Non-profit news organizations are a fairly new animal in the world of journalism. Industry experts and the public alike are still trying to determine whether it is (1) a good idea and (2) a viable, sustainable model. Meanwhile, the Internal Revenue Service is trying to decide whether news organizations should be tax-exempt.

As such and along the way, Nevada News Bureau has been mentioned a time or two:

– At the time of our launch in 2009, Nevada blogger Dullard Mush looked at our (then) parent organization, the impressive professional credentials of our Carson City reporter (which were overlooked or ignored by some who were eager to criticize us), the substance of our early stories, a profile piece written about us by the Las Vegas Sun, and an attack press release from the Nevada State Democratic Party. Mush humorously noted in his headline, “Nevada News Bureau Debuts, World Doesn’t Come to End.” (Note: As of September 2010, we are no longer affiliated with Citizen Outreach Foundation, but we are grateful to them for giving us our start.)

– In April 2011, Nevada News Bureau was listed in Columbia Journalism Review’s (CJR) new News Frontier Journalism Database. The project is part of CJR’s ongoing documentation of digital news outlets throughout the country. It seeks to understand the journalistic and operational practices of emerging “non-legacy” media.

– In May 2011, the new Las Vegas Informer (which uses our content on its Politics page) interviewed our editor and did a fairly detailed write-up on the Nevada News Bureau.

– In July of 2011, the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism did a special report on non-profit news called “Non-Profit News: Assessing a New Landscape in Journalism.” The Nevada News Bureau¬†was included in the survey of statehouse news sites.

– In December of 2012, veteran political journalist and friend of Nevada News Bureau, Jon Ralston, published our editor’s announcement that we were ceasing operations due to a loss of donor funding and the inability to replace it in the time needed to do so.

– In September 2016, the aforementioned Jon Ralston approached our former president, publisher, and editor, Elizabeth Thompson, to ask whether she’d be interested in being his #2 at a new Nevada journalism venture. In the weeks that followed, Jon and Elizabeth agreed to resurrect the Nevada News Bureau in the form of an independent online news site called The Nevada Independent.