Washoe County GOP Files With FEC As Federal Committee

The Washoe County GOP has filed with the FEC as a federal committee, with pointed language about its independence from the Nevada Republican Party (“WCRP” is Washoe County Republican Party):

Under Commission regulations at 11 CFR 110.3(b)(3), the WCRP is not affiliated with the Nevada Republican State Central Committee (NRSCC). Specifically, the WCRP confirms to the Commission that it is not funded by the NRSCC; is not under the management or control of the NRSCC; and does not conduct its activity (including making contributions) in cooperation, consultation or concert with, or at the request or suggestion of the NRSCC, or any other political committee established, financed, maintained, or controlled by the NRSCC. 

Accordingly, the WCRP will conduct its activity as a federal local party committee that is unaffiliated with its state party committee

View the full Washoe GOP FEC filing here.

Nevada News Bureau is seeking comment from GOP officials and will post updates here when we have them.