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Obama Talks About Commitment To Education, Keeping America Competitive, In Reno Campaign Stop

By Sean Whaley | 7:26 pm August 21st, 2012

RENOPresident Obama talked about his ongoing commitment to education in a visit to this battleground state today, his first official campaign event of the year in Northern Nevada but his third visit to the area in just the past few months.

Obama’s campaign stop, to be followed by another event tomorrow in Las Vegas, comes to the state with the highest unemployment rate in the nation at 12 percent.

President Obama speaks in Reno today. / Photo: Nevada News Bureau.

“You’re education is not just important to you, it’s important to America’s success,” he told a cheering crowd of 1,000 supporters in the student union at the Truckee Meadows Community College. “When we invest in your future we’re investing in America’s future. The fact is that, countries that out-educate us today they’ll out-compete us tomorrow. We cannot afford to lose that race to make sure we’ve got the most highly educated, most skilled workforce in the world.

“When companies and businesses are looking to locate, that’s what they’re looking for,” Obama said. “And I don’t want them looking any farther than Reno, Nevada, the state of Nevada, the United States of America; we’ve got the best workers in the world and I want to keep it that way.”

A college official estimated total attendance at the rally, including those outside, at 2,100.

Obama also pushed his plan to maintain the Bush tax cuts for most Americans, but not for individuals making $200,000 or more and couples making $250,000 or more, and criticized presumptive GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney for seeking tax cuts for the nation’s wealthiest citizens.

Obama said that since he took office, his administration has helped over three million more students afford a college education.

“Now, unfortunately, the economic plan of Gov. Romney could cut our investments in education by about 20 percent,” he said.

The cuts are proposed not to balance the budget but to pay for a tax cut for the wealthiest Americans, Obama said.

“Does that sound like a plan for a better future for you?” he asked. “It’s a plan that says we can’t afford to help the next generation, but we can afford massive new tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires.”

In response to Obama’s remarks here and in Ohio, the Republican National Committee said research shows that during his administration, the cost of college “is skyrocketing to an all time high.”

Since Obama took office, the unemployment rate for 20- to 24-year-olds has increased from 12.4 percent to 13.5 percent, the RNC said.

“Despite President Obama’s speech tonight in Reno, it’s more clear than ever that his failed policies have seen college costs soar and job opportunities dwindle for young graduates,” the RNC said.

Obama handily won Nevada in the 2008 presidential race, but saw Democrats lose ground in Nevada and nationally in the 2010 mid-term elections. Polls put the state as a tossup between the two candidates, and Washoe County is viewed by many local political observers as the region where the race will be played out in November.

In his concluding remarks, Obama said he is counting on students like those at Truckee Meadows to not get discouraged and to work to help Democrats win Nevada in November.

“First of all, you’ve got no excuses not to register to vote,” he said.

If volunteers knock on doors and make phone calls just like in 2008, Democrats will win Washoe County, Nevada and another four years, Obama said.


Audio clips:

President Obama says education is not just important to students, but to America’s success as well:

082112Obama1 :26 in the world.”

Obama says America has the best workers in the world and he wants to keep it that way:

082112Obama2 :16 it that way.”

Obama says Mitt Romney wants to cut college spending to pay for tax cuts for the wealthy:

082112Obama3 :12 your tax loophole.”


Horsford Announces Congressional Run, Says He Has “Very Effective” Campaign Team

By Elizabeth Crum | 8:49 pm October 12th, 2011

As expected and as reported a couple of hours ago by the AP, state Sen. and Democratic majority leader Steven Horsford (SD-4) will tomorrow formally announced he is running for Congress in CD-1, Rep. Shelley Berkley’s seat.

The public announcement will come at the Culinary Academy of Las Vegas, inside the Westside Bistro, tomorrow, October 13, at 2 p.m. (The address is 710 West Lake Mead Blvd in North Las Vegas.)

