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Nevada Ron Paul Supporters Will Back Mitt Romney, State GOP Official Says

By Sean Whaley | 6:14 pm June 5th, 2012

CARSON CITY – Ron Paul supporter and national committeeman-elect James Smack said today he expects Nevada Republicans who have supported Paul in his GOP presidential quest to back Mitt Romney when the time comes to do so.

“The thing that we have assured the (Republican National Committee) is that there may be a number of us that like Ron Paul, like the Ron Paul message, but at the end of the day our concern is getting Republicans elected in the state of Nevada,” Smack said in an interview on the Nevada NewsMakers television program.

“Whether that Republican be the nominee Mitt Romney, or whether that Republican be Greg Brower (state Senate 15 candidate) or whomever, Dean Heller; those are the folks that, if they are leading the ticket after the primaries and after the convention, they are going to be the ones that have our support,” he said.

Paul supporters took 22 of 25 delegates at the Nevada Republican Convention earlier this year despite Romney’s strong win in the Feb. 5 nonbinding caucus. Romney took 50 percent of the caucus vote to 18 percent for Paul.

The Paul juggernaut at the convention has strained relations between the Romney campaign and the state GOP party.

Smack beat out RNC committeeman and former Gov. Bob List and RNC committeewoman, Heidi Smith lost to Diana Orrock at the convention in Sparks. They will begin their four-year terms following the Republican National Convention set for Tampa in August.

Smack is currently the vice-chairman of the state Republican Party.

There has some concern expressed that the Paul delegates from Nevada won’t follow the state caucus rules and back Romney on the first ballot at the national convention as required.

Smack said he has been told by the delegates he has spoken to, many of whom he said are friends and fellow Paul supporters, that they plan on following the Nevada Republican Party Caucus rules and “voting for whoever their bound for on the first ballot.”

“So I will take them at their word and I am comfortable that they will do the job that they were elected for,” Smack said. “I think their concern is they want to have participation in platform. They want to have participation in rules. And they want to be involved in the process.”

The idea of getting to the national convention is getting some of the Ron Paul message included in the national platform going forward, he said.

Smack said he is still working to mend the rift with Nevada establishment Republicans so the party can focus on defeating President Obama in November.

“We still need to all be Republicans this fall,” he said. “We need to all get behind our primary winners and get behind our nominee. And the most important thing we need to remember is that the ‘community organizer in chief’ needs to be out of the White House January 2013. We need to keep our eye on that ball.”

Nevada is considered to be a “battleground” state in the presidential race. An NBC/Marist poll released last week shows the presidential race in Nevada is a toss-up with 48 percent for Obama and 46 percent for Romney.


Audio clips:

James Smack says Nevada Republicans need to support the party’s candidates in the 2012 general election:

060512Smack1 :26 have our support.”

Smack says Nevada’s Paul delegates to the national convention will follow state GOP Party caucus rules:

060512Smack2 :13 in the process.”

Smack says Nevada Republicans need to focus on defeating President Obama:

060512Smack3 :16 on that ball.”

GOP Political Operative Sig Rogich Says Earlier Presidential Caucus Would Have Benefitted Nevada

By Sean Whaley | 3:54 pm December 19th, 2011

CARSON CITY – Long-time Republican political operative Sig Rogich today disagreed with comments from former Gov. Bob List that Nevada is better off with a Feb. 4 GOP presidential caucus rather than the January date that had been proposed initially.

“Why in the world would you want to step back, and we’re not going to be rewarded for such a thing, all things being equal,” Rogich said in an interview on the Nevada NewsMakers television program. “I just don’t think that it makes any sense to be that far back when you have an opportunity to be up in play.”

Sig Rogich.

Rogich was responding to a question from host Sam Shad about List’s remarks in an interview on the show last week when he said Nevada is better off with the Feb. 4 GOP caucus.

List, a Nevada State Republican Party national committeeman, said the primary contest won’t be over before Feb. 4, making Nevada a key battleground for Republican candidates.

Nevada was embroiled in a controversy earlier this year over when to hold its caucus because of Florida’s decision to move up its primary date. Nevada Republican Party officials ultimately agreed to the Feb. 4 date for the “First in the West” GOP caucus.

