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Federal Report Sheds Light On Nevada’s Dismal 2010 Unemployment Picture

By Sean Whaley | 4:24 pm January 28th, 2011

CARSON CITY – The fact that Nevada has the worst unemployment rate in the nation isn’t exactly news, but a report released today by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics provides an in-depth picture of just how bad it was in 2010.

The report shows that Nevada’s “actual” unemployment rate for the calendar year was 23.6 percent, with California second at 22.1 percent.

The actual unemployment rate shows a much worse jobless situation both in Nevada and nationally because it uses a broader definition that encompasses workers who are too discouraged to seek employment and have given up searching, and workers employed part time for economic reasons.

Persons employed part time for economic reasons are those working less than 35 hours per week who want to work full time, are available to do so, and gave an economic reason (their hours had been cut back or they were unable to find a full-time job) for working part time, the bureau reports. These individuals are sometimes referred to as involuntary part-time workers.

Using this measure, nearly one in four Nevadans was unemployed or “underemployed” in 2010.

The rate is one of six “alternative measures of labor under-utilization” generated by the bureau, another of which is the much lower official monthly unemployment rate.

The Nevada Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation, which announces the official monthly unemployment rate for the state, had this to say about the actual unemployment rate when it cited the figure in a release last year, “. . . from a policy perspective, the actual unemployment rate presents a more complete picture of what is currently occurring in the economy.”

The Bureau of Labor Statistics report also shows that by any one of six different measures of unemployment in 2010, Nevada ranked the worst.

“In 2010, Nevada reported the highest rate for all six alternative measures of labor under-utilization,” the report says.

Nevada reported last week that the official unemployment rate in December was 14.5 percent, up two-tenths of a percentage point over November. Nevada again had the highest rate in the nation, followed by California and Florida.

For the 2010 calendar year, Nevada averaged 14.4 percent unemployment, again, highest in the nation.

Today’s Battle ’10 Posts on NRO

By Elizabeth Crum | 5:16 pm August 2nd, 2010

Here are my most recent National Review Online blog items, Dear Readers:


  • Hating Harry (bonus materials:  video of a money quote from Ralston)
  • Nevada’s “None of the Above” option could help Harry Reid (includes money quote from Ryan Erwin)
  • Sandoval “Hispanic” scandal (or is it?)
  • Sandoval leads Rory by…we’re not sure (battle of the polls)
  • Angle-Reid in dead heat
  • Rory emerges from polling abyss, says Rasmussen (bonus materials: funny ad)

Since you can’t drop comments over there, feel free to drop them here instead.

To B or Not to Be

By Elizabeth Crum | 9:03 pm July 29th, 2010

The anonymous Nevada blogger at Reid-B-Gone – self described on her About page as a wife, mother, activist and Republican who is not a big fan of Harry Reid – is upset that former state senator Bob Beers has started up a sales website called Reid-Be-Gone that peddles spray bottles, t-shirts, buttons and stickers sporting the words “Reid Be Gone” along with “VOTE’M OUT – Stops Socialism at its Roots!”

From her blog:

True fact! Former State Senator Bob Beers has opened an online store called Reid-Be-Gone. Get it? See the extra “e”? [If you want to visit, navigate to No links from here.]

Reid-B-Gone is a nice name, except it is taken. It is mine and I’ve been using it since November 2009. Adding an “e” and calling it your own original idea doesn’t exactly cut it.

This blog is the original Reid-B-Gone and Bob Beers is the copycat, the Johnny-come-lately, the arrogant establishment politician picking on the little guy.

Mr. Beers is well aware I don’t want him to use my blog name for his store. He maintains that I will just have to get used to it, because if he can’t sell his stuff using my blog name, then Harry Reid has already won.

I see no difference between Bob Beers calling his online store Reid-Be-Gone and Scott Ashjian calling his new party Tea Party of Nevada.

So here we are in this unfortunate place: I’m asking readers to stand in solidarity with the original Reid-B-Gone by not purchasing from Bob Beers store.

Stay tuned for updates.

