Nevada Senators Introduce Yerington Lands Bill

By Nevada News Bureau Staff | 2:51 pm December 20th, 2012

CARSON CITY – Legislation that would provide for the transfer of federal land to the City of Yerington to expand a copper mining operation and create jobs was introduced today by Nevada U.S. Sens. Harry Reid and Dean Heller.

The Lyon County Economic Development and Conservation Act of 2012 would also create a new 48,000-acre wilderness area.


Separate legislation that addressed only the land transfer proposal has already passed the House primarily through the efforts of Rep. Mark Amodei, R-Nev.

Reid wanted a wilderness component in the legislation as well, and last week the Lyon County Commission signed off on the proposed Wovoka Wilderness. Wovoka is the name of a Native American spiritual leader and father of the Ghost dance who was born and raised in the area.

“I am very happy to be part of this legislation which will create lots of jobs in Lyon County, which are so desperately needed,” Reid, D-Ne., said in a statement. “This bill also designates the Wovoka wilderness area, a place with special cultural and natural resources that are worthy of a high level of protection so future generations can continue enjoying them. It’s a bill that’s going to meet the needs of modern day Nevada.”

Heller, R-Nev., said: “Lyon County has the highest unemployment rate in the state and this legislation will bring more than 800 jobs to the area. Mining is a critical component of Nevada’s economy and we are fortunate to have resources in our own backyard for economic development.”

The City of Yerington and Lyon County are seeking the transfer to leverage the substantial infrastructure investments being made by Nevada Copper at its nearby Pumpkin Hollow project.

Nevada Copper, which broke ground on the Pumpkin Hollow project in February, invested nearly $50 million in exploration to justify the $1 billion investment necessary to fully develop the mine. The mine will produce 250 to 300 million pounds of copper per year.

The initial shaft sinking is already producing economic benefits with the creation of 30 to 40 jobs. An additional 250 to 500 construction jobs could start in 2013 if the land transfer is successful. At full operation in 2015-2016, Pumpkin Hollow is projected to employ 750 to 800 people directly.

The legislation will allow the city of Yerington to partner with Nevada Copper to develop roughly 12,500 acres of land surrounding the Pumpkin Hollow project site, which is already creating jobs in Nevada. The lands conveyed by this bill will also be used for industrial, recreation, and infrastructure purposes that will create sorely needed jobs and economic development for Yerington.

The House version of the bill passed in June.

Amodei Pessimistic, Frustrated On Fiscal Cliff Talks

By Sean Whaley | 5:07 pm December 11th, 2012

CARSON CITY – Rep. Mark Amodei, R-Nev., said today he is pessimistic that Congress and President Obama will be able to reach agreement on the so called “fiscal cliff” before tax hikes and mandatory budget cuts take effect Jan. 1.

Amodei, speaking by telephone from Washington, DC, said the sniping back and forth by Republicans and Democrats over extending tax cuts and cutting spending doesn’t get to the real root of how to reduce the federal deficit over the long term.

Getting the country’s economy back on track so jobs are created and consumer spending rises will do more to generate tax revenues and reduce the deficit than any level of tax hikes or spending cuts, Amodei said.

“You can talk all the revenue you want, and you can talk all the cuts you want, you need a healthy economy to get things going again,” he said. “And I don’t hear any of that. I just hear all the mud throwing on taxes and cuts.”

Rep. Mark Amodei, R-Nev.

If the federal treasury was collecting revenue at 2007 levels, the federal deficit this year would be cut in half, Amodei said.

Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev., also said today that reaching a deal on the fiscal cliff before Christmas will be difficult.

Despite the apparent lack of progress, national news media were reporting that President Obama and House Speaker John Boehner exchanged new offers on taxes and spending to avoid the cliff, which will take effect on Jan. 1 without an agreement. Without agreement, taxes on all workers will rise, and mandatory cuts in military and domestic spending will be implemented.

Amodei said the problem with raising taxes is that it won’t help to get the economy back on track.

Fixing the regulatory and tax climate to provide certainty and predictability will give businesses the confidence they need to hire more workers and reinvest, he said. Instead they are facing a tax increase because of the requirements of the Affordable Care Act.

“You look at that impact on businesses and they’re putting all their energy right now into how to convert their workforces into part-time employees,” he said.

“If I was going to go down to Virginia Street or Las Vegas Boulevard and bet on something, I’d bet on nothing happening and all this stuff kicking in on the 1st,” Amodei said.


