Reid-B-Gone by not purchasing from Bob Beers store.

Stay tuned for updates.

So unhappy with Beers is Miss B that in addition to calling for a boycott of his similarly named store, she has gone to the trouble of producing this short YouTube video entitled “Robot Republican Infighting Theatre – VegasVoter vs. Bob Beers” starring, yes, two robots representing Miss B and Mr. Be, er, Beers.

This is where I run out of words and just marvel at the inhabitants of the world in which we live.

It really is a wonderful life.

What Happens on the Internet Stays in Harry Reid’s Opposition Files

By Elizabeth Crum | 8:02 am July 5th, 2010

All right, it’s a bit of a stretch to that header from “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas,” but it’s early and I couldn’t think of anything better.

Team Reid archived and has re-launched Sharron Angle’s pre-primary website, calling it “The Real Sharron Angle.”  It does appear to be an exact replica except that the front page “Donate” button has been disabled (ha).

Angle’s website has been revamped as of late last week.  Frankly it surprised me that the new and improved site took so long (22 days from her win) to launch.  It was pretty evident in the final weeks leading up to the election that Angle was probably going to pull off the win.  Why didn’t anyone on her campaign team (or in the various GOP camps) think to get her new website ready and up as soon as she won?  Or at least be ready to swoop in and quickly get it redone and up within 24 to 48 hours?

In contrast to Team Angle’s sluggish start, Team Reid and/or the state Dems and/or their pals and surrogates were out with anti-Angle Facebook pages and websites and Twitter accounts and press releases as she was giving her acceptance speech on primary night.  (As we were sitting at the KTNV anchor desk listening to her remarks on election night, the producer kept running in with faxed press releases from the state Dems and printouts of all the opposition media already popping up everywhere.)

Team Reid was quick on the draw with this one, too.  Angle put her new website up sometime last Thursday morning. The Team Reid press release (provided below) went out at 3:01 pm.  And Angle’s email blast announcing her new website did not go out until about an hour later, at 4:09 pm.

It seems pretty “Campaign 101″ to me that you don’t let the opposition announce and define your new website for you.  You launch your site and send out your email blasts and Tweets simultaneously.  Otherwise, this happens:

Reid Campaign Re-Launches Sharron Angle’s Campaign Website resurrects Angle’s original website featuring her dangerous and extreme agenda, before her handlers scrubbed it

LAS VEGAS – Seeking to hide her extreme and dangerous agenda from Nevada voters, Sharron Angle today removed more than 75% of the contents of the “issues” section of her webpage – deleting all references to her true positions on issues like eliminating Social Security and her plan to make Yucca Mountain into a haven for America’s nuclear waste. Angle has also removed controversial endorsements like the ‘Birther’ PAC Declaration Alliance that she had proudly touted in the past. Apparently Angle and her new handlers think that scrubbing her website will make voters forget about her long-documented, radical positions.

Fortunately for voters seeking a true window into Angle’s real positions, a “new” website will allow them to view her dangerous and radical ideas – the ones she has espoused consistently for decades before her new handlers deemed them too radical. (Original typos included.)

View Angle’s real, pre-scrubbed website here:

“Sharron Angle thinks she can fool Nevada voters about her extreme and dangerous agenda to eliminate Social Security and Medicare, abolish the Department of Education, shut down the EPA and the DOE in the middle of the worst environmental crisis in our history, and end regulatory oversight of Wall Street and big oil companies like BP,” said Reid campaign communications director Kelly Steele. “Obviously, Sharron Angle’s new handlers are as alarmed by the prospect of promoting Angle’s extreme and dangerous agenda for Nevada as most mainstream voters will be when they learn her true views.”

Team Angle is going to have to step up the speed, timing and coordination of their messaging if they hope to compete with the Reid Machine on the ‘net.  I hear there are some new boys in town to help with just that, so we’ll see how they do in the weeks and months to come.