During the NewsMakers interview, Rogich predicted that Romney will win Nevada’s caucus. He won handily here in 2008.

But he also said the Romney campaign has failed to clearly define the former Massachusetts governor.

“And I think that’s their big problem in this campaign,” Rogich said. “He’s articulate, eloquent, certainly a good looking guy, he’s got a great accomplished history of a lot of things. But if you ask the average person what do you think about Mitt Romney and what he stands for, you’d probably get mixed reviews. People just don’t know where to categorize him.”

Rogich, who worked with Newt Gingrich during his time at the White House, said the candidate is on message and has momentum, but he has the ability to “create chaos from order.”

But Rogich predicted Gingrich will win in Iowa, is tightening up the race in New Hampshire and will win in South Carolina.

Rogich also said he still believes President Obama is the favorite to win, if the election was held today.

“All things being equal, if you count the electoral map, he may win very narrowly,” Rogich said. “But if he carries some of those states that he is likely to carry, at this juncture today, then I still think he is still a favorite to win.”


Audio clips:

Sig Rogich says Nevada would have been better off with an earlier caucus:

121911Rogich1 :14 up in play.”

Rogich says the Romney campaign has failed to define their candidate:

121911Rogich2 :19 to categorize him.”

Rogich says President Obama is the favorite to win if the election was held today:

121911Rogich3 :20 favorite to win.”

Former Gov. Bob List Says Later Nevada GOP Caucus Date Will Help, Not Hurt, Nevada

By Sean Whaley | 3:09 pm December 12th, 2011

CARSON CITY – Former Nevada Republican Gov. Bob List said today that he believes the state will have a critical role to play in the selection of the party’s nominee for president despite seeing the caucus date pushed back to Feb. 4.

“No, I think that being fifth actually has turned out to be better than being third,” said List, who is a Nevada State Republican Party national committeeman. “This race is certainly not going to be decided by the time Florida has its primary.

Former Nevada Gov. Bob List.

“We’re going to have the Iowa caucuses, which are non-binding on the delegates, then you’ve got New Hampshire, then Florida, then South Carolina,” he said in an interview on the Nevada NewsMakers television program. “It’s not going to be over by then. Then comes Nevada. We’re going to be the first in the West and we’re going to get a lot of activity out here and the eyes of the nation are going to be on the Silver State.”

“I think the race will become more critical by that time,” List said. “I don’t think it hurt us one bit to slip back.”

Nevada was embroiled in a controversy earlier this year over when to hold its caucus because of Florida’s decision to move up its primary date. Nevada Republican Party officials ultimately agreed to the Feb. 4 date for the “First in the West” GOP caucus. The caucus had previously been set for Jan. 14.

List said Nevada played by the rules in setting its caucus date, which will benefit the state in future years. Florida will be penalized for setting its GOP primary so early, he said.

List said the Republican debates are generating a lot more attention than in past years, and the ultimate candidate will be “widely known and well tested.”

List also criticized former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney’s offer to bet Texas Gov. Rick Perry $10,0000 over Romney’s position on the individual health care mandate. The exchange came in an Iowa debate on Saturday and Romney has been criticized for being out of touch with average Americans for proposing to make such a large bet.

“I didn’t think that was well thought through,” List said. “I think it was a bad mistake.”

Even so, List praised Romney as the potential Republican presidential nominee.

List said Romney is a good manager, has high ethical standards and is respected for his integrity.

There has been some concerned expressed by Southern Evangelicals over Romney’s religion, but List said Nevadans know that members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are good Christians, and “it’s nothing to be feared.”

Romney won the Nevada caucus in 2008.

List also praised Newt Gingrich for his command in the debates, which has pushed him into front-runner status.

“He is so smart, and he has such a sense of history, and he really has an enormously good grasp of the issues,” List said.

Both Romney and Gingrich could beat President Obama, he said.


Audio clips:

Former Nevada Gov. Bob List says Nevada’s later GOP caucus date will help the state:

121211List1 :29 the Silver State.”

List says the GOP presidential primary will be more critical by Feb. 4:

121211List2 :08 to slip back.”