I chatted with Horsford this afternoon about his candidacy. A few snippets:

Horsford said he has so far tapped the following pros for his team:

– Campaign manager Geoff Mackler who last cycle worked at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s Independent Expenditure office. He was in charge of strategy (polling, mail, media, radio, field coordination) for ten congressional campaigns, including challengers Jim Himes, who beat Christopher Shays in Connecticut, and Mike McMahon, who won a Republican open seat in New York.  Prior to that Mackler spent six years at MSHC, a direct mail firm, and has also worked on campaigns in Massachusetts, Michigan and Texas.

Cornell Belcher to do media strategy and polling (same firm that did Obama polling in Nevada in 2008)

GMMB for media research and strategy (note the President’s smiling photo, top left)

Chadderdon Group as his direct mail house

State Sen. Steven Horsford

When listing his reasons for running, Horsford mentioned his commitment to his constituency — including his residency in that community for 38 years — and said he sees people there as “family” and feels an obligation to go to Washington for those who are “frustrated with how broken D.C. is.”

Horsford said that Nevada and its gaming industry “can’t recover and grow until the national economy recovers” so he believes he can do his best work inside the Beltway to help the country get on track.

When asked about district lines and a possible primary challenge, Horsford said:

“Right now there is no primary in this district. No other candidate has announced. My state senate district is contained within this congressional district and covers one-third of its area. I have served this community; people here know me; and I care about them.”


Horsford, now 38, was elected in his North Las Vegas district in 2004 and became senate majority leader in 2008.

He has served in six special sessions and four regular sessions of the Nevada Legislature. In the most recent session, he served as chair of the Senate Finance Committee and also served on the Senate Committee on Revenue and the Senate Committee on Legislative Operations and Elections.

Horsford serves as a national Democratic committee member and co-chaired the campaign for Obama in 2008. He is also a member of the DNC’s Rules & Bylaws Committee.

Horsford is the CEO of the Culinary Training Academy, a joint management and labor partnership between participating gaming companies and the Culinary and Bartenders Unions.

If elected to Congress, Horsford plans to step down as CEO.

He is married to Dr. Sonya Horsford, a professor of educational leadership at UNLV. They have three children, Benjamin, Bryson and Ella.

Possible campaign issues

Horsford’s tenure as an elected official has not been without controversy.

In November 2009, KTNV Channel 13 observed Horsford illegally parked, his SUV with his senate license plate visible in a handicapped parking space at a park for a number of hours. He quickly apologized for the “inconvenience.”

In August 2010, in an attempt to raise money, Horsford sent out an email to potential contributors offering access to himself and other Senate leadership in exchange for contributions of between $1,000 and $25,000 to a Democratic victory fund. The day after Nevada News Bureau broke the story, Horsford said it was a “poor action” and told KRNV he was pulling the plug on the program.

Also, this past April, web poker giant PokerStars treated Horsford to a paid “junket” to the Bahamas immediately prior to the introduction of internet poker legislation in Carson City. Horsford said the company asked him to attend a Nassau conference and that he “went to learn more about Internet gaming policy before federal and state governments.” However, Horsford later reimbursed the poker lobby group for the cost of the trip.

(In the original version of this post, I did not not mention that Sen. Horsford later paid Poker Stars for the trip because I was not aware of it. I regret the error.)

Subsequently, it was reported that Horsford had received $37,500 in campaign contributions from the then-federally indicted PokerStars. Forty-eight Nevada legislators in total took some amount of PokerStars money, including some PAC cash. Horsford (and others) later returned the money.

Recent Legislative work

During the 2011 Legislative session, Horsford was a vocal advocate for closing mining tax loopholes. He also requested emergency legislation to conduct a performance audit of the revenue collection functions of the Department of Taxation following questions about the thoroughness of that agency’s review of mining tax payments.

Despite being an outspoken education advocate, Horsford also at one point during the session pressed Nevada System of HIgher Education Chancellor Dan Klaich as he spoke in support of considering higher education campus closures as part of necessary budget reductions.

