Nevada Gov.-elect Brian Sandoval Pleased With Federal Court Ruling Against Health Care Law

CARSON CITY – Gov.-elect Brian Sandoval said today he is pleased with the ruling by a federal judge in Virginia finding a key element of the new national health care law unconstitutional.

In a statement, Sandoval said: “As I’ve noted before, I see the constitutional question created by the health care bill as monumental in all future matters involving state’s rights. Today’s ruling provides support for the claim that the federal health care legislation is at least, in part, unconstitutional. I believe the constitutional questions involved in the federal health care legislation deserve a hearing by the United States Supreme Court.”

Sandoval’s comments came after U.S. District Judge Henry Hudson ruled today the individual mandate to buy health insurance is unconstitutional because it “exceeds the constitutional boundaries of congressional power.”

Nevada is involved in a separate legal challenge to the health care law as well, along with 19 other states. A federal judge in Florida is scheduled to hear arguments in the case on Thursday.