So unhappy with Beers is Miss B that in addition to calling for a boycott of his similarly named store, she has gone to the trouble of producing this short YouTube video entitled “Robot Republican Infighting Theatre – VegasVoter vs. Bob Beers” starring, yes, two robots representing Miss B and Mr. Be, er, Beers.

This is where I run out of words and just marvel at the inhabitants of the world in which we live.

It really is a wonderful life.

RGJ via AP: Palin PAC Gives Sharron — That’s With TWO “R”s — Angle $2,500

By Elizabeth Crum | 9:18 am July 12th, 2010

Get it right, people.  The Daily Caller yesterday noted that Sarah Palin spelled Sharron Angle’s first name wrong  — with only one “r” — in one of her recent Tweets.  A PAC website in support of Angle did the same last week.

Though there has been no formal endorsement (yet) of U.S. Senate candidate Sharron Angle by Sarah Palin, the SarahPAC did recently stroke Angle a check for $2,500.

The coveted Palin endorsement will come for Angle at some point.  Sarah Palin is no way, no how going to refrain from formally endorsing the woman the GOP hopes can ride this year’s anti-incumbent wave to a demoralizing victory over the Democrats in the form of a Harry Reid defeat.

Palin is already lending moral support to Angle, who has been under fire from the Reid Campaign from the moment she gave her acceptance speech on June 9.  In two Tweets posted yesterday, Palin defended Angle on Social Security:

“Sharon Angle’s right: new workers should get to invest some Social Security withholdings in their own savings accounts”

“What part of ‘The System is Going Bankrupt’ don’t you understand, Mr. Reid?”

That Daily Caller piece noted that Palin also went directly after Obama for remarks made during his visit to Las Vegas last week, including this statement:

“He’s got most disconnected, backasswards plan ever imposed on the country we love,” Palin said…

Though the president is being pummeled regularly on the economy and it’s likely the Democrats will suffer for it in November, Politico this morning noted that many of Obama’s policies will not take effect until after his first term, or well past the second.  Assuming he wins a second term, of course.

Team Reid Is Back Up With Angle’s Pre-Primary Website

By Elizabeth Crum | 3:01 pm July 6th, 2010

Apparently the Team Reid attorneys have determined there is nothing to worry about re: the copyright infringement threats from Team Angle, so they have now relaunched her previously resurrected website (It’s Alive!)(Again!!)

My two cents on this is that it was rather silly for Team Angle to so stridently object to the re-publishing of a campaign website she thought was just fine and dandy from October through June 9.

What possible rational justification could there be (and why would you think it is politically smart) to issue a “Cease and Desist” to try to prevent people from reading your past (recent) policy positions?  Especially when you just spent 9 months on the campaign trail repeating the slogan “Don’t read my lips, Read my record” every five minutes?  And more especially when, as it turns out, you do not have a legal leg to stand on…?

Anyhow, here’s the Team Reid press release:

Sharron Angle’s Pre-Scrub Website memorialized online…now permanently

After 24 hours of caution following frivolous legal threats to censor our free speech, Democrats resurrect Angle’s website with her truly-held views

LAS VEGAS – Just how pathetic have Sharron Angle’s new DC handlers become in their efforts to hide her extreme and dangerous agenda from Nevadans? Well, immediately following Angle’s primary win, they pulled down 3,000 words of text from her website that outlined her extreme views in great detail. And yesterday, they threatened legal action against the Reid campaign.

For what, pray tell, did tort reform crusader Angle threaten this frivolous legal action? For resurrecting Angle’s pre-primary, pre-scrubbed website – quoting her radical agenda in her exact words without edit – to illustrate the extent to which she has tried to hide her dangerous plans like eliminating Social Security and abolishing the Department of Education.

Summoning all the fake indignation possible, the Angle campaign called the maneuver a “dirty trick” and suggested the attempt to simply memorialize Angle’s pre-scrubbed record had purely nefarious motives. Nevermind the fact that the Reid campaign announced publicly in the media their intention to publicize the record of Angle’s old website even before Angle began promoting her new one.

