Secretary of State Launches Voter Registration Facebook App

CARSON CITY – As one of only 10 states that offer online voter registration, Nevada is now the second state in the nation to provide a voter registration Facebook application for its residents.

The app is available on the Secretary of State’s fan page at, or directly at

The Secretary of State’s IT Division created the secure and convenient application with the intent of capturing unregistered voters on the world’s largest social network. The app provides one-click access to the online voter registration system without the user ever leaving Facebook. The Elections Division estimates that approximately 680,000 eligible Nevadans are unregistered to vote.

Secretary of State Ross Miller.

“By making voter registration accessible on a network that reaches nearly one billion people, my office hopes to capture a segment of the population that is Internet-savvy but hasn’t registered to vote yet,” said Secretary of State Ross Miller. “Through shares and ‘likes,’ users can reach out to their friends and family to utilize the online voter registration application so they have a voice in the November 6 general election.”

The application is available on the Secretary of State’s Facebook fan page and Ross Miller’s Facebook fan page. Facebook is not collecting information submitted by app users.

Online voter registration is currently available to residents with DMV-issued identification in all counties except Carson City and Douglas, which will be online prior to the October 6 registration deadline.

To utilize the online system, citizens need to be at least 18 years old and have a Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) driver’s license or DMV-issued identification card. The application process pulls the signature on file with the DMV and applies it to the voter’s registration record, which will then be used for identification for all future elections.