Immigration Bills Fall Short As Deadline Passes

CARSON CITY – Bills related to immigration at the Nevada State Legislature did not make it past an important deadline last week.

One bill from Assemblyman Pat Hickey, R-Reno, would have required Nevada to use an electronic database to verify a person’s employment eligibility.

Another from Assemblyman Ira Hansen, R-Sparks, would have mirrored an Arizona law whose proponents crafted to curb illegal immigration, but whose detractors say encourages racial profiling. That law is currently tied up in the court system.

The dearth of immigration bills makes Nevada somewhat of an oddity in the United States. Other states are considering or have passed immigration legislation. Most lawmakers have sought to apply more stringent standards to current laws.

Utah, however, has passed a law that would allow police to check immigrants’ status, but would also allow illegal immigrants to obtain a permit to work in Utah.

In Nevada, even the sponsors of immigration bills seemed resigned to the death of their bills as a bill deadline loomed last Friday.

Hansen and Hickey did not press a Democratic committee chair to ensure the bills passed.

The bills did not have the votes to pass out of committee, they said.

Hansen said that tepid comments from legislators in addition to ambivalence from the business community and unions ensured his bill would not be considered.

The immigration issue, however, has not been primary to any discussion at the Nevada Legislature. The state’s fiscal woes have ensured most discussions relate to the governor’s proposed general fund budget. Bills changing the state’s education policy have also gained traction.

But immigration is not popular. Assembly Republicans have listed several legislative priorities, which would have more effect on public sector and trade unions and trial lawyers than on immigrants.

According to the Pew Center, however, Nevada hosts a high percentage of illegal immigrants compared to its population.

Nevada’s foreign-born population has also grown during the past decade to nearly 20 percent of the population, according to the American Community Survey. This population comprises both citizens and non-citizens.








  • vegaslee

    Looks like once again our elected officials have failed the Legal Tax Paying Citizens of the great state of Nevada.

    It will be remembered come election time.

    If you are not here and legal to work, then you have no business with a job.

    Has nothing to do with race, has to do with being a criminal.

  • Anonymous

    No need to deport as the cost would be enormous; not that matters to Washington? The demand from TEA PARTY Senators and Congressman of the newly revised, E-Verify that will detect illegal aliens in the workplace will enforce the 1986 Reagan law. Nobody is to be exempt–longtime employees and new hires will be verified; Attrition by enforcement! Severe fines of companies who scorn the law, including business asset confiscation and imprisonment; not house arrest, but placement in the general prison population. Just because you own a business, doesn’t mean you can hire illegal labor? Fact is they are stealing employment, from the ten million Americans out of work. They have families to feed, mortgages to pay and so there should be zero tolerance for this heinous criminal issue. Auditing of companies should be stepped up and those caught red-handed, should be imprisoned as an example of not less than one to five years. No more slap on the wrist, but be held accountable. TO ME THAT’S A FELONY? IN FACT ENTERING AMERICA WITHOUT PERMISSION SHOULD BE CLASSIFIED AS A FELONY.

    As thousands of illegal alien families are leaving Arizona, so the price to support them there is going down. Medicaid payments for economic non-citizens will be receding, including the costs for education, health-Care and prison cells, which is the States portion of the obligation. Hundreds of millions will be saved, even a billion or so. Utah–The sanctuary State of California, Nevada can least afford it, with the Golden State bordering on a 24 Billion dollar insolvency. Those lax States are financially seem unconnected to the honest population, will find the U-haul’s and trucks crossing the State line hoping for a new refuge? They certainly won’t be heading for Georgia, but they could easily go northwards to Oregon or Washington, if State legislators approve driver’s licenses for illegal aliens. Assuredly, New Mexico that has just canceled enactment of a bill to deny driver’s licenses will get their share of economic refugees from Arizona.

    Other States where citizens and permanent resident’s rights are sold to the highest bidder will also see crowds of foreign national families arriving there. The fact is today through rampant incompetence of both political parties covering decades. The invasion has allowed by sheer neglect, attributing to the damaging US treasury deficit, that is destroying America. Households may have two parents that have been allowed to stay, because a newborn baby has received instant citizenship under the misinterpreted 14th Amendment. Over time other illegal family members have stolen across the body living in the same likely Section 8 housing. Few lawmakers have dared declare they are anti-illegal immigrant as they cringe against the Leftist “Political Correctness” garbage of the racial bigotry. But that’s the only agenda the Left has got, because they cannot fight the massive costs presented to them.

