Nevada News Snippets

Time to close some of these open internet browser tabs, Dear Readers, so here are the most interesting “In Case You Missed It” stories I’ve read this past few days:

– Nevada’s congressional delegation chimes in on the failure of the Supercommittee to be, well, super.

– State Sen. John Lee says (D) he is out of the CD-4 primary against Sen. Steven Horsford. Instead, he’ll run to hold his senate seat.

– Secretary of State Ross Miller to First Judicial District Court in Carson City about an LCB request related to incumbents using the word “re-elect” during campaign season:  ”Objection!”

– Does Nevada’s CD-1 mirror a national divide along a Hispanic fault line in 2012? CSM asks the same question.

– “Unify. Regionalize. Diversify.” That’s the title of a new Brookings plan for economic development in Nevada.

– Sen. Heller, Rep. Berkley and “unsubtle digs” at one another.

– Sen. Reid:  ”Impeach Norquist.”

– The man who would be Las Vegas stadium king.

– Occupy Las Vegas and education outreach.