Out of an abundance of caution, the Reid campaign decided to temporarily remove the website in question while we investigated their allegations. Well, the phony legal threats and the feigned indignation are over – and we’re not going to let Sharron Angle retroactively censor Sharron Angle. The original website, including Angle in her own words on her dangerous and extreme agenda, has been re-launched at:

Just to be clear to Sharron Angle and her handlers, it’s called free speech and it’s nearly absolute under the First Amendment. (We know, these “big Constitutional issues” are tough for you – like when you said separation of Church & State was “unconstitutional” exactly one week ago.)

“The question is: what will Sharron Angle do now to hide her extreme views on killing Social Security and eliminating the Department of Education from Nevada voters? Perhaps she’s checking to see if there are any Second Amendment remedies,” said Jon Summers, spokesman for the Reid campaign.

Obama’s Vegas Vacation

By Elizabeth Crum | 2:40 pm July 6th, 2010

Don’t forget (as first reported by Ralston in June) the POTUS will be here Thursday at 5:00 p.m. for some fluffing-up of Harry Reid and an overnight stay, Dear Readers.  This is the commander-in-chief’s third junket to Sin City in a year.

Among the things on Obama’s To Do list are a 5:30 rally at Aria followed by a private fundraiser on Thursday evening and a speech at UNLV Friday morning.

Obviously Team Reid believes the president’s visit will be of some help, despite the RNC’s (predictable) criticism:

“President Obama’s trips to Nevada have only reminded Nevadans of Harry Reid’s failed economic policies and motivated more than 28,000 Democrats to vote against Reid in his primary,” say they.

Obama’s approval ratings were only at/around 41% as of April according to that last Mason-Dixon poll done for the LVRJ, but I’m not sure how much stumping for Reid changes voters’ mind about either of them.  Very little, I’d guess.

And as that is the case, I am sure Reid is glad enough to have the fundraising help.

Team Angle Accuses Team Reid of “Nefarious Actions” and Privacy Violations

By Elizabeth Crum | 8:06 pm July 5th, 2010

See the prior two posts for background on this one.

And then, this press release from Team Angle a short while ago:

For Immediate Release

Senator Harry Reid’s Campaign Forced to Take Down Deceptive Website

Reid Campaign blamed for trying to capture data belonging to Angle Supporters

Reno, NV – Today U.S. Senator Harry Reid’s campaign was forced to take down a website that falsely represented itself as Sharron Angle’s campaign website and attempted to deceive Angle supporters into giving their personal information to the Reid campaign. Reid’s campaign received a Cease and Desist Notice complaining of “nefarious actions,” including the abuses of proprietary materials from the Angle campaign website and for potentially violating the privacy of supporters who may have been submitting personal information to be used for U.S. Senate candidate Sharron Angle’s campaign.

According to a letter from the Angle campaign’s lawyer, “… these activities violate a number of federal statutes regarding the internet and your client has clearly misappropriated my client’s copyrighted materials. In addition it appears that the only interactive function on the fake site is the capturing of names of persons seeking to add their names and email addresses as supporters of Sharron Angle.”

Angle spokesman Jerry Stacy said that Reid’s campaign responded immediately by removing the site. “Make no mistake, the Reid campaign was forced to take this site down because they were breaking several laws and trying to deceive the voters,” Stacy said. “You’re going to see a lot of dirty tricks like that from Reid’s campaign.”

Stacy also added that he is not surprised by the continual shady tactics coming from the Reid campaign. “This is a clear case of a desperate man doing desperate things to win. We knew that Harry Reid was trailing in the polls and that he would do anything to win — but for Harry Reid’s campaign to resort to actually breaking laws would be amazing even for him. Harry Reid may feel like he is above the law when he’s off in Washington, but back here in Nevada we expect better from our leaders. This is just one more reason Harry Reid has got to go.”

