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Governor Asks Council to Review Education Data Systems

By Nevada News Bureau Staff | 7:51 am October 8th, 2011

Gov. Brian Sandoval yesterday signed an executive order directing the P-16 Advisory Council to review education data systems in Nevada.

The Council, created by state statute, is intended to help coordinate education efforts in Nevada from the preschool through postsecondary levels and has the authority to address the data information system for public school students.

Esther Bennett Elementary School, Sun Valley, Nevada

“The effective use of high-quality education date is integral to the success of these reforms and establishing an effective education data system requires the cooperation of the executive and legislative branches of government, local school districts, Nevada’s System of Higher Education, educators in classrooms and early childhood care providers,” Sandoval said in a press release.

The Council, consisting of eleven members, includes Bret Whipple, Erin Cranor, Caryn Swobe, Stacy Woodbury, John LaGatta, Senator Joe Hardy, Assemblywoman Lucy Flores, Cedric Crear, Sue Daellenbach, Linda Johnson and Senator Barbara Cegavske.

According to the executive order, the Council’s recommendations will address the following:

– Establishing a cross-agency governance structure with representatives who have decision-making authority

– Identifying resource needs in the areas of staffing, technology and funding

– Developing policies that outline what data are shared and how; where they will be stored; how often they will be updated; who will conduct analyses; how privacy will be protected

– Creating a vision for the state’s longitudinal data system to ensure it will support the state’s education and workforce development needs

– Necessary legislation to carry out the Council’s recommendations.

The executive order requires quarterly reports on February 1, May 1, and August 1 of 2012 and for all work to be completed by August 1, 2012.

Bill Would Require More State Data To Be Hosted Online

By Andrew Doughman | 10:31 am March 30th, 2011

CARSON CITY – More of the state’s financial data would migrate online with a bill from Assemblyman Marcus Conklin, D-Las Vegas.

He would require the Controller’s office to post the state’s revenues and expenditures online with tables, graphs and explanatory descriptions for each account.

State Controller Kim Wallin already hosts financial on her website, as does Gov. Brian Sandoval. Conklin, however, said that the current data-displays lack charts, graphs and year-by-year comparisons that his bill would require.

Adding these things would not cost the state any money, he said, but would make arcane financial spreadsheets more accessible to the public.

Nevada Assemblyman Marcus Conklin, D-Las Vegas, speaks in committee at the Legislature. Conklin is sponsoring a bill that would put more state data online.

“Information is not readily available,” Conklin said. “It is very hard to find. … As some of you know in my private capacity, I do some economic research from time to time. … I can tell you from personal experience, finding good, usable consumable data is very, very difficult.”

Assemblywoman Marilyn Kirkpatrick, D-Las Vegas, who chairs the Assembly Government Affairs Committee that heard Conklin’s bill, said the bill would be like putting the state’s checkbook online.

Wallin testified in support of the bill.

“It’ll paint a picture,” she said. “A checkbook online, you look at your checkbook and it’s just a bunch of numbers … I think if we can start showing the trends of our expenditures, I think that paints a better picture.”

The committee took no action on the bill today.



Snippets from Secetary of State’s Quarterly Biz Report

By Elizabeth Crum | 4:44 pm April 8th, 2010

Don’t you love having an information geek to read all this stuff and provide you with interesting excerpts, Dear Readers?  Here you go:

– The Commercial Recordings Division has issued 111,419 state business licenses since taking over the function Oct. 1 of last year.

Really?  111K?  That surprises me.  And related to that:

The processing time is expected to shorten considerably when several vacant positions in the Secretary of State’s office are filled in the coming weeks.


Legislators approved funding to reinstate several positions previously subjected to layoffs after Secretary Miller testified during the February special session that budget cuts in his office could results in the “collapse of a significant revenue stream for the state.” Secretary Miller said the reduced level of service the state was providing could drive frustrated businesses out of Nevada. The additional staff will greatly reduce the filing times across the Division and the “hold” times when calling customer service.

I was there covering the special session in Carson City when Miller testified.  It was very exciting.  Ok, not really, but it was interesting.  And this figure was impressive:

– The Commercial Recordings Division is projected to generate over a $100M for the state general fund in the next year.


There were 279,250 entities in good standing at the end of March.  The Division processed 3,627 new entity filings in March, up 17% from the previous month.

And something for which I must give the SOS props:

A new, more user-friendly Business Center is coming soon to Businesses will find the new site much easier to navigate and find appropriate forms by action and entity type. The new site simplifies the filing of initial, amended, and annual lists of officers, and applying for or renewing a state of Nevada business license.

Services are currently in development for the online filing of domestic corporations and limited liability companies. Like our online Annual List Service, businesses will be able to file their articles of incorporation/organization online, without the delays of a traditional paper filing, and without an additional expedite fee.

And some election info:

Last day to register for primary election — May 18

Last day to request absentee ballot — June 1

Early voting for primary election — May 22 – June 4

Primary Election Day — June 8

You can fill out and print or download the register to vote form right here.

Reading the Tea Party Leaves

By Elizabeth Crum | 11:56 am March 23rd, 2010 has an interesting piece up on the Tea Party movement.

The Sam Adams Alliance, a Chicago-based non-profit group advancing free-market principles, conducted interviews with dozens of leaders in the grassroots movement to see what inspired their participation.

The results surprised even Anne Sorock, who was with the group when it began sponsoring protests last year.

Bill McMorris, a writer with the Franklin Center, spoke to Anne Sorock and did an in depth analysis of their findings.