Audio clips:

Rep. Mark Amodei says the key to solving the fiscal cliff challenge is getting the economy running again:

121112Amodei1 :18 taxes and cuts.”

Amodei says he does not think a deal will be made by the Jan. 1 deadline:

121112Amodei3 :10 on the 1st.”


Active Voters Increase To Nearly 1.3 Million

By Nevada News Bureau Staff | 3:16 pm December 3rd, 2012

CARSON CITY – Nearly 1.3 million Nevadans are registered as active voters as of the end of November, the Secretary of State’s office said today.

The increase of more than 41,000 active voters since the close of registration for the general election was due in large part to the number of inactive voters who cast ballots on Nov. 6 and automatically became active voters according to federal and state law.

Photo courtesy of Joebeone via Wikimedia Commons.

Of the 1,299,126 active registrants statewide, 42.1 percent (546,903) are Democrats, 34.4 percent (447,406) are Republicans, 17.5 percent (227,151) are non-partisans, 4.7 percent (60,590) are members of the Independent American Party, and the remaining 1.3 percent (17,076) are members of the Libertarian or other minor parties.

At the close of registration on Oct. 16 for the general election, 1,257,621 Nevadans were active registered voters.

Secretary of State Wants Voter Photos At Polls

By Nevada News Bureau Staff | 4:16 pm November 27th, 2012

CARSON CITY – Secretary of State Ross Miller announced today he is seeking legislation in the 2013 session aimed at curbing the potential for voter fraud by including photographs of registered voters at polling places on election day.

Miller said today his proposal is not a voter identification measure. Instead it would be an upgrade to the current antiquated paper roster system by implementing electronic voter rosters with the enhanced feature of a photograph of each registered voter.

Secretary of State Ross Miller.

The requirement of a photograph in the new electronic roster would prevent ineligible voters from impersonating other, eligible voters at a polling place, Miller said. The proposed law, which is currently being drafted, will seek to import existing photographs of eligible voters from the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) database of drivers’ licenses and state identification cards.

The photographs would be part of a new “electronic poll book” as an adjunct to the existing poll books that currently use signatures for identifying voters. When photographs of the eligible voters are not available through the database, poll workers would be available to take photos at the polling place at the time of voting and verify their identity by way of an affidavit.

Voter ID laws have been passed in other states, but have frequently led to court challenges. Nevada does not now have such a law.

Sen. Michael Roberson, R-Las Vegas, proposed a voter ID law in the 2011 legislative session, but the measure did not win approval from a Senate Committee and died without action.

Assemblyman Lynn Stewart, R-Henderson, has submitted a bill draft request for a voter identification law for the 2013 session.

“This provides a significant safeguard in our election process while simultaneously ensuring that we don’t disenfranchise any voters,” Miller said. “It’s really just an enhancement of the existing system, by providing an electronic poll book that could include a photo to go with the already recorded signature.”

Record Number Of Voters Cast Ballots In Nevada

By Nevada News Bureau Staff | 9:08 am November 8th, 2012

CARSON CITY – More than one million voters cast ballots in the 2012 general election, an all-time record high turnout for Nevada, the Secretary of State’s office reported.

Of the 1,257,621 active registered voters, a total of 1,013,195 voters, or 80.56 percent, turned out during early voting and on Election Day. Both the number and percentage of voters exceed the 2008 general when 970,019 voters, or 80.27 percent of active registered voters, cast ballots.

Photo by Tom Arthur via Wikimedia Commons.

“I believe an election like this, with record turnout and minimal problems, creates great momentum for future civic participation,” said Secretary of State Ross Miller. “It’s been clear for some time that we were headed for a potentially record-breaking turnout. We’ve been preparing for this for quite a while, and I’m proud to see fellow Nevadans participating like this. It’s healthy for the process.”

On Election Day, several commonplace issues arose at the polls, but all were immediately addressed by poll workers and members of the multi-jurisdictional Election Integrity Task Force.

Final race results and a breakdown of voter turnout are posted on the Secretary of State’s Election Night Reporting website at www.silverstateelection.com.

County and local races will be canvassed to their respective county commissions by November 15. Statewide races will be canvassed to the Nevada Supreme Court on November 27.

National GOP Group Raises Nevada Voting Machine Concerns

By Sean Whaley | 6:31 pm November 1st, 2012

CARSON CITY – The Republican National Committee said today that there is evidence to suggest that voters in six states, including Nevada, have encountered situations with electronic voting machines recording votes for President Obama when Mitt Romney was selected instead.

