Secretary of State Cautions Businesses About Deceptive Solicitations

CARSON CITY — Secretary of State Ross Miller this week issued a warning to Nevada businesses about deceptive letters from companies that purport to be “registered agents,” but in fact are trying to mislead business owners.

The solicitations at first glance appears to be an official notification endorsed by the Secretary of State and notifying businesses that the status of their corporation requires updating, including the payment of filing fees.

File photo of Secretary of State Ross Miller / by Cathleen Allison

Miller says he will use whatever legal remedies are available to stop the deceptive activity.

“We have received and continue to receive complaints from Nevada businesses about this and other solicitations,” said Miller in a press release. “Many come with pre-filled Secretary of State forms, which give the appearance that they may be associated with or approved by the Secretary of State. They are not.”

Miller’s office said the solicitations often request that the business sign a pre-filled, attached form, and send it to the solicitor who will make sure the filing is processed. The business may not know that by doing so, they may have unwittingly changed their registered agent and paid exorbitant fees to do so.

“There are statutes in place to address this kind of activity. My office is empowered to bring action against someone acting as a registered agent if they have engaged in conduct that was intended to defraud or deceive,” said Miller.

Deceptive activity could result in restraining orders and civil penalties against the offenders.

Nevada businesses can┬ácheck their status by using the Secretary of State’s business search.

The Secretary of State’s office provided an example of a questionable solicitation in its press release.