County Clerks On Turnout in CD-2 Special: “Most People Don’t Even Know There is an Election Coming Up”

Just how low will voter turnout be in the special election for Nevada’s second congressional district? The consensus of a handful of county clerks is that it is unlikely to exceed 25 percent, could be even lower and/but is really “anybody’s guess”.

“The fact is, most people don’t even know there is an election coming up,” said the Nye County clerk’s office. Other clerks agreed.

One indicator may be the low number of absentee ballots being requested. Douglas County reports around 350 absentee ballots requested to date. Typically, the county has received 1,000-1,500 absentee ballot requests by the time early voting starts.

Although Douglas County is generally known for high turnout numbers, the clerk’s office agreed that “very few people know about this election.”

In Washoe County, where over half the voters eligible to cast ballots in the election reside, about 3,600 absentee ballots have been requested so far. The number is usually closer to 12,000 in a primary and 25,000 in a general election.

The presence of television ads by the candidates’ and national parties may elevate turnout in Washoe County, but even so the clerk’s office estimates it at 25 percent to “the high twenties, even if things heat up.”

Senator James Settelmeyer said he expects turnout in Douglas County to be between 25 and 30 percent, but is not sure the counties “down south” will show as high.

“I have seen the candidates’ campaign signs here and there, and it’s funny, because usually the biggest thing on your sign is your last name. But maybe the candidates’ should have put the election date in giant numbers instead,” laughed Settelmeyer.


  • Mr. W

    Well, Shhhhhhhh… Don’t tell the democrats there is an election.  Why wake them up?

  • Sac

    Elizabeth I think some election dates with with your above note would have been good? 

  • Sac

    Elizabeth I think some election dates with with your above note would have been good?