Republicans Have 30,000 Voter Registration Edge In CD2 As Special Election Nears

CARSON CITY – Nevada Secretary of State Ross Miller today released statewide active voter registration numbers through the end of July.

Statewide, Republican active voters increased to 407,866, a gain of 557 over the previous month; Democrat active voters totaled 472,987, an increase of 698; and non-partisans grew by 922 voters to a total of 179,112.

Secretary of State Ross Miller

Registration in the 2nd Congressional District, where a special election will be held Sept. 13 to pick a replacement for former Rep. Dean Heller, who was appointed to the U.S. Senate, showed Democrats with 141,330 active voters, up 119 from June; Republicans, 172,281 an increase of 152 voters; and, non-partisans with 60,519 active voters, an increase of 287 over June.

The latest voter registration by county, party, age, and district can be found in the election center tab at

Important deadlines for the upcoming Special Election in CD 2 are:

-          August 13: Last day to register to vote by mail; registrations must be postmarked prior to midnight on this date.

-          August 23: Last day to register to vote in-person at the office of your county clerk or registrar of voters.

-          August 27: Early voting begins.

-          Sept. 9: Last day of early voting.

-          Sept. 13: Election Day.

  • Rex Ricks

    Republican on Republican Crime or
    With Republican “friends” like this who needs Democrats as enemies.

    There are plenty of Republicans out there disillusioned by Mark Amodei’s
    mining partner judge James Russell clearing the ballot of 16 REPUBLICANS.

    The Nevada Republican Assembly excluded 14 REPUBLICANS from their farce of a debate held in Carson City at the Boys and Girls Club. The charge was $10 to watch the debate. A few days later at least 3 REPUBLICANS that I know of were excluded from addressing the Central Committee meeting.
    The charge to enter that was $20.

    Some of these excluded REPUBLICANS did not exactly fall in line, scratch a check, and endorse Mark Amodei.

    -Decorated Marine Corps combat veteran and REPUBLICAN Lt. Col Sid Zeller has endorsed Independent Helmuth Lehmann.
    -REPUBLICAN Jon Yuspa has endorsed Independent Helmuth Lehmann.
    -REPUBLICAN Guy Felton has endorsed Kate Marshall. He even created a website called

    Then enter Tim Fasano who has ALWAYS been very conservative and did not become very conservative yesterday like Mark Amodei has.
    That is another option for Republicans to go with.

    Just because there is a Republican registration advantage in the district
    does not mean the rank and file will blindly vote for Mark Amodei.
    -There was a time when Sue Lowden looked like a sure thing, and we all know how that ended.
    -Then, there is Sharron Angle who got less votes than Dean Heller in every single county in NVCD2 last November.
    -McCain only beat Obama by a mere 100 votes in NVCD2.

    So it is not unheard of for Republican voters to ditch the Republican listed on the ballot.

    If Mark Amodei was so strong, he would not have raised maybe 1/3 of what
    Kate Marshall has raced. The NRCC has thrown him a lifeline and ran ads
    on his behalf. Every dollar they are forced to spend in Nevada is a dollar that they can’t spend somewhere else.