    But a few brave political advocates are not being deceived, by the gaping border fence and are now enacting laws to stem the continuous influx of illegal migrants, immigrants, criminals and almost certainly murdering terrorists. Last week, Rep. Bilbray R-CA) added his name to the list of co-sponsors for the Nuclear Priority Act that would end chain migration and the CLEAR Act that would require collaboration between local law enforcement agents and federal agents in the enforcement of federal immigration laws. Ordinary working people are informing ICE of employers who are hiring illegal aliens and as the job market gets even rougher “Whistle blowers” will come out of the woodwork to report suspicious goings on? The TEA PARTY will not abide the liberal court system or the Leftist Czars hidden in the Department of InJustice. They are using unconstitutional means for clandestine amnesties, Immigration Reform, Sanctuary States or anything that has the obnoxious stench of Amnesty.

    Read about illegal alien widespread Tax fraud at the Pdf file “Illegal Aliens and American Medicine.” and the report “DRAINING AMERICA INTO POVERTY” at These are reports that the Leftists, US Government Czars and radical open border zealots or lobbyists prefer you didn’t see.

    The Tea Party has a propagating foothold in the Republican Party, as thousands every day of every party affiliation is joining. The Tea Party lawmakers will not tolerate raising the debt ceiling in the US budget, to support the 20 million plus illegal alien families using the birthright baby law to gain a foothold in America. Thousands will keep coming until the American people demand the real fences be constructed and every tool available is used to stop this invasion. Want truthful answers, to your question of costs and so much more, view NumbersUSA website.

    The Tax code as it is now Creates Inequality

    it’s time that US lawmakers implemented a flat tax for everybody. The tax code is so full of fraud, so full of loopholes that corporations like General Electric, Google pay nothing; Oil companies, the sugar industry gets massive subsidies; some politician, wealthy people and corporations slip past our IRS masters, by hiding money in tax havens overseas. If everybody paid according to what they brought, sold all consumers would pay their fair share. Just like US citizens and legal residents, the average US taxpayer are forced by laws, to pay for the support of foreign nationals illegally settled here. In 2012 we must vote for a Tea Party president and a Tea party Senate and Congressman.

    We also have a growing crisis America, when illegal aliens are voting in our elections.

    NO Copyright on my blogs, comments, articles, ever. Distribute freely.

  • Anonymous

    Hispanics/Latinos……….please come to the party who wants you to have jobs as much as the rest of America. Leave the Party of Food Stamps and Poverty and fight with us for jobs, smaller government that will lead to less taxes and more of our paychecks to stay in our wallets. –


  • deacon427

    Legislative failure again is at the forefront of Nevada politics. The legislature will fail to stop Governor Sandoval in his ignorance of what is really needed for Nevada to prosper. They are failing to stop one of the biggest monetary drains on this state and that is illegal immigration. This is positively Nevada’s worse moment. If we could stop this money drain on Nevada then we would not need to cut the budget because the budget would be just fine. This is ridiculous and absurd to the extreme. To the legislature I say “you chicken livered sons of a guns” you shame us all by your lack of doing what is right. Illegal immigrants in this country have NO RIGHTS! Let me repeat that, illegal immigrants have NO RIGHTS in this county!! Period! There is no need for discussion. If you are here illegally then go home! I do not care if you are supposely earning and spending money in our economy. I do not care if some claim that without illegal immigrants jobs would not get done, that prices would rise, this is nothing incomparison to what the other costs that are associated with illegal immigrants. In the state of Nevada we are not talking just millions are talking 10′s of millions if not 100′s of millions of $$’s. It is insane to think that we let this continue all because we do not want to insult the hispanic community. Hispanic community that are here legally they dishonor your effort, your commiment to do what is right in the law. They iunsult your contribution to our society. You should be outraged!

  • american

    well said deacon 427…. why is it that as soon as they cross the border they have rights. they are rewarded for their actions!!!!!!!!

  • SameasYOU

    Hispanics give and contribute to this country just as much as this country gives them. There are millions of people that are here to work and be good citizens, of course, there are many bad apples in the tree and we cannot blame all the apples for one rotten one. People are just looking for a better lifestyle, if they had the possibilities of staying in their home countries trust me they would. Who would want to leave everything behind?? Only those in desperate need. Like Jesus Christ our savior, they walk miles and miles through the unknown for reach of better place. Open your hearts people, who are we to judge??