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To B or Not to Be

By Elizabeth Crum | 9:03 pm July 29th, 2010

The anonymous Nevada blogger at Reid-B-Gone – self described on her About page as a wife, mother, activist and Republican who is not a big fan of Harry Reid – is upset that former state senator Bob Beers has started up a sales website called Reid-Be-Gone that peddles spray bottles, t-shirts, buttons and stickers sporting the words “Reid Be Gone” along with “VOTE’M OUT – Stops Socialism at its Roots!”

From her blog:

True fact! Former State Senator Bob Beers has opened an online store called Reid-Be-Gone. Get it? See the extra “e”? [If you want to visit, navigate to No links from here.]

Reid-B-Gone is a nice name, except it is taken. It is mine and I’ve been using it since November 2009. Adding an “e” and calling it your own original idea doesn’t exactly cut it.

This blog is the original Reid-B-Gone and Bob Beers is the copycat, the Johnny-come-lately, the arrogant establishment politician picking on the little guy.

Mr. Beers is well aware I don’t want him to use my blog name for his store. He maintains that I will just have to get used to it, because if he can’t sell his stuff using my blog name, then Harry Reid has already won.

I see no difference between Bob Beers calling his online store Reid-Be-Gone and Scott Ashjian calling his new party Tea Party of Nevada.

So here we are in this unfortunate place: I’m asking readers to stand in solidarity with the original Reid-B-Gone by not purchasing from Bob Beers store.

Stay tuned for updates.

So unhappy with Beers is Miss B that in addition to calling for a boycott of his similarly named store, she has gone to the trouble of producing this short YouTube video entitled “Robot Republican Infighting Theatre – VegasVoter vs. Bob Beers” starring, yes, two robots representing Miss B and Mr. Be, er, Beers.

This is where I run out of words and just marvel at the inhabitants of the world in which we live.

It really is a wonderful life.

Former State Lawmaker, State Democratic Party, To Settle Defamation Lawsuit Over 2008 Campaign Mailer

By Sean Whaley | 4:39 pm June 16th, 2010

(Updated at 4:57 p.m. on June 16, 2010)

CARSON CITY – Former state Sen. Bob Beers, R-Las Vegas, said he has settled a lawsuit with the Nevada State Democratic Party over a campaign mailer sent out just days before the November 2008 general election alleging he was under review by the state Ethics Commission.

Beers, who lost the election to Democrat Allison Copening, sued Copening and the state Democratic party for defamation stemming from the last-minute mailing. A trial was scheduled for August in Clark County District Court, but Beers said today a settlement offer he made to the Democratic Party was accepted.

Developments in the 18-month old case were first reported by Jon Humbert of Las Vegas telvision station KLAS via Twitter.

Copening, whose victory in the Clark Senate 6 race helped give Democrats the majority in the upper house for the first time since 1991, had earlier been dropped from the lawsuit.

Beers said state Democratic Party officials have agreed to write a letter stating that he was never under review by the Ethics Commission at any time. The party will also write a $2,500 check to Opportunity Village.

The settlement agreement came as Democrat Party officials were scheduled to be deposed in the case tomorrow. An effort by party officials to restrict questioning in that deposition was rejected by a district judge.

Beers said he is satisfied with the settlement, which has yet to be formally signed by the parties.

He said each side will pay their own legal costs in the matter.

“I hope out of this comes an increasing awareness that the Nevada State Democratic Party, at least here at a local level, will flat out lie to win an election,” Beers said.

State Democratic Party spokeswoman Phoebe Sweet said there would be no comment on a lawsuit that has yet to formally settle.

“If we settle, we will be closing the books on a frivolous lawsuit brought by former Sen. Bob Beers,” she said. “We are happy to make a contribution to a charity and give Sen. Beers the statement he feels he needs to move forward and ‘clear his name.’ Although if Sen. Beers is so interested in name-clearing, he should apologize to Sen. Allison Copening. Beers admitted in his deposition that he filed a lawsuit against her during the 2008 campaign with absolutely no evidence of any wrongdoing on her part. The Nevada Democratic Party stands by its direct mail against Sen. Beers.”

Audio clip

Former State Sen. Bob Beers comments on defamation settlement

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“Legendary Conservative Leaders” Endorse Gibbons in Final Hours

By Elizabeth Crum | 5:48 am June 8th, 2010

Team Gibbons, in what will presumably be the last day of their earnest but sad little campaign, this morning listed their two recent Tea Party group endorsements – Action is Brewing and Grassroots Nevada – and announced that the governor is also now endorsed by former U.S. Congresswoman Barbara Vucanovich and former state Senator Bob Beers.

The press release calls the two former elected officials “legendary Conservative leaders of Nevada.”

Both Beers and Vucanovich are well-respected in their circles, but calling them “legendary” is a bit of a stretch.

Governor Gibbons, on the other hand, is famous throughout the land and tonight – barring a miracle – will become even famouser as the first sitting governor in state history to lose a primary election.

It’s nice of these two old friends to stand by his side here at the end.  So many others, seeing the dark clouds rolling in, long since departed for other sunny, Sandy beaches of promise.