Initiative Petitions Proposing To Change Nevada Law Fail To Move Forward

CARSON CITY – An initiative petition proposed by Gov. Jim Gibbons to require public employee union negotiations to be subject to Nevada’s Open Meeting Law will not be turned in Tuesday.

Gibbons said his OPEN Government Plan will be introduced as a bill in the 2011 legislative session instead.

Gibbons had organized a committee to gather the required number of signatures to force the issue to go before the Legislature. The efforts have been suspended because of legislative support for the issue from the state Senate Republican caucus.

An initiative petition would have either required positive action by the Legislature or a vote of the people in 2012, however. If introduced as a bill, there is no guarantee the measure will be approved by the Legislature.

Other proposed initiative petitions won’t be turned in either.

Groups seeking to legalize marijuana for adults and require votes to unionize to be by secret ballot said today they do not have enough signatures from registered voters to pursue their proposals in the 2011 session.

David Schwartz with Nevadans For Sensible Marijuana Laws, affiliated with the Washington, DC-based Marijuana Policy Project, said the group will continue to review its options in its ongoing legalization effort.

Voters in California on Tuesday rejected a legalization effort, although Schwartz said he was encouraged by the amount of support for the proposal. Proposition 19 received 3.7 million votes, or 46 percent.