In Case You Missed It: Political Round Up

Here are some blurbs, snippets and links from the last few days in Nevada politics, Dear Readers:

2nd Congressional Special Election

Country music legend Larry Gatlin is doing a radio spot in support of Mark Amodei.

The conservative Washington Examiner gave Amodei a “Dim Bulb” award because of his varying comments about the Ryan plan. They also say he might lose.

The Sierra Club this week endorsed state Treasurer Kate Marshall.

A rural blogger says the Nye County Dems have a chance to win it for Marshall even though there are more registered Republican voters.

Gov. Sandoval supports Amodei in a new TV spot.

Super Pac American Crossroads hearts Amodei. And puts their money ($120,000) where their love is.

After the Marshall campaign forgot to proofread/edit one of their missives and put their political strategy on public display, Hot Air did a write-up of the race with links and video.

Marshall recently touted her success in returning unclaimed property to Nevadans and bolstering the state’s general fund.

U.S. Senate race

Rep. Shelley Berkley this week announced a $1.7 million federal grant for a job training center in Las Vegas.

Rep. Dean Heller told the LVRJ that he thinks voters are “mad at everybody.”

Presidential field

Some states are trying to  jump in front of Nevada in the line-up of early caucus/primary states.

Gov. Sandoval’s name is again mentioned in light of a national ticket.

Nevada Legislature

The Las Vegas Sun‘s David McGrath Schwartz this week noted that the Legislative Commission recessed from a public meeting so they could argue over leadership appointments in private. City councils, county commissions and other Nevada boards are required to follow open meeting laws, which say all discussions (except those related to personnel evaluations and litigation) must occur in public. But state law, written by the Legislature, exempts the Legislature in certain cases.

The Legislative Commission this week approved new campaign reporting forms for Nevada candidates. The forms will be available online in January and now include an “under God” oath long sought by the Independent American Party.

LCB’s Lorne Malkiewich is retiring, citing reasons of timing. The NCSL says replacing experienced, retiring senior staff members was the top challenge reported in a national survey of all legislative staff.


Gov. Sandoval is working even when he is not in Nevada, he says.

Tea Party Express is back. They kicked off their “Reclaim America” tour  in Napa and are in Reno/Sparks today. Sharron Angle is on board, along with other activists.

The chairperson of the Nevada GOP, Amy Tarkanian, has been slamming Tea Party Express (TPX) via Twitter. Among other things she has called TPX “a complete joke” and said they “ruin the whole tea party movement.” She also Tweeted a link to this open letter from a critical Nevada activist-blogger to Tea Party Express participant, Eric Odom.

The effort to recall Las Vegas City Councilman Steve Ross failed. And an effort to recall North Las Vegas Mayor Shari Buck is in the early stages. Sun columnist Jon Ralston had a few choice things to say about Recallmania.