WaTi: Suffolk U Poll Says Angle In Lead in US Senate Race

By Elizabeth Crum | 7:07 am June 3rd, 2010

Despite a sample of 400 GOP likely voters, I am taking this poll done by the Suffolk University Political Research Center with a full shaker of salt (although I think we can be pretty sure the Angle campaign will be using it in a press release later today).

The poll says Angle is now in the lead in the U.S. Senate race with 33% and has Tarkanian and Lowden virtually tied for second at 26% and 25% respectively.

The poll also asked about “intensity” (whether a voter was Definitely, Probably, or Maybe) voting for the candidates.  The Definitelies were at 53-51-52 (Angle-Tark-Lowden).  The Probablies were at 33-36-30.  And the Might-Change-My-Minds were at 12-13-17.

The M-D poll published in the RJ on May 28 had Lowden at 30% with Angle at 25% and Tark at 20% (not at 200% as the WaTi story says, although am sure Tarkanian would love it if every Nevadan was voting for him twice).

If you believed those M-D numbers, and if you believe these from this this Suffolk U poll, then you believe Angle has gained eight points while Lowden has slipped by five in just the past five days.

I don’t.

I do find this interesting, though:

When supporters of the other candidates were asked which of the top three hopefuls they would support if they knew their first choice couldn’t win, Mrs. Lowden led at 33 percent, followed by Mr. Tarkanian at 25 percent and Mrs. Angle at 14 percent.

So one-third of those voters whose first choice was Angle or Tark would go with Lowden as their second choice, but only 14% of those whose first choice was Lowden or Tark would go with Angle as next-best.

This is interesting, too:

But when GOP voters were asked which candidate has a better chance of defeating Mr. Reid, Miss Lowden led at 33 percent led again, but this time with Mrs. Angle second at 27 percent and Mr. Tarkanian at 23 percent.

Taken with Angle’s numbers above, this means a segment of Angle voters believe Lowden has a better chance of beating Harry Reid, but they are going to vote for Angle anyhow.

Hat Tip on the poll to @RalstonFlash on Twitter.

Update (at 7:09 AM): Silly me.  The Tea Party Express, not Team Angle, was first out with a press release with the subject line “POLL SHOCKER: Angle Leads Lowden by 8% in Nevada Senate Race” and the header “SHARRON ANGLE TAKES THE LEAD IN NEVADA U.S. SENATE RACE.”

Action Is Brewing Endorsements

By Elizabeth Crum | 2:36 pm May 27th, 2010

Tea Party activist-organizer Debbie Landis is out with her group’s election endorsements.

The page says candidate recommendations were “finalized using AIB Subscriber and grassroots polls, voting record when applicable, issue stances, prior endorsements, and interaction with the candidates themselves.”


“These candidates were selected based entirely on their skill-sets, credibility and grassroots ratings as they apply to Transparency, Accountability, and Fiscal Responsibility.”

Agree or disagree?  Chime in by leaving a Comment below.

Here’s a Headline You Don’t See Every Day: “Holy Republican Herpes Batman! – That’s some rough GOP-on-GOP trash talk”

By Elizabeth Crum | 3:24 pm May 26th, 2010

Samantha Stone reports on a virulent comment I guess we missed after Sharron Angle was on the air with Sam Shad today.

Apparently GOP activist Bill Brainard called Angle “Republican herpes.”

Here’s Sam’s post:

As the days close in on the would-be Harry Reid challengers, Sharron Angle’s getting some #30 grit sandpaper applied to her political hide by establishment Republicans. According to KOH news on Tuesday afternoon, State Senator Bill Raggio warned recently that an Angle victory on June 8 will send Republicans running into the arms of Harry Reid.

Then, Republican activist Bill Brainard described Angle on a Nevada Newsmakers pundit panel as “Republican herpes.” By which one assumes he means that she won’t go away. That’s the charitable interpretation.