The RNC in a letter asked election officials in each state to recalibrate all voting machines on the morning of election day to ensure there are no problems with the machines.

“I further understand that the causes of this problem are varied, and include miscalibration and hyper-sensitivity of the machines,” said the letter signed by John R. Phillippe, Jr., chief counsel to the RNC.

Nevada Secretary of State Ross Miller wasted no time in responding to the concerns, saying in his own letter that Phillippe, “fails to provide any direct evidence that any particular voter in Nevada experienced any ‘errors’ with their voting machine or any details which could be used to open an investigation, including the names or contact information of any particular voter or polling location where ‘errors’ have been reported in Nevada . . .”

Secretary of State Ross Miller.

Similar claims of electronic voting machine errors were made by a handful of voters in Nevada in 2010 in the U.S. Senate race between Sen. Harry Reid and GOP challenger Sharron Angle, but no evidence of any errors was found. Reid defeated Angle in the race.

Miller said the 2010 complaints were investigated with the assistance of the FBI and the Nevada Attorney General’s office, and concluded that claims of malfunctioning voter machines were without merit.

Other states cited in the RNC letter are Kansas, North Carolina, Ohio, Missouri and Colorado.

Sandoval Disappointed At Teachers Union For Blocking Grant Request

By Nevada News Bureau Staff | 4:18 pm October 31st, 2012

CARSON CITY – Gov. Brian Sandoval said today he is disappointed by the leadership of the Clark County Education Association for blocking a $40 million school district application for federal Race to the Top funds.

“The Race to the Top federal grant can be used to hire additional teachers and provide much-needed support to some of our most at-risk students,” Sandoval said in a statement. “I am particularly supportive of the district’s plan to use technology and early-intervention strategies to help the district’s growing number of English language learners catch up to their peers faster.”

Gov. Brian Sandoval.

Sandoval said he had a discussion with U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan today, and was advised that the deadline for Race to the Top grant applications has been extended until Friday.

“It is important we take advantage of every opportunity to provide much-needed relief to our schools and our children and I urge the Clark County Education Association to reconsider its position and work with the School District on Clark County’s application,” he said. “If necessary, I will personally meet with CCEA and the school district to get this done for our children.”

Las Vegas news media, including the Las Vegas Review-Journal, reported Tuesday that the Clark County School District’s application for a share of the $400 million in Race to the Top funds was derailed by the lack of support from the union, which has been at odds with the district over pay and benefits.


Gov. Sandoval Disagrees With GOP Consultant, Says Romney Will Win Nevada

By Nevada News Bureau Staff | 1:37 pm October 26th, 2012

CARSON CITY – Gov. Brian Sandoval said today he disagrees with the political prognostications of his friend and adviser Pete Ernaut, who earlier this week predicted that President Obama will win Nevada on Nov. 6.

Gov. Brian Sandoval.

“Pete and I have been friends for many, many years,” Sandoval said. “Gov. Romney has my full support. I believe that Gov. Romney is going to win the state. He has a great amount of momentum at this point. And we’ll know on election day.”

Ernaut, president of government and public affairs for R&R Partners, said Tuesday he sees Nevada voters supporting President Obama while at the same time giving Republican Sen. Dean Heller a victory against Democratic Rep. Shelley Berkley in the hard fought U.S. Senate race.

Ernaut made the comment on the Nevada NewsMakers television show.

“I don’t think there is a Romney-Berkley voting bloc,” he said. “But there is clearly an Obama-Heller voting bloc.”

Sandoval was scheduled to cast his vote today in Reno.


Audio clip:

Gov. Sandoval says Mitt Romney will win Nevada:

102612Sandoval :11 on election day.”


GOP Political Consultant Predicts Obama, Heller Victories

By Sean Whaley | 2:45 pm October 23rd, 2012

CARSON CITY – A long-time Republican political consultant said today he sees Nevada voters supporting President Obama on Nov. 6 while at the same time giving Republican Sen. Dean Heller a victory against Democratic Rep. Shelley Berkley in the hard fought U.S. Senate race.

Pete Ernaut, president of government and public affairs for R&R Partners, said he believes there is an Obama-Heller voting bloc in Nevada.

“If Gov. Romney carries Nevada, without a doubt Heller will win the Senate race,” he said during an interview on the Nevada NewsMakers television show. “I don’t think there is a Romney-Berkley voting bloc. But there is clearly an Obama-Heller voting bloc.

