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Happy First Filing Day!

By Elizabeth Crum | 11:06 am March 1st, 2010

Today is the first day for filing for non-judicial candidates.  March 12 (next Friday) is the last.

Our Secretary of State helpfully provides e-notifications when candidates file.  I’ll post today’s here (via update) as they come in.

Update (3:14 p.m. on 3/5/10): Missed, somehow, although I thought I had gotten them all:

Tom Jones (IAP) – State Senate District #9

Leonard Foster (IAP) – Assembly District #13

8:54 AM:

Ross Miller (D) – Secretary of State

Kevin Melcher (Non-Partisan office) – University Board of Regents – District 8

Sharron Angle (R) – U.S. Senate

John Ellison (R) – Assembly District #33

Frederick Lee Conquest (D) – Governor (filed in Las Vegas)

9:34 AM:

Catherine Cortez Masto (D) – Attorney General

Gary Schmidt (D) – State Senate Washoe District 2

Barry Herr (R) – Controller (filed in LV)

Jacob Hafter (R) – Attorney General (filed in LV)

11:01 AM:

Amy R. Clemens (R) – Assembly District #40

Edward Hamilton (D) - U.S. Senate (filed in LV)

Robert E. Goodman (D) – Lieutenant Governor (spelling of last name corrected from Goodwin to Goodman per SOS notice on 3/3/09)

Patrick Coletti (R) – CD 2

Robin Williamson (D) – Assembly District #40

Kim Wallin (D) - State Controller

11:15 AM:

Brian Sandoval (R) – Governor

Russell Best (Independent American) – CD2

12:45 PM:

Cecilia Stern (R) – U.S. Senate (filed in LV)

Robert X. Leeds (R) – U.S. Senate (filed in LV)

Don Gustavson (R) – State Senate District #2

2:40 PM:

Kelly Kite (R) – Assembly District #39

Kate Marshall (D) – State Treasurer

Sue Lowden (R) – U.S. Senate

James Settelmeyer (R) – State Senate Capitol District

4:10 PM:

Carlo Poliak (D) – U.S. Senate (filed in LV)

Dean Heller (R) – CD 2

And finally:

Gary G. Gladwill (R) – Assembly District #38