Sandoval Appoints New Taxation Chief

CARSON CITY — Gov. Brian Sandoval today announced he has named William Chisel as Director of the Nevada Department of Taxation, effective Monday, September 12th.

“Bill Chisel’s experience as Chief of Internal Audits uniquely prepares him to serve as Director of the Department of Taxation,” Governor Sandoval said in a press release. “Bill has an in-depth understanding of the state’s budget, management and operations and will be able to lead the Department to efficiently collect revenues owed the state, while working closely with the taxpaying businesses who comprise his new customer base. I particularly wanted accounting expertise in this leadership post, so Bill’s credential as a Certified Public Accountant played an important factor in my decision.”

Chris Nielsen, who had been serving as Interim Director, will return to his post as Deputy Director of the Department.

William Chisel, currently Chief of the Division of Internal Audits, assisted in developing the 2012-2013 performance based budget. The governor’s office says Chisel’s recommendations resulted in about $145 million in taxpayer benefits over the last three years and increased the significance of audit findings from $1 to $55 million per year.

Prior to his current position, Chisel was a Senior Auditor at the Nevada Gaming Control Board where he managed the Audit Division’s Northern Nevada research and development department. A graduate of the University of Nevada, Reno, Chisel is also a Certified Public Accountant.

  • Deac427

    This is the same man that Sandoval tasked with doing the internal audit of the department of taxation.  Now, how ethically challenged is that?  The things that our Governor did during the legislative session, and now this, show that he has absolutely no idea what he is doing.   IT is NOT the department that is broke it is the tax system in general. Now could there be some streamlining of processes in the department, probably.  Is the tax system old and worn out and has no basis with reality?  YES!  Did the governor have the opportunity to fix the problem in this legislative session?  YES!  Did he?  NO!  What did he do?  He prepetuated the problem just like every other governor before him.  People think he is a wonderkind or something, but I have new for you he is anything but that.  The only good news if you can call it that is that we will only need to put up with Sandoval for a few more years and then he is gone.   Let us say this once again.  There needs to be a tax on services.  The gaming tax needs to go to 10%.  Exemptions to sales and use tax need to go.  There is so much that needs to be done in NV and there is so much that could be done if our Governor and the legislature would get their collective heads out of their collective butts. 

  • Deac427

    Ok ladies and gentlemen it looks as though it is business as usual for Nevada government.  It seems that William has a brother, Robert that is the finance head over at the city of Reno.  Whats more is that the Department of Taxation has some issues with the city of Reno.  Now does anyone else see the clear ethics issue here or is it just me?  Come on Sandoval can’t you vette a candidate better than this or are you actually as inept as Gibbons?  Aside from the fact that your new director does not know anything about the Department of Taxation or even has the slightest idea how it operates or with the monumental tasks that the department have been given to achieve with a very limited amount of resources.  Also given that your choice is a 26 year employee of the state which means that this is more than likely his swan song as he moves off to retirement, and gets that higher pension for all those years of diligent butt kissing, oh excuse me, hardwork and diligent service.  You can also gather that he must have started at the bottom and only worked his way up to his current position by kissing every political butt in Nevada, and with every assignment he has given his taskers the very results they seek whether or not they are the actual fact based correct results.  Once again Governor you have screwed up and made the wrong decision.   Can we please get someone as Governor who has even a clue as to how to do the job and wherewithall to do the job?  I am still waiting. 

  • Angelo Flex

    Do the numbers posted for Mr Chisel tell the whole story?  Where did the numbers come from? My recollection when Mr Chisel was reporting his “savings” a year ago to the executive branch officers is that the treasurer was asking how savings were generated from the projects/audits that were performed. He pulled back his report and asked to go back and rework the numbers.  Thats because Mr Chisel is a magician and pulls savings out of his proverbial …”hat”.  I feel if there were $145 million in savings why are state workers taking all the cuts.  Why not hire more auditors????
    I challenge the governor to look at the turnover in Mr Chisel’s Internal Audit group.  What kind of manager has a 200% turnover rate?  I challenge the Governor to interview some of the other CPA’s and qualified indiviuals Mr Chisel chased away from internal audit (after he hired them of course) and get a first hand appraisal of Mr Chisel’s capabilities, rather than a tainted “horn tooting”  that was presented in this article.   As far as CPA, Mr Chisel got his CPA at the Gaming Commission. He may have passed a test, but what other practical experience does the guy have?  Practically none.  I have to agree with other commetors, the choices of the Governor, are a reflection on the Governor. For those of you who personally know Mr Chisel, you now know the capabilities of the Governor.   

  • Deac427

    The Department of Taxation, like other agencies in state government, need persons of vision at the top level.  They also need that person to be able to look at the numbers and decipher them within context and make decisions.  It is already evident from what little is known about Mr. Chisel that he is not that man, which begs the question why in heaven’s name did Sandoval select him for the job.  Did Mr Chisel give the Governor a snow job?   Did the Governor properly vette out Mr Chisel?  Did the Governor owe a political favor and the debt was owed to a political stakerholder of Mr Chisel?   Is the Governor as completely clueless as Gibbons was and therefore could not make a wise decision if his life depended on it?  The thought is it is probably a combination of all of those.  There are other candidates Governor, but you pick a guy who lives and dies by the numbers, and someone who conjours up savings out of thin air to make himself look good.  What in the blue blazes are you thinking Man???   You have quality people all over the department from what I hear and you choose this guy??  You need someone with vision, who can see through numbers, and has creativity (not making things up that aren’t true).   Come on Governor, please start using that brain in your head for something other than a hat rack.