Here’s the letter:

Cease Desist Notice to Reid Campaign

What Happens on the Internet Stays in Harry Reid’s Opposition Files

By Elizabeth Crum | 8:02 am July 5th, 2010

All right, it’s a bit of a stretch to that header from “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas,” but it’s early and I couldn’t think of anything better.

Team Reid archived and has re-launched Sharron Angle’s pre-primary website, calling it “The Real Sharron Angle.”  It does appear to be an exact replica except that the front page “Donate” button has been disabled (ha).

Angle’s website has been revamped as of late last week.  Frankly it surprised me that the new and improved site took so long (22 days from her win) to launch.  It was pretty evident in the final weeks leading up to the election that Angle was probably going to pull off the win.  Why didn’t anyone on her campaign team (or in the various GOP camps) think to get her new website ready and up as soon as she won?  Or at least be ready to swoop in and quickly get it redone and up within 24 to 48 hours?

In contrast to Team Angle’s sluggish start, Team Reid and/or the state Dems and/or their pals and surrogates were out with anti-Angle Facebook pages and websites and Twitter accounts and press releases as she was giving her acceptance speech on primary night.  (As we were sitting at the KTNV anchor desk listening to her remarks on election night, the producer kept running in with faxed press releases from the state Dems and printouts of all the opposition media already popping up everywhere.)

Team Reid was quick on the draw with this one, too.  Angle put her new website up sometime last Thursday morning. The Team Reid press release (provided below) went out at 3:01 pm.  And Angle’s email blast announcing her new website did not go out until about an hour later, at 4:09 pm.

It seems pretty “Campaign 101″ to me that you don’t let the opposition announce and define your new website for you.  You launch your site and send out your email blasts and Tweets simultaneously.  Otherwise, this happens:

Reid Campaign Re-Launches Sharron Angle’s Campaign Website resurrects Angle’s original website featuring her dangerous and extreme agenda, before her handlers scrubbed it

LAS VEGAS – Seeking to hide her extreme and dangerous agenda from Nevada voters, Sharron Angle today removed more than 75% of the contents of the “issues” section of her webpage – deleting all references to her true positions on issues like eliminating Social Security and her plan to make Yucca Mountain into a haven for America’s nuclear waste. Angle has also removed controversial endorsements like the ‘Birther’ PAC Declaration Alliance that she had proudly touted in the past. Apparently Angle and her new handlers think that scrubbing her website will make voters forget about her long-documented, radical positions.

Fortunately for voters seeking a true window into Angle’s real positions, a “new” website will allow them to view her dangerous and radical ideas – the ones she has espoused consistently for decades before her new handlers deemed them too radical. (Original typos included.)

View Angle’s real, pre-scrubbed website here:

“Sharron Angle thinks she can fool Nevada voters about her extreme and dangerous agenda to eliminate Social Security and Medicare, abolish the Department of Education, shut down the EPA and the DOE in the middle of the worst environmental crisis in our history, and end regulatory oversight of Wall Street and big oil companies like BP,” said Reid campaign communications director Kelly Steele. “Obviously, Sharron Angle’s new handlers are as alarmed by the prospect of promoting Angle’s extreme and dangerous agenda for Nevada as most mainstream voters will be when they learn her true views.”

Team Angle is going to have to step up the speed, timing and coordination of their messaging if they hope to compete with the Reid Machine on the ‘net.  I hear there are some new boys in town to help with just that, so we’ll see how they do in the weeks and months to come.

AOL’s Quirky Q&A with Rory Reid

By Elizabeth Crum | 7:10 am July 5th, 2010

Some of Rory’s answers in this quirky Q&A with AOL news made me chuckle out loud.  Others surprised and/or impressed.  Recommended reading for those who wish to get to know our Democratic gubernatorial candidate a bit better.

H/T:  SlashPolitics at Las Vegas City Life

Harry Reid Campaign Targets Non-Partisan Voters With An “In Her Own Words” Angle Mailer

By Elizabeth Crum | 7:26 pm June 18th, 2010

Looks like Team Reid is going after the independent and non-partisan vote right away.  Jonathan Humbert over at KLAS-TV, who is a registered non-partisan, received the following campaign mailer at his house today:

Rasmussen Has First Post-Primary Angle-Reid Poll

By Elizabeth Crum | 9:00 am June 10th, 2010


Angle by 11 points.  5% for “Other.” 6% Undecided.