Are they helping to set Angle up as the next Rand Paul? Will Republican warnings that a Democrat is preferable to Angle – notwithstanding said Democrat’s powerful position –push primary voters who are sitting on the Lowden-Angle fence into Angle’s camp? The Reasonable Reporter doubts that was the intention, but will it be the result?

And what will a fence-sitting, but sufficiently p.o.’d conservative voter do after hearing Angle characterized as a venereal disease?

This is not a normal political year. Let’s tick off a few of the names that remind us of it. Bob Bennett… Charlie Crist… Trey Grayson… Will Sharron Angle claim victory next month with the unwitting help of Republicans who would like to stop her?

McNaught’s Big Idea (Not)

By Elizabeth Crum | 10:20 pm May 12th, 2010


This is one of those times when I can’t decide if feeling utterly amazed is worth the accompanying sense of despair.

The setting for this tragic drama:

Due to a co-candidate’s schedule conflict (uh huh), Senate 12 hopeful Patrick McNaught (GOP) was at center stage on Ralston’s Face to Face tonight.  Which I just finished watching thanks to the modern miracles of digital recording.

The curtain lifted, and McNaught uttered his first sentence about the reasons for his candidacy:

“I felt it was important that we got more of a conservative voice inside District 12.”

He then said that state government has not gone through the same “exercise” as the private sector (meaning cutting jobs, not hopping on a treadmill) and added that he deals with businesses every day “that would like to move to the state of Nevada, but even the idea of creating a corporate tax or gross receipts tax is driving those people to states such as Texas.”

McNaught said he wants to squash the rumors that such taxes would ever happen here and create a budget “in which the state has to live within.” He agreed the poor education system also plays a part in our difficulty attracting businesses to the state but said taxes are the main problem.

When asked for solutions, he said:

“We need to create reform and live inside our budget; we cannot continue to spend money we do not have.”

Ralston challenged:

“You know, you just got three clichés jammed into about ten seconds without telling me what you would do. Tell me what you would do.”


“The first thing I would look at is cutting state legislative pays. I mean if we are going to ask the employees of the state of NV to take a hit, I think it is important as leaders and legislators that we do it first.”




“Are you serious about that? Come on… They make seven grand.”

(Right.  Multiplied by 63 legislators, the total savings to the state would be $431,000 if they all took a 100% pay cut.  So, assuming there is a $3 billion budget shortfall come February, we’d have just $2,999,569,000 more in cuts to go.)

McNaught defended:

“It’s better to at least take something from the people that go to Carson City.”

Is it?  Priority One is a take-away of the pittance our citizen legislators receive for dedicating four months of their lives every other year (plus any special sessions) to trying to solve the state’s biggest problems?

When pressed for other budget cutting ideas, McNaught said he is looking to our gubernatorial candidates for their Plan.

Really…?  No additional suggestions?  Just whatever the governor-to-be posits?

McNaught then made some vague references to jobs, the private sector and state worker wages.  And going “line item to line item” as we “get into the balance sheet, line by line.”

And said he has a friend at the Department of Transportation who sent him suggestions via “seven pages of cuts.”

None of which he could or would name.

A few sentences more and then his big finish:

“The Republican party has lost its brand.”

Yeah, it has.

In part because of cliché-loving candidates who even after months of studying-up and campaigning are either unable or unwilling to suggest a single decent proposal for cutting the state budget, creating jobs or improving education in our state.

Nomination for Silliest Endorsement of a Candidate

By Elizabeth Crum | 9:18 am May 6th, 2010

I have decided I am going to give out some political awards shortly after June 8, and one of them will be for Silliest Endorsement.  From Team Angle, a nominee:

Pat Boone Endorses Sharron Angle to Replace Harry Reid

That’s all I’m going to post of the press release.  You know how it goes:  Sharron Angle is the greatest conservative candidate to roam the earth since the glory days of Ronald Reagan, yadda yadda yadda.