Political consultant Pete Ernaut.

“And I actually made the prediction that I think the margins of victory will be similar,” Ernaut said. “That I think Obama will carry the state somewhere, one, three points, something like that. And I think that’s about the margin of victory for Heller.”

A similar situation occurred in Nevada in 2010, when Democratic U.S. Sen. Harry Reid won re-election while GOP governor candidate Brian Sandoval won as well.

Ernaut said the potential of a split result should make Nevadans feel good in some respects because it shows that voters are so independent that such a vote-switching scenario could occur on election day.

“I think that makes me feel good about Nevada; that that type of result is possible,” he said.

Ernaut, a former state lawmaker, also weighed in on the closely watched state Senate 15 race, where Sen. Greg Brower, R-Reno, faces former state Sen. Sheila Leslie, D-Reno. Ernaut said Brower, appointed to fill out the term of the late Sen. Bill Raggio, has an advantage.

But Leslie’s former state Assembly seat is located entirely within the Senate district, which could make the race close, he said.

“It’s going to be a closer race that it probably should have been, given the registration and given the dynamics of that district,” Ernaut said. “I think though that Brower still has a slight advantage.”

Ernaut said he has also reconsidered Washoe County’s critical role in the statewide election contests because of the huge Democratic voter registration edge that has emerged over Republicans in Clark County.

Democrats have 390,227 active registered voters in Clark County, compared to 262,806 Republicans, for a 45.8 percent to 30.9 percent split. Another 151,490 voters, or 17.8 percent, are nonpartisans.

“But I think that this is going to be a race that is going to be very, very affected by the turnout of Democrats in Clark County,” he said. “And that, I think, will determine the relevancy of Washoe in this statewide race.”


Audio clips:

GOP political consultant Pete Ernaut predicts an Obama and Heller victory in Nevada on election day:

102312Ernaut11 :26 victory for Heller.”

Ernaut says Greg Brower has a slight advantage in the state Senate 15 race:

102312Ernaut2 :11 a slight advantage.”

Ernaut says the strong Democratic voter edge in Clark County has potentially affected Washoe County’s influence in the statewide races:

102312Ernaut3 :16 this statewide race.”




Washoe County Sees Record Early Voting Turnout

By Nevada News Bureau Staff | 2:06 pm October 22nd, 2012

CARSON CITY – Washoe County experienced record turnout on the first weekend of early voting, surpassing the 2008 presidential election numbers by more than 60 percent, the registrar of voters office reported today.

Ballots cast this weekend totaled 14,475 compared to 9,036 in 2008. In 2008, 56 percent of all voters cast their ballots during early voting, the county reported.

All early voting polling sites are running smoothly with additional machines delivered to areas experiencing higher than normal turnout. Voters can choose from 22 early voting locations, spread geographically throughout the region, through Nov. 2. Weekday voting is generally slower than weekends, with Saturdays and the last day of early voting the busiest. A complete list of locations is available online at www.washoecounty.us/voters/12EVSchedule.htm

The county registered an all-time high of 241,400 voters prior to the close of registration this past Tuesday, exceeding the record of 231,400 for the General Election in 2008. Washoe County is expected to be one of the most closely watched jurisdictions in the nation for this year’s presidential election.

Washoe County Exceeds Registered Voter Record By 10,000 For Nov. 6 General Election

By Nevada News Bureau Staff | 3:37 pm October 17th, 2012

CARSON CITY – Washoe County registered an all-time high of 241,400 voters prior to the close of registration Tuesday, exceeding the record of 231,400 for the General Election in 2008.

Registered Republicans in the county outnumber Democrats by a thin margin of 1,160 voters, with 91,937 Republicans and 90,777 Democrats. Nonpartisan and minor party voters now registered in the county total 58,686.

Photo by Tom Arthur via Wikimedia Commons.

“We’re very impressed with the citizens of Washoe County,” said Senior Deputy Registrar Luanne Cutler. “More than 2,600 registered in the final week and took advantage of our extended hours to do so, and we believe this General Election in our county will be one of the most closely contested in the nation.”

Early voting in Washoe County and statewide begins this Saturday and continues through Nov. 2. There are 22 early voting locations throughout the community and a complete list is available at www.washoecounty.us/voters/12EVSchedule.htm.

