Lawmaker Review Of 45-Year-Old Nevada Public Education Funding Plan To Proceed With Funding

(Updated with donors who paid $125,00 in total for the review.)

CARSON CITY – A panel of lawmakers today moved forward with a review of the state’s 45-year-old formula for funding public education after receiving $125,000 from the Clark County School District to pay for a study.

The New Method for Funding Public Schools interim study was authorized by the 2011 Legislature to look at the “Nevada Plan” the current funding formula adopted in 1967.

But it was contingent upon funding from the Clark County School District, which is seeking the review. The district wants lawmakers to consider revising the formula to assist urban districts with the costs of educating special education students, English-language learners and children in poverty, among other factors.

Funding for the study provided by the district includes $50,000 from several hotel-casino related organizations, including $10,000 each from the Harrah Foundation, Las Vegas Sands Corporation, MGM Resorts International, Stations Casinos and Wynn Resorts.

Photo courtesy of the National Archives and Records Administration via Wikimedia Commons.

Lawmakers on the panel voted to hire a consultant through a request for proposals to assist in the review of the formula.

Sen. Greg Brower, R-Reno, a member of the interim study panel, also asked the Clark County School District to provide a list of those who contributed to the district to produce the $125,000 for the study.

“Unless counsel would advise us otherwise I think it is a matter of public record so I think it is important that the committee and those who might be evaluating this study later on know exactly how it was funded and where the funds came from, so . . .” he said.

Joyce Haldeman, representing the district, said the information would be provided.

The list was provided to the Nevada News Bureau today and also includes $25,000 from the Clark County School District, $15,000 from the Washoe County School District, and $9,500 from the Clark County Association of School Administrators and Professional-Technical Employees.


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Sen. Greg Brower says the committee and others should know where the funding came from:

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