Nevada Group Seeking To Create Yucca Mountain Energy Park Seeks Amendment To Legislation

CARSON CITY – An organization that wants to see Yucca Mountain used as a temporary nuclear waste storage site with a research center to explore reprocessing has proposed an amendment to a bill in the Legislature to move its Energy Park idea forward.

In a hearing Wednesday on Senate Bill 375 to create renewable energy corridors, John Dunn, one of the directors of Nevadans for Carbon Free Energy, proposed an amendment to the legislation to include nuclear energy as an option, and to change the term “renewable” energy, to “carbon-free” or “clean” energy.

The bill as written specifically excludes nuclear energy.

The Senate Government Affairs Committee, which heard the bill by Sen. Barbara Cegavske, R-Las Vegas, took no immediate action on the proposed amendment or the bill itself.

Cegavske said today the committee indicated at the hearing it wants to keep the legislation as written. While putting Yucca Mountain to use as an energy related research facility is worthy of discussion, SB375 is not the vehicle for that debate, she said.

The organization presented similar testimony at a meeting of the Nevada Commission on Nuclear Projects.

The group says Yucca Mountain is an ideal location to temporarily store spent fuel and host a research center to study reprocessing technologies for commercial application. When such technology becomes available, the fuel could be sold to re-processors or a facility could be built to do the reprocessing.

The $13 billion spent on Yucca Mountain infrastructure when it was being prepared to be a long-term disposal site for nuclear waste makes the site a good candidate for such a park, the group says.

  • Patricia Lee Isbell

    This is a great idea. I hope it goes through. The Nevada Test Site if already a storage area for radioactive waste, so why not continue using it for other radioactive wastes? A research center at the facility is a great idea.

  • Bob Fulkerson

    Nevada is ranked # 3 behind AK and CA for earthquakes, in magnitude and frequency. According to the Department of Energy’s EIS on Yucca Mountain, there are 32 earthquakes running through the site. What makes this such an ideal location?

  • Mike Nusbaum

    True Nevada is a distant third behind AK and CA (one tenth of CA) for earthquakes, in maginitude and frequency. Also true there are 32 earthquakes within the Yucca Mountain Range within a 100 mile radius, but there are no faults withing the Yucca Mountain repository layout. If only the licensing process had been allowed to proceed, your concerns about earthquakes would have been put to rest.

  • Mitchell

    @Bob F: The ability for deep subterranean burial & the ability to stabilize the storage units. I read a lengthy proposal written in the Nevada Business Weekly detailing the benefits of Yucca Mountain approximately 6 months back. If you can find it, it’s worth reading.

  • Daniel Hancock

    There were some good arguments to be made for Yucca Mountain but it is not going to happen. The same people who made demagogic arguments against the original plan will use the same scare tactics against using it for a reprocessing facility or this proposal.

  • Olmoosedog

    Are you serious? Let’s go to the radiation park. No one will come to this park.