SoNev Water Project Found to Contain High Levels of Political Irony

So, the Nevada Supreme Court granted relief to local governments when it said it was illegal for the state to take $62 million from the Clean Water Coalition (CWC) pipeline project last year in order to balance the state budget…and/but now those same local entities want to keep some or all of the project money for themselves even though the entire CWC undertaking is no more.

The M Resort has filed a petition to try to get the project fees back for itself and all who paid them.

As Ralston wrote in his post:

They paid into the CWC for a specific pipeline project, now scuttled, and want their money back. What a shocking notion. The governments, facing their own financial troubles, wouldn’t try to keep their share of the $62 million, would they? That would be so out of character.

Right. And so ironic as to be amazing.

The state can’t swipe money tagged for a dead local project, but the same dead local project can keep money collected from citizens for the sole purpose of…funding the project?