Poll says “Voters not affiliated with either party prefer Angle by 10 points.”

As I said last night on KTNV, let’s give it about 30 days before we get too excited about numbers.

Team Reid is going to try to crush Angle early and hard so they can call it Done and start focusing resources on all the Dem down-ticket races.

If they hope to have her weather the Category 5 winds of Hurricane Harry (a Harrycane…?) Tea Party Express and/or Club for Growth and/or the RNC better hurry up with major infusions of ad cash into the Nevada airwaves on Angle’s behalf.

Team Rory Makes Education Their First Issue, Proposes “Bold” Reform, Criticizes Sandoval Proposals to “Slash” the Education Budget

By Elizabeth Crum | 10:30 am June 9th, 2010

Questions about how the Rory Reid campaign would begin to conduct itself after the primary election have been repeatedly asked — and now answered, at least in part.

This morning, the Democratic gubernatorial candidate came out of his corner swinging.  The issue?  The state of education in the Silver State.

Rory kicked off his speech making the connection between strong schools and a strong and vibrant economy.  He then suggested that he has a plan (successful in other places its been tried) to save the state $220 million which would then be reinvested in systemic improvements.  And he then went after Brian Sandoval on four of his suggested reforms (all pulled from Sandoval’s website).

As in the past, Rory referred to education vouchers as a “drain” on the system.  Using catch words like “innovate,” “incentives,” and accountability, Rory seemed to hint at support for empowerment schools but does not expressly use that term.

Notably, near the end of the speech, Rory said he has no plans to change the current tax system.  So much for a conversation about broadening the tax base, at least until November 3.

Here’s the full text of the speech from the press conference at Booker Elementary School in Las Vegas this morning:

Good morning. Thank you all for being here today.

And thank you Marybel, for that introduction and for your support. You’ve been on the front lines on state issues. You know the challenges ahead. What impresses me most, though, is that you’re putting partisanship aside – and putting Nevada first.

That’s a refreshing approach that’s been missing in the governor’s office for way…too…long.

And because of it, we find Nevada’s schools ranked last in the nation. And we find Nevada’s economy struggling to weather this national recession.


That means finally having a governor who understands the connection between strong schools and a stronger economy.

And when I say “connection” – let me be very clear:

Without wings, an airplane doesn’t get off the ground. Without wheels, a car doesn’t head down the road.

And without strong schools, our economy will…not…grow.

Not the way it ought to in the short term. Not the way it needs to for the long haul.

As a lifelong Nevadan, I get the connection between strong schools and a stronger economy.  I’m a product of Nevada’s public schools and Cindy and I are proud parents of children in Nevada’s public schools.

And you will see me acting on that connection between strong schools and a stronger economy every single day I serve as governor.

Because we will never have a first-rate economy if we continue to accept second-rate schools.

Businesses will not come to Nevada if we aren’t producing the workforce they need. Executives and workers will not come to Nevada if we don’t provide good schools for their children.

That’s exactly why I released a detailed education plan back in March.

My plan will transform education in our state. I know that’s a bold claim – but it’s a truly bold plan.

It gets bureaucracy out of the way. It empowers teachers and principals to innovate. The plan provides incentives for performance, and accountability for success.

Like I said… bold stuff.

And, so, lots of people have rightly said, “This is a great plan, but how are you going to pay for it?”

Well, today, I’m here to tell you how.

My EDGE plan is about restructuring the way we run, administer and govern schools in Nevada.

When similar fundamental changes have been implemented in places like Oakland, New York City, and Boston, they have reduced administrative costs by 10-20%. If we save just 10% here in Nevada, we will realize savings of $220 million a year that we can reinvest in our classrooms.

