Gov. Sandoval Names New Director Of State Department Of Employment, Training And Rehabilitation

CARSON CITY – Gov. Brian Sandoval has named Frank Woodbeck as director of the Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation. Woodbeck will begin his new job Oct. 3

“Mr. Woodbeck is somebody that I came to know given his activities with economic development,” Sandoval said. “I believe that it is very important going forward that there be an alignment between DETR, the Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation, and economic development, and he has a unique skill set in that regard.”

Frank Woodbeck, newly appointed director of the Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation.

Sandoval said the director of DETR will be serving as a non-voting member of the newly revised Board of Economic Development, of which he will be serving as chairman. The board, revised as a result of bipartisan support in the 2011 Legislature, will be focusing on Sandoval’s No. 1 priority of job creation.

“We have to be more efficient and smart with regard to our efforts moving forward,” Sandoval said. “I don’t want the soon-to-be newly constituted Economic Development Board to be working in a different direction than DETR. And so if we’re out there trying to expand job opportunities in the soon-to-be identified job sectors, certainly we should be focusing our training efforts at DETR in those very same areas.

“We need leaders working hard every day to bring new business to Nevada and get our fellow Nevadans back to work,” he said. “Frank’s background will provide an important voice in the discussion.”

Woodbeck said of his appointment:  “Creating jobs and preparing Nevadans to go back to work is the governor’s top priority. Within the next several weeks, research from SRI & Brookings Institute will give us ideas on six or seven industry sectors we should focus on for economic development and diversification in Nevada. This is part of the economic development restructuring called for in Assembly Bill 449. We will then be able to align the resources and work of DETR with the economic development goals, and move our state forward toward long-term economic diversification.”

Woodbeck is currently the director of Las Vegas Operations and Workforce Initiatives for the Nevada Commission on Economic Development, where he is responsible for economic development activity in coordination with the local development authorities in southern Nevada and for providing advice and guidance to create employment and training opportunities for new and emerging companies throughout the state. He was previously a strategic consultant on workforce initiatives for DETR.

As a former commissioner on the Nevada Commission on Economic Development, Woodbeck has been a regional general manager and consultant for Lakeshore Media LLC and a vice president with ABC Radio Networks.

A graduate of the University of Buffalo, Woodbeck is a member of the Nevada Education Foundation’s Ready for Life Committee on Youth, a board member on the Nevada Energy Assistance Corporation, and a member of the Nevada Broadband Taskforce.

Woodbeck takes over from former director Larry Mosley, who announced his resignation in June.


Audio clips:

Gov. Brian Sandoval says Woodbeck has experience in economic development:

091311Sandoval1 :17 in that regard.”

Sandoval says DETR must work closely with the new Economic Development Board and Woodbeck has the right qualifications:

091311Sandoval2 :21 very same areas.”

  • Mr. W

    I could be wrong, but isn’t this the same guy that was under fire for collecting two checks at the same time from our State?  One for consulting and the other for his full time job? 
    Where I come from, this is called double dipping and where I work, offering suggestions to help any department is called, “Doing your job.”  But sure, let’s give him a promotion and the keys to the vault of taxpayer money.

  • Former DETR CEP Rep

    When will DETR consider leadership of the agency by Hispanic American? Stats show, this is the largest ethnic population in the state. African American seem to thrive in this agency. I see this as polarizing DETR and ailenating many consumers of DETR services.

    Stan Jones, former DETR Administrator, established the template for adminisration  of this agency.