Assembly 9 Candidate Says Residency Challenge Without Merit

CARSON CITY – A Democratic candidate for the state Assembly in District 9 in Clark County said today allegations by his GOP opponent that he is not a resident of the district are false.

Republican Assembly District 9 candidate Kelly Hurst on Tuesday filed a complaint in Clark County District Court against his Democratic opponent Andrew Martin alleging that Martin does not reside in the district and should be disqualified from the ballot.

Martin issued a press release responding to the court complaint, saying Hurst committed an extreme invasion of his privacy in a “desperate attempt to distract voters with false accusations” of his standing in the community.

Martin said the facts are that he lives in his home at 7159 S. Durango Drive, Unit 307, in District 9, and that his previous residence cited in the complaint as his residence is used only as an office.

The home cited as an office by Martin is located at 3317 Daylight Moss St. which is in Assembly District 2.

“The extreme invasion of my privacy, false allegations, and frivolous lawsuit launched by my opponent are desperate attempts to distract the voters from real issues at stake this November,” Martin said.

Hurst and his attorney Frank Cremen say that Martin never moved into the district as he claims.

“Andrew Martin says that ‘Accountability is the change we need.’ I agree!” Hurst said in a release announcing the filing of the complaint on Tuesday. “He should be accountable to the people of this district who need a representative who actually lives in the district and doesn’t just use an address of a condo he purchased for cash three months before the filing date and two months after the redistricting lines were drawn.

“He’s attempting to buy an assembly seat, and cheat the people of Assembly District 9 out of a basic American principle, a representative government,” Hurst said. “They need a representative who lives in the district, experiences all their challenges and joys and can actually address their needs, instead of someone who just gives lip service, lies to the voters and uses the power of office for his own agenda. It’s time to hold those who lie to the public and the state accountable.”

Hurst and Cremen say they have proof that Martin has continuously lived outside the district and is in violation of numerous state laws which require candidates to “actually” live in their districts and requires them to swear under oath that it’s true.