That’s how we pay for the proposals I’ve made, like better training for teachers and principals, 21st Century technology for our schools, and smarter testing methods to hold districts, schools, and teachers accountable.

But as you can see from the sheet being distributed, all the investments I’ve proposed cost less than the $220 million we can expect to save.

With our whole economic future riding on educational success, this election must be about building the bridge between strong schools to a stronger economy.

That’s my approach – presented in detail, and backed with the strength of my convictions.

Unfortunately, my opponent – Brian Sandoval – has a very different approach.  You can read all about it on Brian Sandoval’s website.

•       Brian Sandoval proposes slashing teacher salaries by 20% or laying off more than 5,000 teachers.

•       He proposes diverting $110 million from class-size reduction programs, particularly targeting 7- and 8-year-olds in Clark County.

•       He pushes a voucher program that would drain millions from our public schools and wouldn’t even begin to cover tuition for the average private school.

•       And he doesn’t stop with K-12. Brian calls for a 12% cut to faculty and staff at our colleges and universities – that’s more than 750 professor and staff jobs lost.

Brian, the rest of us know this is no way to build Nevada’s future.

Just like Jim Gibbons, Brian Sandoval wants to balance the budget on the backs of our children, jeopardizing our future, and I won’t stand for it.

So that’s what’s at stake, and I’m 100-percent committed to the fight.

Before I close, however, let me address another issue that I know many of you are rightly concerned with – the looming state budget shortfall.

The bottom line is that I’m convinced we can make our budget work by living within our means, focusing on smart investments in education, and growing our economy. We can do this without changing our current tax system. And I will set out my own specific ideas on dealing with the budget crisis in the coming weeks.

What I won’t do is offer a half-baked proposal that balances the budget by gutting our most important investment – our schools.

Over the coming months, there will be many attempts from my opponent and his allies to divert Nevadans from the real issues facing the state. They’ll try the same old partisan attacks and name-calling… Anything to cover up the fact that Brian Sandoval’s agenda would drive this state in exactly the wrong direction.

This year, we will not let them get away with it.

Because as your governor, I will stand up to anyone who shortchanges education and our economic future. I will never give up on our kids or their potential. I will never give up on our schools or Nevada’s economic future.

I am the one candidate committed to building the bridge between strong schools and a stronger economy. Brian Sandoval is determined to tear it down.

That’s the choice in this election. That’s what’s at stake.

Thank you for being here today, and I’ll look forward to talking with members of the press one-on-one.

Thank you.

I’ll have the sheet that was distributed at the press conference for you soon, Dear Readers, and will post as an update here.

I’ll also be talking with Rory Reid about these and other issues this afternoon, and will write a separate post at that time.

Day One of the Campaign to Defeat Sharron Angle in the U.S. Senate Race

By Elizabeth Crum | 6:56 am June 9th, 2010

Actually, it’s Day Two, because the state Democratic party, the DSCC and Progress Now were out with Angle-bashing press releases (and PN with a new website and Twitter user called @Sharrontology) as Angle was still in the midst of her victory speech last night.

Here’s the Progress Now press missive to give you a taste of what’s to come:

Dear Friend,

Republican voters have just veered far to the right in selecting their party’s standard-bearer.

By selecting Sharron Angle as its Senate nominee, Nevada’s GOP has proven it is more committed to appeasing the political whims of the Tea Party and other fringe elements than it is to governing.

We know that’s The Wrong Angle. Wrong for Nevada. Wrong for America.

That’s why we’re launching the website to highlight her dangerous policies and frightening world view.

Angle would eliminate Social Security, the U.S. Departments of Education, Energy, the EPA and the IRS. She’d pull us out of the United Nations and repeal health care for more than 100,000 Nevadans.

We think those views are The Wrong Angle, yet they only scratch the surface of her right-wing agenda.

Please visit the site today, sign up for updates and join us as we work to protect the state this election year.

And to get text message updates from The Wrong Angle text the word “ANGLE” to 30644 (standard rates apply).

Take action today for Nevada’s future.