Pressed for time, so three Tweets (from yesterday, when this came out) to amuse you:

@RalstonFlash:  Game changer: Pat Boone endorses Sharron Angle 4 U.S. Senate. What say frontrunners? I Almost Lost My Mind? Ain’t That a Shame? #booneisboon

@elizcrum:  It’s Too Soon to Know If Dreams Come True due to Pat Boone endorsement of Sharron Angle. Does TPE April Love = Fools Hall of Fame?

@DullardMush @elizcrum I’d say Pat Boone’s Angle endorsement more like Crazy Train. #goingofftherails

Average Joes and Janes to Explain How Harry Reid and Health Care Reform Have Helped Even Though Few Benefits Have Actually Kicked In Yet

By Elizabeth Crum | 7:30 pm April 28th, 2010

That’s the gist of Harry Reid’s new ad campaign, from what RalstonFlashed a couple of hours ago:

Reid to go up with huge ad buy defending health care reform law

Best defense is a good offense campaign begins Friday with a series of spots featuring individuals talking about how various aspects of the new law have helped them, sources confirm. I understand the buy will be larger than any of those currently purchased by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s GOP foes.

Game on.

Yep. Here comes the money!

Reid’s health care narrative between now and November:

“I’m Harry Reid, and I single-handedly saved all of Nevada’s sick and dying. And quite possibly some of their household pets as well. A vote for me is a vote for your poor, ailing auntie AND her cute little dog.”


New Ad from Team Tark

By Elizabeth Crum | 5:29 pm April 26th, 2010

Tarkanian is taking a break from Lowden-bashing to inform you that Harry Reid has spent over a Trillion dollars on earmarks and bailouts for corporate America!  And now he’s raising your taxes so he can spend another Trillion on a government takeover of health care!!

See here.

(No mention of turtle tunnels, though!)

How Sue Lowden’s Campaign Could Have Made Chicken Salad Out of…

By Elizabeth Crum | 6:25 pm April 21st, 2010

You know the rest of that sentence, Dear Readers, because you are worldly and clever.

This post is about how the poor handling of a hot potato this week made all the difference in politics.

Background items for those of you who have missed some (or all) of this:

As she was talking about health care costs at a meeting out in Mesquite in early April, U.S. Senate candidate Sue Lowden said, “I think that bartering is really good.  Those doctors who take cash, you can barter and that would get prices down in a hurry.  And I would say go out, go ahead out and pay cash for whatever your medical needs are, and go ahead and barter with your doctor.”

The statements were caught on video and taken by a paid Democrat operative who follows Lowden around on the campaign trail in hopes of catching a gaffe, and a press release was put out.

Then Jay Leno poked fun at her during his April 14 monologue (video is 24 seconds).

Then the state Democratic party showed up at her office with a goat (with which to barter – get it?!) and some questions about health care and a video camera (clip is 46 seconds).

Then Lowden’s remarks from the television show Nevada Newsmakers — defending her prior statements and adding some commentary about bartering (she very seriously talked about barn painting and chickens and The Olden Days and then said, “I’m not backing down from that system” — were broadcast on Monday (that vid there is 40-ish seconds).

Then Dems showed up with some chickens outside the building where Lowden was being endorsed by UNLV’s College Republicans last night.

And then publications like Kos and Politico wrote about it.  (And, updated: the LA Times.)

And then the DSCC sent out a press release and put up a website called Chickens for Checkups.

Which is all very Alinsky 101:

“Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon. It is almost impossible to counterattack ridicule. Also it infuriates the opposition, who then react to your advantage.”

I don’t know if they were infuriated or not, but in between all this stuff and again today, Lowden’s press peeps responded by putting out some very serious press releases and circulating articles in further defense of her position.  (Including an interesting piece based in part on this video story of a dental office in New York City that sometimes barters care for services.)

Ok, you are up to speed.  A few comments:

When I first heard of Lowden’s “barter” remarks I, like many, assumed she meant “work with” or “negotiate” or “bargain.”  And I assumed, after Leno’s mocking and especially after Dem operative Phoebe Sweet’s clever street theatre via an under-arm goat, that Team Lowden would simply come out with a press release and clarify.  Or that she would do so when she next went on TV.