Republican-Democrat Voter Registration Gap Remains Close In Washoe County

By Nevada News Bureau Staff | 1:39 pm October 1st, 2012

CARSON CITY – While Washoe County voters continue to register for the Nov. 6th general election, the gap between registered Democrats and Republicans remains narrow, county Voter Registrar Dan Burk said today.

“Washoe County is the most closely divided jurisdiction in Nevada,” Burk said. “As of late last week, we have 230,567 registered voters, of which 86,835 are Democrats and 89,443 are Republicans, so it’s just a one percent difference.”

Republicans are 38.8 percent of the total and Democrats are 37.7 percent.

Photo by radder86 via Wikimedia Commons.

Both Republican and Democratic officials agree that Washoe County is a key county in the presidential election in battleground state Nevada. Turnout by voters in the county on election day could affect other important races as well, including the U.S. Senate race.

Burk said the highest number of Washoe County registered voters was 231,400 for the 2008 General Election and this year’s final number could exceed that record.

“We’ll be fairly close to that number,” he said.

Application forms are available at the libraries and most post offices to register by mail, online at www.RegisterToVoteNV.gov and through outside agencies like the DMV and Nevada state Welfare Offices through Oct. 6th. And people can still register or make a change to an existing registration in person in person at the Registrar of Voters office, located at the County Administration complex at the corner of Ninth Street and Wells until Oct. 16th.

Clark County continues to see Democrats outpacing Republicans in the registration battle.

Of the 800,144 registered voters reported by the county today, Democrats totaled 363,009 compared to 253,041 Republicans, for a 109,968 advantage. Another 139,784 are registered nonpartisan, and the remainder are minor party voters.

Earl voting in the election begins Oct. 20.

Poll Finds Nevadans Divided On New Tax Proposal But Strongly Favor Education Reform Efforts

By Sean Whaley | 11:08 am September 26th, 2012

CARSON CITY – The results of a poll of Nevada residents conducted on behalf of the Retail Association of Nevada (RAN) show that 45 percent of those queried believe a 2 percent margins tax on business proposed by teachers will generate the revenues necessary to support public education.

But 49 percent say the new levy, if approved, would raise prices, increase the state’s already high jobless rate and hurt business, according to the poll by Public Opinion Strategies of 500 likely voters taken Sept. 19-20. It has a margin of error of 4.38 percentage points.

Photo courtesy of the National Archives and Records Administration via Wikimedia Commons.

And when asked if money alone will improve Nevada’s public education system, only 22 percent agreed, with 73 percent saying the system also needs significant reforms.

The Nevada State Education Association is currently circulating petitions to take the proposed new tax to the Legislature in 2013, but a legal challenge to the proposal remains alive in Carson City District Court.

The poll found that 59 percent of those surveyed said the amount of taxes they pay is about right, with 22 percent saying taxes are too high.

And 58 percent said the governor and Legislature should raises taxes if necessary to avoid cuts to education and health care, while 32 percent said spending should be cut instead.

RAN began conducting the semi-annual poll in 2009, and many of the questions have been asked each time. In this way, the poll can give not only a snapshot of current conditions, but it can also identify trends by comparing results from earlier polls.

Poll information is then shared with RAN members, the public and state legislators so that the concerns of our state will be considered when policies are shaped in Carson City.

Among the other findings in the latest survey:

- Gov. Brian Sandoval is popular, with 62 percent approving of his job performance. But only 45 percent say the governor understands their problems, and only 33 percent say the Legislature does.

- A majority of those surveyed, 52 percent, say the state should not freeze the defined benefits offered to public employees through the state retirement system, while 41 percent say a freeze should be implemented to save money.

- The survey found that 48 percent of respondents believe that Nevada should opt into the Medicaid expansion provided for under the Affordable Care Act, while 44 percent say the state should opt out because of the cost and because the neediest residents are already covered.

- Asked about the conservative Tea Party Movement, 26 percent of respondents said they had a strongly or somewhat favorable view of the movement, with 35 percent saying they have strongly or somewhat unfavorable views.

Public Opinion Strategies (POS) is a national political and public affairs research firm. Founded in 1991, POS has conducted more than five million interviews with voters and consumers in all fifty states and over two dozen foreign countries.

Nevada Voter Registration Expanding With Online Access, Multimedia Campaign

By Nevada News Bureau Staff | 4:19 pm September 25th, 2012

CARSON CITY – A statewide multimedia campaign promoting Nevada’s online voter registration system, available statewide for the first time in a presidential election, is bringing a dramatic increase in voter registrations, doubling the daily average in just the first week since the television and radio campaign started.