List says Mitt Romney made a mistake in offering to bet Rick Perry $10,000:

121211List3 :13 a bad mistake.”



The Anointing Begins: Adelson Headlines First Heller Fundraiser

By Elizabeth Crum | 7:58 am March 15th, 2011

A few minutes after Rep. Heller announced his U.S. Senate run this morning, an invitation to a March 28 fundraiser at Panevino went out to major donors.

Host donation is $5,000, attendees are $1,000 per person or $1,500 per couple.

Sheldon Adelson’s name is headlining along with:

– Steve Hill (Las Vegas Chamber)

– Dema Guinn (former First Lady)

– Bob List (former governor, RNC committeeman)

– Scott Nielson (Station Casinos)

– Anthony Marnell (the M Resort)

Many others…


Former Governor Bob List Says Governor Sandoval Should Decide Next State GOP Chairman

By Elizabeth Crum | 6:49 pm March 10th, 2011

Former Nevada Governor and RNC Committeeman Bob List said late this afternoon that he is not ready to either privately or publicly endorse a candidate to replace soon-to-be departed state GOP chairman Mark Amodei until Governor Sandoval chimes in with his preferred choice.

“Governor Sandoval is the leader of the state party,” said List. “I will wait to hear who he thinks can best fill Chairman Amodei’s shoes before saying anything more on this matter.”

List said he sees no reason why an election for chairman cannot happen at the next Nevada Republican Central Committee Meeting scheduled on April 1-2 in Carson City, though GOP operatives around the state were today saying a special election may be necessary if things cannot be organized in time.

Las Vegas businessman and former state senate candidate Patrick McNaught and Amy Tarkanian, wife of former U.S. Senate candidate Danny Tarkanian, were two names being bandied about in GOP circles today as possible contenders for the chairmanship. Others will no doubt surface in the days to come.





Michele Fiore Campaign Correction Contains Another Misstatement

By Elizabeth Crum | 8:55 am May 20th, 2010

The woman who says she is best positioned to take down Shelley Berkley in November seems to be having some trouble getting her facts straight.

Last night, after this post about a misstatement in a press release that went out on the wires yesterday, CD-1 candidate Michele Fiore’s campaign team issued a correction:


Las Vegas, NV – May 19, 2010 – The Michele Fiore for Congress campaign is offering a clarification of pledged support and endorsements of her candidacy.

In a previous campaign email announcing the endorsement from The Asian American Group of Nevada and Grassroots support, the campaign mislabeled Michele’s RNC Rule 11 letter as an endorsement rather than an authorization allowing support.

The Nevada Republican Party leadership and both RNC committee members authorized the Rule 11 letter. The letter allows the RNC to back one GOP candidate over other GOP candidates in the pre-primary race if it chooses to. It is not a traditional endorsement, comparable to the endorsements Michele has received from RNC Committeeman and Former Governor Bob List, State Assemblyman Ed Goedhart and businessman Monte Miller. The Rule 11 letter from the NRP is an announcement of support from the state party for a selected candidate.

The campaign is pleased to clarify this and apologizes for any confusion. Michele looks forward to working with the RNC once she becomes the GOP nominee for CD1.

Er, yeah.

Except that a Rule 11 letter is not a show of support from the Nevada Republican Party.  It is simply a letter of support signed by the three National Committee members from Nevada.  The letter never went before the Executive Committee or the Central Committee of the state party, and the party has not endorsed her nor ever stated that it supports her.

Michele Fiore’s Rule 11 letter was simply a statement of support by three people:  Bob List, Heidi Smith and ex-chairman Chris Comfort.  Only one of whom, incidentally, is even registered to vote in CD-1.

While we’re on the subject, Fiore endorsers Ed Goedhart and Monte Miller, while both good guys, don’t live in CD-1 either.  But then neither does Michele Fiore (she actually lives in CD-3).

So…what we have here is a candidate who has claimed to be a strongly endorsed primary front-runner with both RNC and state party support but who in fact has a handful of endorsements comprised of only one person who can actually vote for her — even if we include Fiore herself.

You can’t make this stuff up, Dear Readers.