Horsford was part of the final-days dealmaking between Gov. Brian Sandoval and legislative leaders from both parties in which a budget agreement was announced that included tax extensions and restorations of funding to public and higher education in exchange for significant policy reforms in education and collective bargaining.





Titus Retires from UNLV, Ready to Run for…Something

By Elizabeth Crum | 5:27 pm June 24th, 2011

In case you missed it yesterday, the Las Vegas Sun reported that former U.S. Rep. Dina Titus has accepted a sweet buyout from UNLV, a move signaling she is ready for a return to politics.

Former Rep. Dina Titus

Titus will get a $162,000 lump sum for giving up her political science professor’s job. She will will still teach part-time and is scheduled to teach a nuclear politics course at UNLV this fall (for which she’ll be paid $3,000).

Titus told the Las Vegas Sun she’ll be working on a book she’s writing, exploring the horizon as a political consultant and…planning her next campaign:

“I’m certainly looking into it,” Titus said when asked about a future bid. “We’re watching the numbers and redistricting. I’ll probably make a decision in the fall.”

And in case there was any doubt, Titus told CityLife she will run for…something.




Morse Arberry Charged With Six Felony Counts

By Elizabeth Crum | 1:19 pm June 24th, 2011

Will Morse be remorseful?

Maybe so, now that state Attorney General Catherine Cortez-Masto has charged him with six felony counts related to his failure to report campaign contributions totaling $121,545.

The criminal complaint says former state Assemblyman Morse Arberry deposited contributions into his personal bank account and did not report them as required by Nevada law.

The story was first reported by KLAS-TV’s George Knapp (and the AG’s complaint is linked in the KLAS story).

Assemblyman Morse Arberry, Jr. / LCB photo

Arberry served in the Legislature from 1985 through 2010 and was the longtime chairman of the powerful Assembly Ways and Means Committee. He resigned from elected office in 2010 to pursue a lobbying career, specifically to court the Clark County court system for a $10,000-a-month contract.

At the time, the Las Vegas Democrat said he stepped down to avoid a conflict of interest between his elected position and his lobbying work. The quick move raised more than a few eyebrows, but Nevada has no law preventing legislators from morphing into lobbyists overnight.

Other states and the federal government have “cooling off” periods of one- to two-years.

Arberry told the Las Vegas Sun last year that he doesn’t believe in cooling-off periods.

“I think you have to hit things while the iron is hot,” he told the Sun’s David McGrath-Schwartz.

The Clark County Commission later rejected the contract.

Arberry’s legislative biography listed his Hobbies & Special Interests as tennis, skiing, racquetball, golfing, boating and classic automobiles. LCB can now add to that list: perjury and filing false documents.

And: I wonder how long after Arberry’s likely conviction it will take CCSN to rename this building




Amodei Ad Aftermath

By Elizabeth Crum | 3:31 pm June 21st, 2011

If all press is good press, Republican nominee Mark Amodei’s first campaign ad is a winner.


The ad, which centers on the issue of our national debt and the debt limit, is narrated by an Asian news woman with a stereotypical Chinese accent and is even captioned in Chinese.

It shows images of shut down factories with padlocked gates, President Obama cheerfully approving gigantic debt bills, the U.S. dollar sign morphing into the symbol for the Chinese yuan, China’s red flag furled over shiny cartoon cities, Obama bowing humbly to Chinese leader Hu Jintao and the Chinese Army marching in/on Washington D.C.

Says Amodei near the end: “I’ll never vote to raise Obama’s debt limit.”


Here is a round-up of reactions with links to the original sources (with apologies to anyone I missed):

– Dave Catanese of Politico called the ad “provocative”.

The Daily Caller‘s headline referred to the spot as a “light-hearted fear mongering ad”.

– Salon titled it “21st century red baiting”.

HuffPo riffed that the ad warns that China “will turn America into the Hunan Centipede”.

– KOS said, “Wow” and “This ad from newly-crowned GOP nominee Mark Amodei must be seen to be believed. It’s both wildly racist and extremely nuts”.