Yours in progress,

Erin Neff
Executive Director
ProgressNow Nevada

U.S. Senate Round-Up

By Elizabeth Crum | 2:11 pm June 3rd, 2010

In an effort to close out a few of my 27 open browser tabs on stories the U.S. Senate race, here is a quick round-up of U.S. Senate race items for your edification and enjoyment, Dear Readers:

– A Stephen Moore WSJ piece on Angle Anxiety within the GOP establishment.  Also mentions Norquistian (Americans for Tax Reform) issues with her vote against the 2005 property tax cap bill (but as @SteveSebelius Tweeted earlier, she voted against that because she thought it was unconstitutional).  And says liberals are cheering for Angle as Reid’s dream opponent.

A KOS poll showing Angle now in the lead and Harry beating, well, everyone.

– Mary Cheney’s new PAC (Send Harry Packing) is out with a Harry Reid hit ad.

– Talking Points Memo with a Future Looks Bright for Harry story.

– One of Scott Ashjian’s (remember him?) companies filed for bankruptcy yesterday due to an unpaid debt to Nevada National Bank for $750,000.

– A vet’s group does negative robocalls on Lowden for her (1995) “burial tax for veterans” bill authorizing non-combat veterans to pay ($100) for burial in a veterans’ cemetery.

The WaPo says Angle won’t say where she’s campaigning this week and asks if she’s doing it because she’s afraid she’ll say something to screw things up.

– David McGrath Schwartz explores Team Reid’s Bashfest.

– Tark tells ABC why he needs to be the one via criticism of Angle and Lowden.

Hat Tips to @SteveSebelius and @RalstonFlash for quite a few of these, via Twitter and/or their blogs.

WaTi: Suffolk U Poll Says Angle In Lead in US Senate Race

By Elizabeth Crum | 7:07 am June 3rd, 2010

Despite a sample of 400 GOP likely voters, I am taking this poll done by the Suffolk University Political Research Center with a full shaker of salt (although I think we can be pretty sure the Angle campaign will be using it in a press release later today).

The poll says Angle is now in the lead in the U.S. Senate race with 33% and has Tarkanian and Lowden virtually tied for second at 26% and 25% respectively.

The poll also asked about “intensity” (whether a voter was Definitely, Probably, or Maybe) voting for the candidates.  The Definitelies were at 53-51-52 (Angle-Tark-Lowden).  The Probablies were at 33-36-30.  And the Might-Change-My-Minds were at 12-13-17.

The M-D poll published in the RJ on May 28 had Lowden at 30% with Angle at 25% and Tark at 20% (not at 200% as the WaTi story says, although am sure Tarkanian would love it if every Nevadan was voting for him twice).

If you believed those M-D numbers, and if you believe these from this this Suffolk U poll, then you believe Angle has gained eight points while Lowden has slipped by five in just the past five days.

I don’t.

I do find this interesting, though:

When supporters of the other candidates were asked which of the top three hopefuls they would support if they knew their first choice couldn’t win, Mrs. Lowden led at 33 percent, followed by Mr. Tarkanian at 25 percent and Mrs. Angle at 14 percent.

So one-third of those voters whose first choice was Angle or Tark would go with Lowden as their second choice, but only 14% of those whose first choice was Lowden or Tark would go with Angle as next-best.

This is interesting, too:

But when GOP voters were asked which candidate has a better chance of defeating Mr. Reid, Miss Lowden led at 33 percent led again, but this time with Mrs. Angle second at 27 percent and Mr. Tarkanian at 23 percent.

Taken with Angle’s numbers above, this means a segment of Angle voters believe Lowden has a better chance of beating Harry Reid, but they are going to vote for Angle anyhow.

Hat Tip on the poll to @RalstonFlash on Twitter.

Update (at 7:09 AM): Silly me.  The Tea Party Express, not Team Angle, was first out with a press release with the subject line “POLL SHOCKER: Angle Leads Lowden by 8% in Nevada Senate Race” and the header “SHARRON ANGLE TAKES THE LEAD IN NEVADA U.S. SENATE RACE.”