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Washoe County Sees Record Early Voting Turnout

By Nevada News Bureau Staff | 2:06 pm October 22nd, 2012

CARSON CITY – Washoe County experienced record turnout on the first weekend of early voting, surpassing the 2008 presidential election numbers by more than 60 percent, the registrar of voters office reported today.

Ballots cast this weekend totaled 14,475 compared to 9,036 in 2008. In 2008, 56 percent of all voters cast their ballots during early voting, the county reported.

All early voting polling sites are running smoothly with additional machines delivered to areas experiencing higher than normal turnout. Voters can choose from 22 early voting locations, spread geographically throughout the region, through Nov. 2. Weekday voting is generally slower than weekends, with Saturdays and the last day of early voting the busiest. A complete list of locations is available online at

The county registered an all-time high of 241,400 voters prior to the close of registration this past Tuesday, exceeding the record of 231,400 for the General Election in 2008. Washoe County is expected to be one of the most closely watched jurisdictions in the nation for this year’s presidential election.

Start Of Early Voting Sees Heavy Turnout In Capital

By Sean Whaley | 10:51 am October 20th, 2012

CARSON CITY – Scores of people waited in line at the county courthouse here this morning to become some of the first of more than 1.2 million registered voters statewide to cast ballots in the Nov. 6 general election.

Election volunteer Cookie Callahan, left, waits to take completed ballots during early voting at the Carson City Courthouse today. / Photo: Nevada News Bureau.

Early voting starts today and runs through Friday, Nov. 2.

“We anticipate about 75 percent to 80 percent of registered voters will cast a ballot in the general election, although we are hopeful that turnout might exceed our projections,” Secretary of State Ross Miller said ahead of today’s voting kickoff.

Early voting poll locations are posted in the “Election Center” on the Secretary of State’s website,, or accessible by clicking here.

Voters line up in Carson City on the first day of early voting. / Photo: Nevada News Bureau.

The Secretary of State’s office will post voter turnout statistics, including county and political party breakdowns, to the website daily beginning Monday, Oct. 22.

Carson City Clerk-Recorder Alan Glover told the Nevada Appeal  he expects well over half of the community’s 29,000 registered voters to cast ballots during the early-voting process.

Nevada Secretary Of State Files His Campaign Contribution And Expense Report Early

By Nevada News Bureau Staff | 1:25 pm October 13th, 2010

(Updated at 3:20 p.m. on Oct. 13, 2010)

CARSON CITY – As he said he would, Secretary of State Ross Miller has filed his campaign contribution and expense report two weeks ahead of the deadline and several days before early voting begins for the Nov. 2 general election.

Miller has proposed legislation for the next session to improve the campaign reporting process, and voluntarily chose to post his report early as a way of showing his willingness to comply with revised rules that would make the information more useful to the public.

“Part of the resistance to comprehensive campaign finance reform last legislative session was that we kept hearing from incumbents that it was just too cumbersome and difficult to comply with what we were asking in terms of filing the reports early and electronically,” he said. “And so in order to prove a point I filed my report electronically this year so that the voters will have access to it prior to early voting which begins this Saturday.”

Current law requires the reports to be filed by candidates on Oct. 26, well after early voting has already begun. Early voting starts Oct. 16. More than half of all Nevadans voted early in the 2008 election.

Miller has requested legislation to move up the filing dates for the contribution and expense reports and then require updates. He also wants reports filed electronically so they can be easily searched by the public.

Miller will also file an updated report by the Oct. 26 deadline as required in state law.

Miller’s report, filed Tuesday, shows he collected nearly $85,000 in monetary contributions in excess of $100 in this second reporting period, with a total so far for the election season of just under $277,000. He also reports spending nearly $70,000 in the current reporting period and nearly $179,000 for the election season to date.

The second required report covers the period from May 28 to Oct. 21, although Miller’s initial filing does not extend to the full reporting period.

Miller received about 80 contributions, including $4,500 from NV Energy, $5,000 from the Searchlight Leadership Fund operated by U.S. Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev., $5,000 from the gaming manufacturer IGT, and $5,000 from the Nevada Realtors Political Action Committee, among others.

On the expenditure side, Miller reported a contribution of $10,000 to his own legal defense fund, formed after an ethics complaint was filed against him earlier this year by the state Republican Party alleging he used his official office for campaign purposes and used a public service announcement about the census to promote his re-election campaign. The complaint was rejected by a panel of the commission.

Audio clip:

Secretary of State Ross Miller said he filed his campaign report early to show that it is not burdensome:

101310Miller :25 begins this Saturday.”

State Lawmaker To File Campaign Report Before Early Voting, Challenges Other Candidates To Do The Same

By Sean Whaley | 3:40 pm September 28th, 2010

CARSON CITY – Nevada state Assemblyman Ed Goedhart, R-Amargosa Valley, said today he will voluntarily file his campaign contribution and expense report before early voting begins to give the public adequate time to review the information.

Goedhart, who is running for re-election, said he is joining with Secretary of State Ross Miller in filing his report well ahead of the deadline now in state law.

Miller announced earlier this month he would voluntarily file early and electronically in support of legislation he will seek next session to improve public access to the information contained in the reports. Miller said he will also file a report four days before the general election detailing any contributions received by his campaign in excess of $1,000 after the initial report filing.

Campaign reports from candidates are not due now until Oct. 26, 10 days after early voting begins and only a few days before the Nov. 2 general election.

“There are legitimate concerns surrounding the disclosure of the identities of donors to political campaigns, especially when incumbent legislators are in a position to threaten, either subtly or overtly, retaliation against citizens who contribute to an opposing candidate,” Goedhart said.

“However, if the law requires disclosure, then such disclosure should be done in a timely fashion that provides voters the information they need to make an informed decision at the ballot box before they vote,” he said. “If we’re going to have early voting, then we need to have early disclosure.”

In addition to filing his report before early voting begins Oct. 16, Goedhart said he will also report contributions of $100 or more on his campaign website within 48 hours of receipt through election day.

He challenged other candidates to file early as well.

“We’re never going to get government to be fiscally responsible if we are not transparent and accountable,” Goedhart said.

Audio clips:

Assemblyman Ed Goedhart says he will report his contributions ahead of early voting and update the information through election day:

092810Goedhart1 :17 $100 or more.”

Goedhart says transparency will lead to fiscal responsibility:

092810Goedhart2 :05 transparent and accountable.”

Goedhart says reporting law must reflect popularity of early voting:

092810Goedhart3 :12 reality of voting.”