And in Nevada:

– Beth Ingalls with in Reno wrote “it’s a doozy.”

– Wyatt Cox at White Pine News called it “too little, too late.”

– Andrew Davey, a progressive blogger from Henderson, told the RJ he thought the ad was “xenophobic.”

– Kirk Caraway at Carson City Now asked who the real Mark Amodei is and said, “It’s as if some evil spirit has taken control of the old Amodei and created a monster.”

All the publicity came cheap, too. The 30-second spot was placed at KRNV in Reno from Monday through Thursday for less than $2,000, according to a Ralston Tweet. Politico estimated the total ad buy at around $3,000 (so there must have been another placement somewhere).

Update: Politico reports that the Asian American Asian American Action Fund called the ad “xenophobic” and “offensive” and “fear-mongering” and says it uses ”Chinese language and imagery in a sinister light.” The group is asking the Amodei to take it off the air.




Rory Reid to Pay $25,000 Personal Fine in Mini-PAC Funneling Scheme

By Elizabeth Crum | 5:50 pm June 3rd, 2011

As first reported and now confirmed and Flashed by Ralston a few minutes ago, Rory Reid did indeed violate campaign finance law when he authorized his gubernatorial campaign staff to form 91 shell political action committees that were then used to funnel three quarters of a million dollars into his campaign last year:

Rory Reid agrees to $25,000 fine in PAC scheme

Reid has signed a stipulation that the Secretary of State could well prove in court that he violated campaign finance laws.

SOS believes Reid the Younger broke law involving contributions in the name of another.
But to avoid litigation — and I’d guess, the chance a judge throws out case because of vague laws and Reid seeking counsel’s advice before engaging in scheme — Secretary of State Ross Miller got Reid to agree to hefty fine (largest in SOS history?) and an admission SOS could have proved violation in court.
David Cohen, his campaign manager, and Joanna Paul, his finance expert, will pay $2,500.
Here is the stipulation letter Rory Reid will sign acceding that it is viably provable his campaign was in violation of Nevada statutes and that he agrees to pay the large (personal) fine by the end of the calendar year.
The statement from the Secretary of State:
“My office has thoroughly reviewed the facts relating to this case with the full cooperation of the interested parties. This negotiated settlement ensures the public of my intention to vigorously enforce Nevada’s elections laws.”



Krolicki Endorses Heller for Senate, Says Considering NV-2

By Elizabeth Crum | 9:16 am March 15th, 2011

Politico reports that Lt. Gov. Brian Krolicki has formally endorsed Rep. Dean Heller and will “take time” to consider a run for Nevada’s 2nd Congressional District. Quote:

“I’m embracing his candidacy, and I told him over the weekend that I will do everything within my power to help him become a U.S. Senator.  I’m a team player and Dean is a very important friend in my life, as is his family,” said Krolicki, who noted that he had several conversations with Heller since Sen. John Ensign’s announcement to retire.

Krolicki also told Politico he hoped “his endorsement would signal to Nevada Republicans that they should unite around Heller’s bid and avoid the intra-party fratricide that hindered GOP hopes at upending Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reid last year.”

Methinks Krolicki hopes in vain. At least one viable GOP contender will probably challenge Heller in the Senate primary.

We shall soon see.




Heller Formally Announces U.S. Senate Run to Supporters

By Elizabeth Crum | 7:24 am March 15th, 2011

At 8:12 a.m. this morning, Rep. Dean Heller finally sent an email to his supporters announcing the U.S. Senate run I confirmed here last week.

Heller has a pretty new campaign website, and here is the text of the email:


Your past support has meant a lot me and for this reason I wanted you to be among the first to know that I am running for the United States Senate.

It is difficult to see so many people hurting in my home state. As many of you know, I grew up in Nevada and my wife Lynne and I have raised our family here. We see the tough choices our friends, neighbors, and family members are making every day and I see how poor decisions in Washington are impacting their lives.

