Republican Accuses Democrats Of Being “Rude” To Governor’s Chief Of Staff

CARSON CITY — Sen. Barbara Cegavske accused Democratic legislators of rudeness during today’s budget hearing.

Following confusions yesterday regarding the depth of Gov. Brian Sandoval’s proposed cuts, the Clark County Republican wanted to “apologize” on behalf of the committee to the governor’s Chief of Staff Heidi Gansert.

“I really felt that this body was rude to Ms. Gansert,” she said after yesterday’s jabs came up again during today’s hearing. “I would hope that with the new members that we have in our Legislature, that we would be able to show them a demeanor of working together.”

Gansert and the governor’s Budget Director Andrew Clinger presented the governor’s budget to a legislative budget committee yesterday. Democrats on the committee took both Gansert and Clinger through a sustained back-and-forth over a number of the governor’ proposals that included about 9 and 17 percent cuts to K-12 and higher-ed funding.

Sen. Steven Horsford, D-Las Vegas, is chair of the committee and was one of the legislators who grilled the governor’s representatives over the proposed budget.

“I know this comment may not be directed at me, but I know I was the primary person digging yesterday, so I will not allow comments by my colleague to go unanswered,” he said. “To suggest that, to ask delving questions of representatives of his office about his state budget is somehow rude, I disagree respectfully with to my colleague.”

He continued, saying that both Clinger and Gansert were doing their jobs admirably.

Gansert had served as a Assemblywoman of the Legislature as recently as last year’s 2010 special session.

“I do not apologize for being a proponent of public education,” Horsford said. “I will continue to ask any and every question that I feel needs to be brought forward because that was what I was elected to do.”

Horsford concluded his remarks, followed by a silence during which no other legislators chimed in.

“Okay, let’s move on,” said Assemblywoman Debbie Smith, D-Sparks, who co-chairs the committee with Horsford.

  • TheLMurrieta

    Senator Horsford has shown leadership in the face of the devastating cuts to education that our Governor and his staff have proposed. To say that he is anything short of a strong leader would be to kiss the real storyline in this article. Thanks Senator Horsford for having our young people’s futures at heart.

  • TheLMurrieta

    *miss* the storyline… etc.
    These darn “smart” phones and their keyboards…