Record Number Of Voters Cast Ballots In Nevada

CARSON CITY – More than one million voters cast ballots in the 2012 general election, an all-time record high turnout for Nevada, the Secretary of State’s office reported.

Of the 1,257,621 active registered voters, a total of 1,013,195 voters, or 80.56 percent, turned out during early voting and on Election Day. Both the number and percentage of voters exceed the 2008 general when 970,019 voters, or 80.27 percent of active registered voters, cast ballots.

Photo by Tom Arthur via Wikimedia Commons.

“I believe an election like this, with record turnout and minimal problems, creates great momentum for future civic participation,” said Secretary of State Ross Miller. “It’s been clear for some time that we were headed for a potentially record-breaking turnout. We’ve been preparing for this for quite a while, and I’m proud to see fellow Nevadans participating like this. It’s healthy for the process.”

On Election Day, several commonplace issues arose at the polls, but all were immediately addressed by poll workers and members of the multi-jurisdictional Election Integrity Task Force.

Final race results and a breakdown of voter turnout are posted on the Secretary of State’s Election Night Reporting website at

County and local races will be canvassed to their respective county commissions by November 15. Statewide races will be canvassed to the Nevada Supreme Court on November 27.