This is not the first time that Nevadans have endured tough times and it won’t be the last, but I know that there are better days ahead.

Our strength as a state and a nation is bigger than the troubles of today. However, it is also incumbent upon us to effect change in difficult times to create a better future.

As families across Nevada struggle to pay their bills and fight to keep their homes, Barack Obama and his beltway allies are proposing record spending that will add to America’s job-killing debt from a stratospheric $14 trillion to a staggering $20 trillion.

We cannot allow this to happen.

We can change the course we are on by taking action today. The choices we make can lead to big changes in our lives and the lives of our loved ones. This is a crossroad that will not only change Nevada, but significantly change the direction of our nation for years to come.

If we are to turn our economy around, we must remove impediments that have caused economic stagnation and the inability of businesses to create new jobs. Not continue with business as usual.

We cannot ignore our nation’s very serious fiscal problems and continue to allow Obama’s big government job killing agenda to continue.

I have long been an opponent of reckless government spending and continue to support a balanced budget. In 2008, I stood up to former President Bush, then Senator Obama, and Washington special interests and said no to the Wall Street bailout. In fact, I was the only member of the Nevada delegation to vote against the Wall Street bailout, not once but twice. My view then, just as it is now, is that debt fueled bailouts only hurts long-term economic growth and places taxpayers on the hook for the excesses of Wall Street.

Now I want to take this fight to the United States Senate.

Congress can no longer refuse to make tough fiscal decisions and stick our children and grandchildren with the massive debt that has been allowed to accrue for far too long. We must take control of government spending to instill long-term economic growth in our country.

There are those who believe government spending is not the problem and we should simply raise taxes and treat the American public as an ATM. Let me assure you that I believe Washington has a spending problem—not a revenue problem—and that tax increases are not the answer especially in our current economic environment.

Just like many families across our state, Lynne and I sit around the table and discuss the direction of our country, the future of our children, and the needs of the people of our great state who have endured in this struggling economy for far too long.

It is time to move beyond the failed policies of the past and create real economic growth in Nevada.

I know that the tough times are not yet over. However, I also know that there are better times ahead.

Together we can move our country in a new direction, get Nevadans working again, and create a more prosperous future for us and our children.

It has been an honor to serve you and our great state in the House. I hope I can count on your continued support. With your help, we can bring a new conservative majority to the United States Senate.




The Audacity of Rory Reid: 75 Mini-PACs Funneled $750,000 from Leadership PAC to Campaign

By Elizabeth Crum | 12:34 pm March 4th, 2011

Here in the home of the politically audacious, Rory Reid has tested the bounds of boldness and possibly crossed into the land of the unethical. (Whether or not the campaign contribution law Rory thwarted should be on the books - many think it should not – is a topic for another day.)

Based on the law as it exists, Sun columnist Jon Ralston has what looks to be one of the biggest stories of recent times. It may, as he says, ultimately come down to a question of the spirit vs. the letter of the law:

In one of the most brazen schemes in Nevada history, gubernatorial candidate Rory Reid’s campaign formed 91 shell political action committees that were used to funnel three quarters of a million dollars into his campaign, circumventing contribution limits and violating at least the spirit – and maybe the letter – of the laws governing elections.

Reid, who was fully aware of what was done, essentially received more than $750,000 from one PAC – 75 times the legal limit — after his team created dozens of smaller PACS that had no other purpose other than to serve as conduits from a larger entity that the candidate funded by asking large donors for money. Indeed, the shell PACs were formed in the fall and dissolved on Dec. 31, after they had served their short-term function, which was to help the candidate evade campaign contribution laws.

Reid solicited donations for the Economic Leadership PAC, which raised more than $800,000 over a five-month period – donations that were then disbursed in $10,000 increments to dozens of other PACS, which quickly funneled the money back to the candidate’s campaign account.

