Former Clark County Commissioner, State Senator Speak Out In Favor Of Laughlin Incorporation

CARSON CITY – Supporters of making Laughlin the state’s newest incorporated city have sent out YouTube messages favoring the move by former Clark County Commissioner Bruce Woodbury and state Sen. Joe Hardy, R-Boulder City.

Early voting is under way for the June 12 primary, which includes the incorporation question for the community on the Colorado River 90 miles south of Las Vegas.

Laughlin. / Photo by Stan Shebs via Wikimedia Commons.

In his YouTube message, Woodbury said Clark County oversight of the area just doesn’t work being so many miles away. The county’s existing small cities, Boulder City and Mesquite, are both doing well with quality services and low taxes, he said.

“There will be plenty of time after the vote to work things out with the county and the state on revenues and the transfer of services,” he said.

In his message, Hardy said Laughlin voters have nothing to fear in supporting incorporation.

“You lose nothing by voting yes, as before the Legislature will allow the incorporation to occur, it will have to be assured that the new city will not only just survive, but have the potential to thrive,” he said.

In sending out the messages of support to Laughlin voters, Dave Floodman, an incorporation proponent and president of the Laughlin Economic Development Corporation, said opponents are using “fear and innuendo” to win support for their position.

“Please make sure that your families, friends, and neighbors understand that there is no risk in voting ‘yes,’ ” he said. “The only risk is to bloated county government spending and the ineffective administration of our community.”

Incorporation opponents could not immediately be reached for comment.


Audio clips:

Former Clark County Commissioner Bruce Woodbury says the county’s other two small incorporated cities are doing well:

053112Woodbury :27 are quite low.”

Sen. Joe Hardy says the Legislature will make sure incorporation works for Laughlin if voters approve creation of a new city:

053112Hardy :13 potential to thrive.”