National GOP Group Raises Nevada Voting Machine Concerns

CARSON CITY – The Republican National Committee said today that there is evidence to suggest that voters in six states, including Nevada, have encountered situations with electronic voting machines recording votes for President Obama when Mitt Romney was selected instead.

The RNC in a letter asked election officials in each state to recalibrate all voting machines on the morning of election day to ensure there are no problems with the machines.

“I further understand that the causes of this problem are varied, and include miscalibration and hyper-sensitivity of the machines,” said the letter signed by John R. Phillippe, Jr., chief counsel to the RNC.

Nevada Secretary of State Ross Miller wasted no time in responding to the concerns, saying in his own letter that Phillippe, “fails to provide any direct evidence that any particular voter in Nevada experienced any ‘errors’ with their voting machine or any details which could be used to open an investigation, including the names or contact information of any particular voter or polling location where ‘errors’ have been reported in Nevada . . .”

Secretary of State Ross Miller.

Similar claims of electronic voting machine errors were made by a handful of voters in Nevada in 2010 in the U.S. Senate race between Sen. Harry Reid and GOP challenger Sharron Angle, but no evidence of any errors was found. Reid defeated Angle in the race.

Miller said the 2010 complaints were investigated with the assistance of the FBI and the Nevada Attorney General’s office, and concluded that claims of malfunctioning voter machines were without merit.

Other states cited in the RNC letter are Kansas, North Carolina, Ohio, Missouri and Colorado.

  • Loretta Landrum Richey

    So this is part of the steal the vote plan. Why refuse to calibrate the machines, just to be sure everything is on the up and up?

  • lizardmansc

      One would think that Mr. Miller would WANT to do everything possible to ensure a fair and HONEST election.
      I find it interesting that there are NO allegations of fraud by Demonrats, on the part of Republicans/ Independents, only shrill allegations of “disenfranchising”, minorities, the elderly, and non-English speaking “citizens”. Hmmm

  • Dick Burns

    Lizard, guess you missed the non latino republican who tried to vote twice and could now face felony charges?

  • Larry Johnson

    Here’s what we are going to have to do. It’s clear that our
    politicians have been bought and paid for. They will not stand with us in our
    efforts to expose Barack Obama. We have known for a long time now that both
    Parties have lied about his being born in this country. Americans must demand
    that politicians and judges be warned that if they refuse to look at, and
    except the results of the investigation into Obama’s eligibility fraud case,
    they will be declared complicit in the crime of treason and charged with
    obstructing justice. In the face of all the fraud surrounding this
    administration, there remains no more doubt that both parties are selling out
    America for their own personal gain. I demand to know what evidence the
    Republican Party has that proves Obama was born in America! If it exists and it
    does not, why was it not a part of the extensive yearlong investigation
    undertaken by Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Arizona? All evidence from that
    investigation proves the opposite of what they have been claiming and are still
    claiming to this very day. I want to know why they are lying, and that is going
    require an investigation. Please join me in insisting that these politicians
    most especially the Republicans come clean and share their so-called evidence.
    America is being dismantled and we have allowed this lie to go on for far too
    long now. We demand more than just their word on the subject. We demand proof,
    we demand accountability! This case is soon to be heard by the Supreme Court.
    We have to start now making sure these crooks are exposed and defanged before
    our last chance for justice is pushed aside by these political magicians. If
    you agree and want to see America free and strong again, get this message to
    all of your family and friends. Time is running out we have to do this.