State GOP Files Suit Over NV-2 Special Election Rules, Secretary of State Declines to Comment

The Nevada Republican Party today announced it has filed the expected lawsuit against Secretary of State Ross Miller over his decision regarding the rules of the September 13 special congressional election.

Ralston has a copy of the lawsuit and accompanying request for injunction on his blog.

The party seeks to prevent the Secretary of State’s office from putting on the ballot any party candidate not elected by the party’s central or executive committee.

It also complains that the Secretary of State did not “provide adequate time” for the nomination process and calls the decision “a unique and new misinterpretation” of Nevada election law.

The Secretary of State’s office has acknowledged by email that it has been served with a complaint filed in the First Judicial District Court of Nevada.¬†An official statement said the complaint is “under review by the Secretary of State and the Attorney General’s office” and that the Secretary of State’s office “will have no further comment regarding the litigation at this time.”