A Day Late

A Sharron Angle flyer encouraging early voting arrives in my mailbox one day too late:

I never vote early, anyhow, Dear Readers.

Lots of people did, though, and here’s where we stand.


As I was typing, Secretary of State Ross Miller just Tweeted these statewide early voting totals, excluding Eureka County:

Dems:  162,774

GOP:  156,150

(That puts the GOP down by just 6,624 votes statewide)

Other:  60,665

Key factors going into Tuesday:

– enthusiasm and turnout by both parties, i.e. whether or not the GOP can overcome the Dems’ 60,000 edge in voter registration

– how the nonpartisan voters break (Angle needs them )

– how many Rs Angle loses to Reid, “none,” or third party candidates

– how many Ds Reid loses to Angle (she claims they exist), “none,” or third party candidates

It’s almost over, Dear Readers.