I also thought she should join in the fun (always better to laugh with, than be laughed at) and perhaps do something like send out a mock fundraising letter asking for donations of livestock — 10 goats will pay for a neighborhood mailer, 50 chickens will buy a billboard spot, 300 cows will pay for a TV ad — wrapping up with a quick correction of the word “barter” to “bargain” and an explanation of her meaning about negotiating with doctors when paying cash.  I really think something along those lines, done quickly — say, late last week — would have taken care of the whole thing.

Not sure when this one is going to run out of steam, but I think it would be old news already if it would have been handled a little differently.

Top Political Consultant Says Angle Tea Party Endorsement, Expenditures on TV Ads Could Blow U.S Senate Race Wide Open

By Elizabeth Crum | 10:02 pm April 16th, 2010

In an interview on Ralston’s Face to Face tonight, Sharron Angle acknowledged that she needs to be “up on TV” with ads and said that is exactly where she will put the money she raises from the Tea Party Express endorsement.

Respected political consultant Ryan Erwin, who followed Angle on the show, said the Tea Party Express endorsement is definitely helpful to Angle and anybody who says it’s not is “fooling themselves.”

“What it really has the potential to do is to blow this race wide open, depending on what what the Tea Party does, depending on how they handle their independent expenditures.  You’ve got a chance of them spending resources and blowing up the two frontrunners to try get Sharron Angle in there, and blowing this door wide open not just for Sharron Angle but for Chad Christensen and John Chachas as well.”

Erwin pointed out that the frontrunners do not have huge sums of money while others, including the candidate whose campaign he manages (Chachas), have plenty.

“Look at the cash on hand numbers.  You are looking at Danny Tarkanian and Sue Lowden at $248,000. John Chachas is still sitting on $1.2 million.”

As for whether he thinks the Tea Party Express will really spend the money needed to change the game here in Nevada, Erwin said they may be willing as well as able because it is so inexpensive to buy television time here compared to other places.

“If you look at the races that they targeted across the country, this is the cheap one.  They can get a lot more bang for their buck spending money here than they can in California or anywhere else across the country,” said Erwin. “If they spend a few hundred thousand dollars, a half a million dollars, they could have a huge impact on the race.”

“$150,ooo gets you a statewide week of television. If you spend 3 weeks of TV, this is a whole new ballgame,” said Erwin.

Erwin also said he thinks the Tea Party Express and/or Sharron Angle will have to go negative with ads against Lowden and Tarkanian in order to really gain traction.

“To come from this far back when she is third place, a point ahead of Chad Christensen and two points ahead of John Chachas–  She’s not only got to separate from those two, but she’s got to pass two other people to have a chance at this thing,” said Erwin. “I think somebody’s going to have to go negative.”

As for the latest poll results and the surveys showing Harry Reid in the high 30s, Erwin did not give them much credence.

“I think on paper that is the case. The electorate is very different, and right now the electorate is voting against Harry Reid, the independentes are voting against Harry Reid,” said Erwin.

“Once you have a Republican nominee and that person starts to define themselves and, more likely, be defined by Senator Reid, I think you’re going to start to see those numbers move,” said Erwin.

“This is going to be a nail biter down to the end of it,” he said.

US Senate Candidate Chad Christensen’s YouTube Message to You

By Elizabeth Crum | 6:17 am April 11th, 2010

Christensen’s up with his first YouTube ad.

Two minutes, 44 seconds.

Christensen will participate in a debate with fellow candidates John Chachas, Sharron Angle, Danny Tarkanian and Sue Lowden at 5:00 PM on Friday, April 30, at The Orleans Showroom.  Sponsored by KDWN and moderated by local talk show host Heidi Harris.  (CD-1 and CD-3 candidates will also debate.)