Secretary of State Issues Emergency Regulation to Fund Special Election

CARSON CITY — The state’s chief election official says special measures are needed to ensure proper administration in the upcoming special election.

File photo of Secretary of State Ross Miller / Photo by Cathleen Allison

An emergency regulation prepared by Secretary of State Ross Miller and enacted today will guide the reimbursement of costs incurred by the counties for the September 13 special election for Nevada’s second congressional district.

The election is expected to cost Nevada’s 17 counties a total of nearly $1 million.

Miller determined that the challenges the counties will face in paying for the special election are sufficient to trigger emergency regulation provisions, he said in an announcement released to the press Wednesday.

Counties budget for and cover the costs of administering regularly scheduled elections in Nevada, but Miller said neither the counties nor the state have budgeted for costs to run a special election. As a result, he concluded the regulations “are necessary to assist the counties during a financially difficult period…and are also necessary to ensure the proper administration of the Special Election by the counties.”

Under the emergency regulation, counties must submit invoices and other supporting documents with the request for reimbursement to the Secretary of State’s office following the election.

Miller said reimbursement of eligible costs and expenses “will be contingent upon available and authorized state funding”, according to the wording of the regulation.

The emergency regulation is in effect for 120 days and applies only to the special election to fill the vacancy in the 2nd Congressional District seat in the U.S. House of Representatives.