Secretary of State Says NV-2 Special Election Will Be Open Ballot, State GOP Protests

From Ross Miller’s office:

Contact: Pam duPré
(775) 684-5748

(Carson City, NV; May 2, 2011) – Secretary of State Ross Miller said today that, after thoroughly researching and discussing the issue with the Nevada Attorney General’s office, he has confirmed his initial reading of the Nevada Revised Statutes that clearly state Nevada voters, not a small group of political party officials, should choose their preferred candidate to fill a vacancy in the U.S. House of Representatives.

The Secretary of State’s interpretation says “major political party candidates are nominated and will appear on the special election ballot by filing a declaration of candidacy or acceptance of candidacy” in the time frame prescribed by the Secretary of State.

The interpretation (see link below) also prescribes how minor party candidates with and without ballot access can get on the ballot. They will follow essentially the same process they do to get on the ballot for a primary or general election.

The interpretation also includes a description of time frames for close of voter registration for the special election, early voting, and distribution of ballots to overseas and military voters (see link below).

Secretary of State’s Interpretation

Special Election Calendar

From the state GOP a few moments later:


For Immediate Release
Contact: Mari Nakashima
May 2, 2011                                                              I   702-250-8210
Nevada Republican Party Statement on Secretary of State’s Partisan Ruling
(Carson City, NV) – Cory Adair, Executive Director of the Nevada Republican Party, released the following statement in response to Nevada’s Secretary of State, Ross Miller, announcing the rules for special election in Nevada’s 2nd Congressional District to replace Congressman Dean Heller.
“The Nevada Republican Party is extremely disappointed in the Secretary of State’s ruling today. Secretary Miller seems to have allowed partisan politics to direct his decision concerning how to conduct the special election in U.S. Congressional District 2. His apparent preference for a free-for-all disregards both legal precedent and the traditional nomination method in Nevada. The Nevada Republican Party stands firm that state law ensures major party central committees should be the nominating body for their own candidates in the special election.  There is no more substantial public interest than in fair elections, conducted in an orderly voting process, in compliance with Nevada law and the U.S. Constitution. Secretary of State Miller squandered an opportunity today and chose political posturing and partisan gamesmanship over the rights of Nevadans. The Nevada Republican Party will consider all options to protect the election process for the benefit of the citizens living in Congressional District 2. This may include the initiation of litigation,” concluded Adair
  • Mr. W

    Did anyone really expect anything different out of Ross Miller? This partisan political hack has been in the pocket of socialist democrats from the first day he took office. He wouldn’t know a fair and honest election if it slapped him in the face.

  • Anonymous

    How long before Ross Miller declares for CD2?