In Case You Missed It: The Week in Nevada Politics

Here’s all the stuff that’s fit to know, Dear Readers (besides what is already on our front page). If you think I forgot anything, please post it in Comments below.

Presidential Goings On

Team Bachman (actually, a Super PAC supporting her) goes after Rick Perry in the first GOP-on-GOP violence of the campaign season.

Speaker Boehner asked the White House to move President Obama’s speech to Congress to the day after the big GOP debate at the Reagan Library next Wednesday. The White House agreed.

The Nevada GOP voted to move up our caucuses if Florida (or any other states) move up theirs. (Tweeted by @RalstonFlash earlier today.)

The state Republican party is going pro. Chair Amy Tarkanian has tapped David Gallagher as the new executive director. She’s also got Alan Philp and Gentry Collins (ex-RNC guys) on board. Plus Cory Drumright, who worked for Romney in Nevada in 2008.

Special Election

A nice profile piece on Kate Marshall from VegasSeven. Numerous personal details I didn’t know. Worth a read.

Marshall keeps beating the Medicare drum. As will all candidates through November 2012. Marshall had a new TV ad this week, too.

Amodei’s new television ad is clever. Not that he needs it, the way the early voting returns are looking.

Marshall criticized the stimulus on the basis that it did not do enough and that there was not enough accountability.

The Secretary of State’s website is reporting the early voting returns day by day.

Amodei out-raised Marshall in the last period ($450K to $398K) and for the overall election ($695K to $536K). Amodei also had a lot of financial help from the NRCC.

Congressional Candidates Without Borders

Dina Titus — U.S. Rep. Steny Hoyer, the No. 2 Democrat in the House, was there this week (1) criticizing Republicans for not doing enough to create jobs and (2) stumping for Titus, our former congresswoman seeking to return to the beltway in 2012.

Ruben Kihuen — The current state senator and former two-term Assemblyman (D-Las Vegas) formally announced today. He says he wants to become Nevada’s first Hispanic congressman. Here is his website and personal introduction via YouTube.


Senator Reid spoke before the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce this week.

The Sun’s David McGrath Schwartz did a bang up job on Reid’s wielding of political power.

Rep. Joe Heck Was on Face to Face with Ralston this week. Watch here. Plus, Heck was interrupted by an angry citizen this week at a jobs panel.

GOP political consultant and ex-party chair Steve Wark has plead guilty to a felony count. His cooperation will get him a reduced sentence. But it’s still ugly per the DOJ release. Doubt he’ll be on this board much longer.

Did you see this piece about former Gov. Jim Gibbons returning to his roots…in geology?

Someone from the political party not holding the Governor’s office always complains about this.



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