(Read the whole thing, and check out the link to the Economic Leadership PAC report. Ralston has since posted a partial list of contributors, a legal memo from attorney Paul Larsen to Reid campaign manager David Cohen (saying the scheme was just fine and dandy) and a complete list of the very innocuous sounding mini-PAC names.)

Ralston’s digging reveals that all these mini-PACs had the same Las Vegas residential address — that of Joanna Paul, a Rory Reid staffer. And all the baby PACs were quietly dissolved right after the election. All in all, three-quarters of a million dollars was funneled into Reid’s campaign coffers after short stop-offs at the smaller PACs, effectively sidestepping the legal limits that restrict PAC contributions to just $10,000 per election cycle.

Rory told Ralston today that he not only cleared what he did with his legal counsel but also with the Nevada secretary of state’s office. But Secretary of State Ross Miller told Ralston that neither he nor his staff  remember any such conversations.

Is creating oodles of temporary PACs with deliberately obscured purposes in order to funnel large Leadership PAC contributions into a campaign lawful? And if so, should it be?

We can add these questions to those already created by the controversy over last year’s U.S. Supreme Court decision in the Citizens United case and the subsequent free-flowing money into Nevada’s campaigns.

(Comments welcome below.)

Angle Reports $2.3 Million Raised 5/20 to 6/30, $1.7 Million Cash On Hand

By Elizabeth Crum | 2:28 pm July 15th, 2010

Numbers from the Angle campaign a few minutes ago (and as first Flashed by Ralston):

Total Contributions Election Cycle-To-Date = $3,545,132.86

- Total Contributions 2nd Quarter Report (dates 5/20 – 6/30) = $2,290,936.53

- Total Contributions this Report from Individuals = $2,222,186.53

- Total Contributions this Report from PACs = $68,750.00

- Total Disbursements/Expenditures this Report = $656,773.25

- Debts & Obligations = $0

- COH at Beginning of Period = $132,016.59

- COH as of 6/30/2010 = $1,767,671.91

Reid raised about the same amount in the same period, but he has a whopping $9 million COH.  He’s raised about $19 million so far this cycle and will probably raise at least $25 million by time this is all said, done and won.

And:  Does anyone doubt that a couple of Reid’s many millions has already been flagged for a huge ad buy in September and October?

Not me.

Great year to be a Nevada media group with ads to sell.

Obama’s Vegas Vacation

By Elizabeth Crum | 2:40 pm July 6th, 2010

Don’t forget (as first reported by Ralston in June) the POTUS will be here Thursday at 5:00 p.m. for some fluffing-up of Harry Reid and an overnight stay, Dear Readers.  This is the commander-in-chief’s third junket to Sin City in a year.

Among the things on Obama’s To Do list are a 5:30 rally at Aria followed by a private fundraiser on Thursday evening and a speech at UNLV Friday morning.

Obviously Team Reid believes the president’s visit will be of some help, despite the RNC’s (predictable) criticism:

“President Obama’s trips to Nevada have only reminded Nevadans of Harry Reid’s failed economic policies and motivated more than 28,000 Democrats to vote against Reid in his primary,” say they.

Obama’s approval ratings were only at/around 41% as of April according to that last Mason-Dixon poll done for the LVRJ, but I’m not sure how much stumping for Reid changes voters’ mind about either of them.  Very little, I’d guess.

And as that is the case, I am sure Reid is glad enough to have the fundraising help.

What Happens on the Internet Stays in Harry Reid’s Opposition Files

By Elizabeth Crum | 8:02 am July 5th, 2010

All right, it’s a bit of a stretch to that header from “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas,” but it’s early and I couldn’t think of anything better.

Team Reid archived and has re-launched Sharron Angle’s pre-primary website, calling it “The Real Sharron Angle.”  It does appear to be an exact replica except that the front page “Donate” button has been disabled (ha).

Angle’s website has been revamped as of late last week.  Frankly it surprised me that the new and improved site took so long (22 days from her win) to launch.  It was pretty evident in the final weeks leading up to the election that Angle was probably going to pull off the win.  Why didn’t anyone on her campaign team (or in the various GOP camps) think to get her new website ready and up as soon as she won?  Or at least be ready to swoop in and quickly get it redone and up within 24 to 48 hours?