During the first seven days of the television and radio campaign starting Sept. 17, new registrations averaged 550 per day, twice the number of new registrations during the first 16 days of September. Updated registrations in the same period prior to Sept. 17 averaged 189 per day, nearly doubling to 362 per day once the campaign began.

The data was reported by the Secretary of State’s Office in advance of National Voter Registration Day today.

Photo by Tom Arthur via Wikimedia Commons.

Online voter registration is now available to approximately 623,000 eligible Nevadans who are not yet registered to vote. Nevadans can also register by going to Facebook.

Outdoor advertising for the online registration campaign began Sept. 10, with the television and radio portion of the campaign beginning Sept.17.

“My office is making it easier than ever for eligible voters in Nevada to register to vote before Oct. 6,” said Secretary of State Ross Miller. “Online voter registration is convenient, easy and secure.”

The Nevada Secretary of State’s office is also collaborating with Nevada businesses and library systems throughout the state to provide access to online voter registration for residents and employees who may not have easy access to a computer or Internet.

Television and stage performer Holly Madison donated her time to shoot a 30-second video with Miller to provide information about online voter registration. And, in order to provide up-to-date voter registration information to members of the military, the Secretary of State’s office partnered with Gov. Brian Sandoval in a video encouraging military in Nevada to register to vote.

To register to vote online, citizens need to be at least 18 years of age by Election Day and have a Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) driver’s license or DMV-issued identification card. The application process pulls the signature on file with the DMV and applies it to the voter’s registration record.

Nevada residents have until 11:59 pm on Saturday, Oct. 6 to register to vote online, and until Oct. 16, 2012 to register in person at their respective county registrar or clerk’s office.

New Retail Association Poll Shows Presidential Race Tied, Others Favor Obama

By Nevada News Bureau Staff | 11:49 am September 25th, 2012

CARSON CITY – The Retail Association of Nevada’s (RAN) latest installment of its semi-annual survey, conducted by Public Opinion Strategies, shows the presidential race in a tie and U.S. Sen. Dean Heller, R-Nev., opening up a lead against Rep. Shelley Berkley, D-Nev. in the Senate race.

With early voting beginning in just 26 days, the race for president is tied with 46 percent of voters indicating they would reelect President Obama and 46 percent of voters indicating support for Gov. Mitt Romney. Only 2 percent of those polled said they were undecided. The survey results come just days before both Obama and Romney visit Nevada yet again this season.

Two other recent polls show much different results, however, with both favoring Obama in Nevada.

Author: David Ball, via Wikimedia Commons.

The RAN results show Heller opened a five point lead over Berkley with 44 percent of voters preferring him to Berkley’s 39 percent. Four percent of voters in that race remain undecided and nine percent opted for “none of the above.” The poll’s margin of error is 4.38 percentage points.

RAN will be releasing full poll results on Wednesday. Additional topics covered in the survey include Nevada voters’ thoughts on Gov. Brian Sandoval, the Nevada Legislature, the economy, education, taxation and more.

The poll was conducted September 19-20 and used a sample size of 500 likely voters including 100 cell phone interviews.

Results today show that more Nevadans are optimistic about the direction of the state than in previous surveys. Thirty-seven percent say Nevada is heading in the right direction, with 54 percent finding the state is on the wrong track. Only 17 percent thought Nevada was headed in the right direction in RAN’s September 2010 poll, while 76 percent said the state was on the wrong track two years ago.

RAN commissions their surveys from Public Opinion Strategies twice a year which allows trends to be identified and provides an historical context to some of the toughest challenges facing Nevada.

Public Opinion Strategies (POS) is a national political and public affairs research firm. Founded in 1991, POS has conducted more than five million interviews with voters and consumers in all fifty states and over two dozen foreign countries.

A separate poll released today for the League of Conservation Voters showed much different results, with Obama up 9 percent over Romney 52 percent to 43 percent. The survey of 501 likely voters taken Sept. 18-20 by Public Policy Polling was an automated response poll, requiring those contacted to press the telephone keypad to indicate their responses.

The results, which also show 48 percent supporting Berkley and 44 percent Heller, were first reported by political commentator Jon Ralston.

Yet another poll released by the American Research Group puts Obama at 51 percent to 44 percent for Romney with 4 percent undecided.

The survey of 600 likely voters was conducted Sept. 20-23 and has a margin of error of 4 percentage points.