Republican-Democrat Voter Registration Gap Remains Close In Washoe County

CARSON CITY – While Washoe County voters continue to register for the Nov. 6th general election, the gap between registered Democrats and Republicans remains narrow, county Voter Registrar Dan Burk said today.

“Washoe County is the most closely divided jurisdiction in Nevada,” Burk said. “As of late last week, we have 230,567 registered voters, of which 86,835 are Democrats and 89,443 are Republicans, so it’s just a one percent difference.”

Republicans are 38.8 percent of the total and Democrats are 37.7 percent.

Photo by radder86 via Wikimedia Commons.

Both Republican and Democratic officials agree that Washoe County is a key county in the presidential election in battleground state Nevada. Turnout by voters in the county on election day could affect other important races as well, including the U.S. Senate race.

Burk said the highest number of Washoe County registered voters was 231,400 for the 2008 General Election and this year’s final number could exceed that record.

“We’ll be fairly close to that number,” he said.

Application forms are available at the libraries and most post offices to register by mail, online at and through outside agencies like the DMV and Nevada state Welfare Offices through Oct. 6th. And people can still register or make a change to an existing registration in person in person at the Registrar of Voters office, located at the County Administration complex at the corner of Ninth Street and Wells until Oct. 16th.

Clark County continues to see Democrats outpacing Republicans in the registration battle.

Of the 800,144 registered voters reported by the county today, Democrats totaled 363,009 compared to 253,041 Republicans, for a 109,968 advantage. Another 139,784 are registered nonpartisan, and the remainder are minor party voters.

Earl voting in the election begins Oct. 20.