In contrast to Team Angle’s sluggish start, Team Reid and/or the state Dems and/or their pals and surrogates were out with anti-Angle Facebook pages and websites and Twitter accounts and press releases as she was giving her acceptance speech on primary night.  (As we were sitting at the KTNV anchor desk listening to her remarks on election night, the producer kept running in with faxed press releases from the state Dems and printouts of all the opposition media already popping up everywhere.)

Team Reid was quick on the draw with this one, too.  Angle put her new website up sometime last Thursday morning. The Team Reid press release (provided below) went out at 3:01 pm.  And Angle’s email blast announcing her new website did not go out until about an hour later, at 4:09 pm.

It seems pretty “Campaign 101″ to me that you don’t let the opposition announce and define your new website for you.  You launch your site and send out your email blasts and Tweets simultaneously.  Otherwise, this happens:

Reid Campaign Re-Launches Sharron Angle’s Campaign Website resurrects Angle’s original website featuring her dangerous and extreme agenda, before her handlers scrubbed it

LAS VEGAS – Seeking to hide her extreme and dangerous agenda from Nevada voters, Sharron Angle today removed more than 75% of the contents of the “issues” section of her webpage – deleting all references to her true positions on issues like eliminating Social Security and her plan to make Yucca Mountain into a haven for America’s nuclear waste. Angle has also removed controversial endorsements like the ‘Birther’ PAC Declaration Alliance that she had proudly touted in the past. Apparently Angle and her new handlers think that scrubbing her website will make voters forget about her long-documented, radical positions.

Fortunately for voters seeking a true window into Angle’s real positions, a “new” website will allow them to view her dangerous and radical ideas – the ones she has espoused consistently for decades before her new handlers deemed them too radical. (Original typos included.)

View Angle’s real, pre-scrubbed website here:

“Sharron Angle thinks she can fool Nevada voters about her extreme and dangerous agenda to eliminate Social Security and Medicare, abolish the Department of Education, shut down the EPA and the DOE in the middle of the worst environmental crisis in our history, and end regulatory oversight of Wall Street and big oil companies like BP,” said Reid campaign communications director Kelly Steele. “Obviously, Sharron Angle’s new handlers are as alarmed by the prospect of promoting Angle’s extreme and dangerous agenda for Nevada as most mainstream voters will be when they learn her true views.”

Team Angle is going to have to step up the speed, timing and coordination of their messaging if they hope to compete with the Reid Machine on the ‘net.  I hear there are some new boys in town to help with just that, so we’ll see how they do in the weeks and months to come.

Is the Nevada U.S. Senate Race Really a Money Game?

By Elizabeth Crum | 12:34 pm June 17th, 2010

The NRSC (and Ralston via Twitter) this morning point to a story in National Journal’s Hotline saying GOP candidate Sharron Angle has been raising about $100,000 per day since she won the primary.

Her campaign was slightly (about $30K) in debt pre-primary, so this is good news for her.

Having said that, Harry Reid will raise and spend at least $25M on this race, so Angle has a long way to go to match him so she can try to battle it out on the Nevada airwaves.

I do wonder, though, if Angle really needs That much money in order to beat the Majority Leader.  Reid’s low approval ratings didn’t budge much even after he had spent roughly $9M during primary season, so maybe this is a race in which money doesn’t mean what it usually does.

(I’ll wait for everyone to stop laughing before I continue…)

Is it possible Reid could spend another $10M on ads and still find himself in only the high 30s or low 40s?  That his “all I’ve done for Nevada” messages – much of which, to be fair to him, is quite true – will not resonate one bit in a state that is suffering so badly?  And that every time Harry Reid’s face is on TV, even in a positive context, it elicits an “Oh yeah, we don’t like that guy” instead of an “Ain’t he grand” reaction?

As has been said repeatedly, this election will largely depend on voter sentiment about the economy.  Unfortunately for Reid, most fiscal indicators show little movement.  And Nevada will be behind the national curve, so it is unlikely we’ll see even the foreshadowing of a recovery here before November.

If the narrative people carry close to their hearts is The Economy Is Still Wrecked: Harry and Friends to Blame! it’s quite possible all the TV ads in the world will not save him.  In fact, voter vitriol might be further fueled by the fact that Reid will be pouring $10 to $15 million into saving his, er, seat at a time so many regular people are hurting.

Don’t be surprised if you see an Angle ad saying just that.

I will be curious to observe and tally all the ad buys and then look at the polls in thirty days or so.

State GOP Complaint Against Treasurer Marshall Dismissed By Ethics Panel

By Nevada News Bureau Staff | 11:39 am June 16th, 2010

CARSON CITY – A two-member panel of the state Ethics Commission has decided there is insufficient cause to move forward with a complaint that state Treasurer Kate Marshall used her office to benefit her re-election bid.

The Nevada State Republican Party filed the complaint in April, saying Marshall had inappropriately included her official office telephone number as a point of contact for her campaign. Marshall, a Democrat, is running for a second term.

But Caren Jenkins, executive director of the commission, said a review of the complaint Thursday by two commission members, one Republican and one Democrat, found no cause to move it forward for a full hearing.

The panel determined that Marshall’s state office phone number was included on a contact list for candidates prepared by the secretary of state’s office, not by Marshall herself, she said.

A similar complaint filed against Secretary of State Ross Miller was also rejected by an Ethics Commission panel last month.

Steve Martin, a Las Vegas Republican and former state controller running against Marshall, said he was disappointed the complaint was dismissed out of hand without a hearing. But the decision was not a surprise since a previous panel reached the same decision in Miller’s case, he said.

Marshall was also criticized by the Martin campaign for lending her voice to radio ads promoting a children’s contest involving a college savings program managed by her office, but the issue was not part of the ethics complaint.

Gary Gray, campaign consultant to Marshall said the decision was a vindication for his client and her record of accomplishment, success, and integrity. He criticized Martin, who lost his race for controller in 2006, for making a “bogus” ethics complaint.

Martin did not file the complaint, however. Acting state party Chairwoman Sherry Dilley filed the complaints against Marshall and Miller.

U.S. Senate Round-Up

By Elizabeth Crum | 2:11 pm June 3rd, 2010

In an effort to close out a few of my 27 open browser tabs on stories the U.S. Senate race, here is a quick round-up of U.S. Senate race items for your edification and enjoyment, Dear Readers:

– A Stephen Moore WSJ piece on Angle Anxiety within the GOP establishment.  Also mentions Norquistian (Americans for Tax Reform) issues with her vote against the 2005 property tax cap bill (but as @SteveSebelius Tweeted earlier, she voted against that because she thought it was unconstitutional).  And says liberals are cheering for Angle as Reid’s dream opponent.

A KOS poll showing Angle now in the lead and Harry beating, well, everyone.

– Mary Cheney’s new PAC (Send Harry Packing) is out with a Harry Reid hit ad.

– Talking Points Memo with a Future Looks Bright for Harry story.

– One of Scott Ashjian’s (remember him?) companies filed for bankruptcy yesterday due to an unpaid debt to Nevada National Bank for $750,000.

– A vet’s group does negative robocalls on Lowden for her (1995) “burial tax for veterans” bill authorizing non-combat veterans to pay ($100) for burial in a veterans’ cemetery.

The WaPo says Angle won’t say where she’s campaigning this week and asks if she’s doing it because she’s afraid she’ll say something to screw things up.

– David McGrath Schwartz explores Team Reid’s Bashfest.

– Tark tells ABC why he needs to be the one via criticism of Angle and Lowden.

Hat Tips to @SteveSebelius and @RalstonFlash for quite a few of these, via Twitter and/or their blogs.